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Pints for a Purpose-Stand Up For Oregon! No LNG. No Pipeline

Tuesday, March 3- from 5-10pm is the final Pints for a Purpose for 2015/2016. We had an incredibly successful year because of your support and the hard work of the organizations involved. We are ending this season with a BANG!

The Stand Up For Oregon! NO LNG. NO Pipeline is a coalition of organizations, landowners, businesses, climate activists, conservationists and concerned citizens working to stop the Jordan Cove Energy Project. The project consists of a 230 mile pipeline and a gas export facility. The pipeline would run across Southern Oregon from Malin to Coos Bay, where the export facility location is proposed.

The pipeline would transport up to 1.2 billion cubic feet per day of liquefied natural gas (LNG) from the Rockies and Canada to the export facility. Once there, it would be stored and then loaded onto mega-tankers for transportation to foreign markets.

From a conservation perspective, this project possesses a significant threat to Southern Oregon’s rivers, forests, and people. The pipeline would require a 100 foot wide clear-cut, which would cross nearly 400 waterways, and cross farms and family properties regardless of the property owner’s objection. LNG Map

The export facility will require dredging of Coos Bay to allow passage of the transport tankers, a 400 megawatt processing facility, and huge storage tanks within the tsunami hazard boundaries. This facility, if allowed to operate, would become the largest greenhouse gas emitter in Oregon.

As part of our mission at Standing Stone Brewing Company, we believe in smart resource use, renewable energy, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and supporting causes that align themselves with our mission. The Stand Up For Oregon! NO LNG. NO Pipeline campaign encompasses many of our values and we look forward to supporting their work by opening our doors to their organizations and by donating $2 from every pint of beer sold between 5-10pm.

We hope that you will support this cause and stand up for Oregon by drinking one (or two) of our delicious craft beers. Families welcome!

Click here to read the Medford Mail Tribune’s article on this project.

Sunday Sessions- The Brothers Reed (Feb 28th)

Thank you to everyone who came out last week for Eight Dollar Mountain. We had a packed house and they sure put on one heck of a show! We continue our Sunday Sessions this Sunday (Feb.28th), from 2-5pm, with The Brothers Reed.

Brothers Phil and Aaron play a medley of folk/country/bluegrass and if your lucky, a little pop. Their tight harmonies, pretty riffs, and comically fun entertainment between songs is sure to please.

Click the link to see a video of the brothers playing “Monsters In My Head“.


We are excited to have The Brothers Reed play at Standing Stone Brewing Company and look forward to you coming to enjoy this FREE SHOW. We love our mid-afternoon live music and hope you do too. As always, KIDS WELCOME!

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Sunday Sessions- 8 Dollar Mountain

This Sunday, from 2-5pm, 8 Dollar Mountain will be playing at Standing Stone Brewing Company. This band’s lively and upbeat version of traditional bluegrass music is bound to make you tap your foot, clap your hands, or heck, maybe even dance a little.

They, like to the mountain they are named after, were formed in the Cascade and Siskiyou mountains in Southern Oregon. This quintet blends traditional bluegrass, old-time country, blues, and gospel harmonies into hard-driving rhythms that stay true to their mountain roots.

The band members are from all across the US. Stuart plays the banjo, Darren the guitar, Phil the mandolin, Mark the guitar, and Joe plays the stand up bass. Check out this great video of them playing “Walking Shoes“.


This show is bound to be a great opportunity for friends and family to gather together in the name of a good-ol-fashioned fun. Kids welcome!


Pints for a Purpose-Rogue Valley Farm to School

We are ecstatic to welcome Rogue Valley Farm to School into our brewery this Tuesday, February 9th as the beneficiaries of our Pints for a Purpose program. On this evening, from 5-10pm, we will donate $2 from every pint sold to this amazing organization.

What about this makes us so excited? We have a chance to do what we do best (pouring great craft beers) to support local food, farms, education, and children. It’s a chance for us to give back to our community on our turf and a chance for our community to show their support for the great work the Rogue Valley Farm to School does.

“Rogue Valley Farm to School educates children about our food system through hands-on farm and garden programs, and by increasing local foods in school meals. We inspire an appreciation of local agriculture that improves the economy and environment of our community and the health of its members.”kids-768x576

But lets be real here: How AWESOME is this organization? We give them an 11 out of 10! They are working tirelessly to educate tomorrows generation about the importance of diet and how that connects to local food and farms.

As part of our mission at Standing Stone, we are committed to providing delicious craft beer and fare that utilizes locally grown ingredients and in turn supports small, local farms. We would like to thank Rogue Valley Farm to School for helping to support our mission and making it possible for the Rogue Valley to enjoy the rich bounties offered by our local farms.

For more information please visit Rogue Valley Farm to School’s website.



Weekend For Water Posters 2015.compressed (1)

As proud partners of the Oregon Brewshed Alliance, we will be hosting “A Weekend for Water”. During January 30th and 31st, $1 from every pint of I ♥ Oregon Ale will be donated to Oregon Environmental Council and the Oregon Brewshed  Alliance (an Oregon Wild Alliance).

Why? Why would a brewery be so interested in donating money to help keep Oregon’s rivers and lakes clean you may ask? The answer is simple; beer is 90% water and CLEAN WATER MAKES THE BEST OF CRAFT BEERS.

“Since water comprises 90-95% of the liquid in your glass of beer, we need clean water to brew clean beer,” says Standing Stone brewer Larry Chase.

Besides our addiction to creating great craft brews, we here at Standing Stone Brewing Company feel that as apart of our community it is our responsibility to help maintain the health of our ecosystem. By supporting great organizations like Oregon Environmental Council and Oregon Wild we can do just that.

Please join us January 30th and 31st to show your support for Oregon’s clean lakes and rivers.

5 Course Beer and Cheese Pairing


Join our Head Brewer Larry Chase and Ring Master Tom Van Voorhies for a five course craft beer and cheese pairing. This event on December 10 at 7 pm will feature the finest of Standing Stone Brewing Company’s ales served with Rogue Creamery Cheese Shop’s amazing cheese.

To purchase tickets, please feel free to call us at the restaurant (541-488-2448 ext. 2) or come on down and have a delicious craft beer and purchase a ticket from your server. Don’t miss out, there are only a handful of tickets available!


Behind the Scenes: Brewing our Craft Beer

Jeff mills the grain

Through our Brewer for the Day package, we welcome beer aficionados to our Ashland brewery to craft a batch of beer with brewmaster Larry Chase.

Participant and avid homebrewer, Jeff McJunkin, who helped brew a well-received Double IPA, tag-teamed with Larry to share an account of our brewing process.

Larry took the great photos in this post, featuring our first three participants: Jeff, Brad Galusha and Chris Oliver.

You can see more on our Facebook “Brewer for the Day” photo gallery.

Mashing In & Out

Chris Oliver mashing it up

To start out, Standing Stone mills a blend of grains for the chosen microbrew. These go in a mash tun, where sugars from malt extracts are extracted from the grains using hot water, taking about an hour. The grains enter the mash tun in a controlled manner through a chute, allowing for  thorough sugar extraction and ease of handling. Once we’ve collected all of the resulting wort (sugar water), we remove the spent grain from the mash tun.

Boiling and Adding Hops

Jeff makes it hoppy

After this, the wort is heated and hops are added when it reached boiling temperature. For a five-gallon batch at home I add around three ounces of hops. Standing Stone used twenty-three pounds for the Double IPA we created. That’s more than 120 times as much! The brewery boils the wort for about the same time as homebrewing, though the temperature control at the brewpub is much better.

Wort Chilling and Yeast Pitching

Before yeast can be ‘pitched’ to start fermentation, the wort must be brought to yeast’s favorite temperature, around 68 degrees for ale.

Brad Galusha and the yeast

Larry explains…We lower the temperature of the wort using a heat exchanger, a series of thin stainless steel plates. The hot wort flows on one side of the plate while cold water flows on the other side. The cold water absorbs all of the heat from the wort. We then have hot water that is pre-heated and saved for the next brew, and colder wort at the temperature that makes for happy yeast.

Jeff continues...After this, we transfer the wort to a fermentation vessel (a 360 gallon double-jacketed stainless-steel tank), using a pump and hoses that run through the brewpub’s heat exchanger, and add yeast to produce CO2 and alcohol. Standing Stone maintains their own yeast from batch to batch for the most part, and introduces considerably more of it. I use less than an ounce for homebrewing compared to 8-10 liters at the brewery!

Larry states…At this point, the beer ferments until it’s ready to tap. We schedule our production carefully to ensure our beers are always fresh and at their peak for your to enjoy.


Brad Galusha cleaning up

Jeff continues...In each of these steps, cleanliness is extremely important. Between raking out spent grain, cleaning the mash tun and boil kettle, sanitizing hoses and fittings, and sweeping and mopping the floors, there’s more time involved in cleaning than brewing!

Thanks, Jeff, for joining us to brew an excellent Double IPA and sharing the secrets of brewing at Standing Stone Brewing Company.

Chris Oliver makes a clean sweep

And a big thank you to all of our Brewer for the Day participants –  our customers have enjoyed the pints of your labor!

Want to peek further into our tanks? Check out videos from Southern Oregon University’s TV station: Our brewing process and an interview with Larry Chase & summer intern Acacia Baldner.

Jeff gets down with the cleaning process

“Tap Into You” Employee Yoga Program

We’re extraordinarily fortunate to have Lindsey Holy, server and yoga instructor, on our team.  She teaches yoga classes for employes right here at Standing Stone. This week, she’s our guest writer on our blog.

I’ve been with Standing Stone Brewing Company for about a year and a half as a server. I love being part of a company that supports the health and happiness of our community, visitors and employees. In the last year, my work with SSBC has expanded beyond serving tables to include teaching a yoga class for employees.

In March 2010, I proposed ‘Tap into You!’ a workplace yoga program for the employees of Standing Stone. The program is based off Standing Stone’s employee bike program, which offers incentives for participation. Employees receive a free hops-themed, environmentally friendly yoga mat after attending twelve yoga sessions, which are free!

Every Friday morning, I arrive at the restaurant with an iPod and a yoga mat ready to go. My friends and co-workers sleepily follow and we share in a wonderful yoga practice, with the smell of fresh bread and beer in the building.

It means so much to me that Standing Stone has supported and helped me bring this program to life. It gives me great pride and it’s an incredible chance to share what I know in yoga with my Standing Stone family. ‘Tap Into You!’ has benefits that show across the board. Healthier workers have more sustained energy and are less likely to call in sick. Yoga offers a dynamic physical benefit. Employees use their bodies all day. Keeping in tune with their anatomy brings substantial health and well-being improvements, on and off the clock.

The classes have introduced many to yoga for the first time. I’ve seen it enhance teamwork and poise in the fast-paced restaurant environment, as well as in individual lives. A lot of my co-workers have started practicing yoga outside of the restaurant’s program, and I’m proud watching people work towards healthier, happier ways of living.

In other words, SSBC has some new moves!  The program was highlighted on KTVL. Check out a video clip!

I’m happy to help other businesses get started. Please contact me via my website if you have any questions, comments or suggestions regarding this program.

We’re Honored: Oregon’s Best Green Companies to Work For

We’re excited and grateful that Oregon Business magazine recently named us among the Best Green Companies to Work for in Oregon. What an honor! We really strive to do the best for our people and the planet and hope to inspire others while continuing to learn what we can do better.

Here’s the link to the entire list of The Green List for 2010Oregon’s Best Green Companies To Work For. We’re humbled to be included among so many great companies!

Congratulations to everyone who’s listed. One of our wonderful colleagues and purveyors right down the road, Rogue Creamery, also garnered recognition for their great efforts.

It’s motivating and inspiring to know so many are dedicated to better ways of doing business. Let’s keep it up!