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Goodbyes are Never Easy…

Dear Standing Stone Friends,

For the past 26 years, it has been our honor to serve locally sourced, farm-to-table pub fare and uniquely crafted brews to all of you! In addition to serving up a vibrant menu, we have proudly maintained a commitment to give back to our Southern Oregon community through our Pints for a Purpose Program, embraced sustainable practices to reduce our economic “forkprint” and created a staff environment where employees aren’t just friends, they’re family.

It is with heavy hearts that we announce, Standing Stone Brewing Company will be closing the doors of our family-owned brew pub permanently.

As you all know, we as a community have recently experienced some especially challenging years here in the Rogue Valley. Starting with heavily smoke-filled summers in 2018 and ‘19, coupled with the start of a global pandemic and the devastating 2020 Almeda Fire, we have found ourselves in an arduous position. A challenging job market (in which many hospitality workers chose to leave the industry), increased cost of goods and a vast decline in tourism, are all contributing factors to this difficult but carefully considered decision.

Having served as a staple of the downtown restaurant scene for these past 2 ½ decades, we take pride in the fact that we were able to create a dining experience where our guests could feel at home! We want to thank you for choosing Standing Stone to gather and celebrate life’s special moments. From graduations to birthdays, rehearsal dinners to holiday parties, these walls have seen it all!

We are beyond grateful to the unwavering support of our community and hope you will join us for a farewell celebration on our final day of operation, Sunday, May 29th from 11:30 AM – 8 PM. In the spirit of “bringing it full circle,” on this closing day we will sell $3 pints, priced just as they were on opening day back in 1997!

As we close this final chapter in our journey, with heads held high and appreciation in our hearts, please remember that you all are the inspiration that has moved Standing Stone forward throughout the years.

It is with profound gratefulness that we raise a pint and say, “Cheers Stone Family, it’s been a great run!”

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