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“Tap Into You” Employee Yoga Program

We’re extraordinarily fortunate to have Lindsey Holy, server and yoga instructor, on our team.  She teaches yoga classes for employes right here at Standing Stone. This week, she’s our guest writer on our blog.

I’ve been with Standing Stone Brewing Company for about a year and a half as a server. I love being part of a company that supports the health and happiness of our community, visitors and employees. In the last year, my work with SSBC has expanded beyond serving tables to include teaching a yoga class for employees.

In March 2010, I proposed ‘Tap into You!’ a workplace yoga program for the employees of Standing Stone. The program is based off Standing Stone’s employee bike program, which offers incentives for participation. Employees receive a free hops-themed, environmentally friendly yoga mat after attending twelve yoga sessions, which are free!

Every Friday morning, I arrive at the restaurant with an iPod and a yoga mat ready to go. My friends and co-workers sleepily follow and we share in a wonderful yoga practice, with the smell of fresh bread and beer in the building.

It means so much to me that Standing Stone has supported and helped me bring this program to life. It gives me great pride and it’s an incredible chance to share what I know in yoga with my Standing Stone family. ‘Tap Into You!’ has benefits that show across the board. Healthier workers have more sustained energy and are less likely to call in sick. Yoga offers a dynamic physical benefit. Employees use their bodies all day. Keeping in tune with their anatomy brings substantial health and well-being improvements, on and off the clock.

The classes have introduced many to yoga for the first time. I’ve seen it enhance teamwork and poise in the fast-paced restaurant environment, as well as in individual lives. A lot of my co-workers have started practicing yoga outside of the restaurant’s program, and I’m proud watching people work towards healthier, happier ways of living.

In other words, SSBC has some new moves!  The program was highlighted on KTVL. Check out a video clip!

I’m happy to help other businesses get started. Please contact me via my website if you have any questions, comments or suggestions regarding this program.

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