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SSBC Closure Questions & Answers

Here are a list of questions and answers commonly asked concerning the upcoming closure of the brew pub. For any additional questions or for more information, please e-mail:


What’s happening?

Standing Stone Brewing Company (SSBC) will be closing its brewpub after 25 years of service to the community.

Why are the restaurant and brewery closing?

Wildfires, smoke, pandemic and staffing challenges, as well as rapidly rising costs of goods, have compounded to make the current business unsustainable.

When will the last day of operations be?

The last day of service will be Sunday, May 29.

Will there be a closing celebration for former employees and community members?

In true Standing Stone spirit, the restaurant will host a farewell celebration on the final day of operation, Sunday, May 29th with $3 pints, priced just as they were on the first day of opening back in 1997. They welcome all Standing Stone supporters who have enjoyed the brew pub over the years to join them, as this final chapter comes to a close, and the last pint is poured.

What will happen to employees?

Employees have been the heart and soul of Standing Stone for over two decades. Every effort will be made to assist employees in landing comparable positions among the many unfilled hospitality openings in the area. Those choosing to will be free to apply for unemployment benefits.

What year did the restaurant open?

SSBC was founded in 1996 and opened its restaurant and brewery for business on August 8, 1997, after a year and a half renovation period!

Who founded SSBC?

SSBC was founded in 1996 by brothers Emile, Mark and Alex Amarotico.

Who owns SSBC?

SSBC owners include the three Amarotico brothers, as well as eight family members and friends.

What is SSBC best known for?

Standing Stone has been a casual gathering place for groups large and small where there is something for everyone. From toddler to grandparent; wood fired pizza to grass-fed and finished steaks; hand crafted beer to local wines on tap and creative cocktails; lunch or dinner; day or night; day in and day out.

What restaurant menu items were most popular?

Wood fired pizza, grass-fed and finished hamburgers, fish and chips, crispy fried Brussels sprouts and much more have stood the test of over twenty five years.

What SSBC beers were most popular?

Twin Plunge 2IPA, I Heart Oregon Ale and Puck’s Porter have enjoyed popularity for more than two decades.

What was the Standing Stone property before it became a restaurant and brewery?

For the first 20 years after construction in 1925, the Whittle Garage was used by the Morris Family’s Oak Street Tank and Steel Company as a service garage and machine shop. For more history, see A Bit of Ashland History: Wittle Garage

Where can I purchase any remaining branded merchandise?

Direct inquiries to:

Where can I purchase any remaining supplies and inventory?

Direct inquiries to:

What will happen to SSBC property?

The owners intend to put the property on the market for sale or lease.

What will happen to the brewing system?

The owners intend to put the equipment on the market for sale or lease.

What is the capacity of the brewing system?

SSBC has an immaculate steam fired 10 Barrel brewing system designed and fabricated in 1996 by JV Northwest (now ICC Northwest). The system includes six combo fermentation/bright tanks and four bright tanks.

What will happen to other equipment?

The owners intend to put the equipment on the market for sale or lease.

What will happen to the brand and business name?

No decisions have yet been made about these assets.

What is the restaurant seating capacity?

Indoor and outdoor seating: 226 persons.

Did SSBC receive any PPP funding or other assistance during the pandemic?

Yes. SSBC received PPP funding in 2020 and RRF funding in 2021.

Did SSBC fulfill all of the requirements for PPP forgiveness and other funding usage?

SSBC used PPP and RRF funds as required for labor and other covered expenses in order to retain employees and serve customers through a time that would otherwise have caused a business closure.

Who do I contact for further information?

Direct inquiries to:

Who should I share my questions, concerns and ideas with?

Direct inquiries to:

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