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Pints for a Purpose-Rogue Valley Farm to School

We are ecstatic to welcome Rogue Valley Farm to School into our brewery this Tuesday, February 9th as the beneficiaries of our Pints for a Purpose program. On this evening, from 5-10pm, we will donate $2 from every pint sold to this amazing organization.

What about this makes us so excited? We have a chance to do what we do best (pouring great craft beers) to support local food, farms, education, and children. It’s a chance for us to give back to our community on our turf and a chance for our community to show their support for the great work the Rogue Valley Farm to School does.

“Rogue Valley Farm to School educates children about our food system through hands-on farm and garden programs, and by increasing local foods in school meals. We inspire an appreciation of local agriculture that improves the economy and environment of our community and the health of its members.”kids-768x576

But lets be real here: How AWESOME is this organization? We give them an 11 out of 10! They are working tirelessly to educate tomorrows generation about the importance of diet and how that connects to local food and farms.

As part of our mission at Standing Stone, we are committed to providing delicious craft beer and fare that utilizes locally grown ingredients and in turn supports small, local farms. We would like to thank Rogue Valley Farm to School for helping to support our mission and making it possible for the Rogue Valley to enjoy the rich bounties offered by our local farms.

For more information please visit Rogue Valley Farm to School’s website.


Happy New Year! Our favorite beers from 2015-

Happy New Year! What better way to reflect on this past year, than to remember the beers we’ve enjoyed the most! Here are our top 5 local faves of 2015 (not in any particular order):

1. Lavendula Saison– Standing Stone Brewing Co.
Remember this beer? Oh, we sure do! This was a perfect summer Belgian Ale brewed with Organic Lavender. Crisp and tasty with a hint of flowery/herbaceous aromas. 5.2% abv

2. Mogli Imperial Porter-Caldera Brewing Co
Holy Smokes! This oak-aged Imperial Porter was rich and full bodied, with a huge roasty/toasty, chocolate flavor profile boasting an 8.5% abv. This beer was a magical treat in and of itself. Warm fuzzies all around!

3. Porch Swing Pale Ale– Swing Tree Brewing Co.                                         saison
What a tasty, tasty beer this was! A+ for a great take on the Pale Ale. Crisp and refreshing with a citrusy hop finish that kept us wanting more. Have you checked out their tasting room yet? What are you waiting for!

4. Old Humbug Winter Ale– Southern Oregon Brewing Co.
This holiday seasonal is a favorite of so many for a reason! A big, bold Winter Ale perfect for warming you up on a cold day. Specialty malts lend this beer a nutty, chocolatey flavor with a deep, brown hue. 8.1% abv. Get it while you can!

5. Madrone Red NW Ale– Standing Stone Brewing Co.
This was our best selling seasonal beer of the summer. It was here and gone in a flash! We’re not sure if we have the public to thank for that, or our staff. It was certainly the shift drink of choice while we had it. Medium bodied, nice and malty with a huge hop finish–this puppy came in at a whopping 8.1% abv. We want to thank the Madrone Red for helping us unwind after those long, hard summer shifts.

There you have it! Sure, we drank a lot of beer this year, but who’s keeping track? We’d love to hear some of your favorites.

Here’s to a New Year full of lots of delicious, craft brews.


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Latest Specialty Beer: 2015 Hefeweizen

There are a few tell-tale signs of the transition to summer in Southern Oregon. Mornings get bright earlier, light sweatshirts replace down jackets, and Hefeweizen makes its annual appearance on our tap list. Hefeweizen (pronounced HAY-fuh-veyt-ssenn) is one of our favorite summer seasonals, and it makes a return just in time for the Memorial Day weekend. Now’s a great time to toast a pint to warmer weather to come, and pair with some great local produce like seasonal salad greens and strawberries.

hefeweizenAbout the beer 

Our German style wheat beer is hazy yellow with mild banana and spice aroma, a clean, clove flavor, and light mouthfeel. 5.4% abv, 18 IBU


  • Organic Wheat
  • Organic Pilsner
  • Acidulated


  • Bittering: Organic Magnum
  • Flavor/Aroma: Organic Sterling


  • Southern German Munich Wheat

marioncobblerFood Pairing Suggestions

If you’re taking your Hefeweizen to-go in a growler or keg, stop by the Tuesday or Saturday Growers & Crafters Markets in Ashland and pick up some local fruits and veggies to pair with this light, bright beer. Strawberry, goat cheese, and spinach salad is an easy winner, as are local jams and jellies. At the brewpub, check out our specials board for featured seasonal ingredients, or choose a lighter-bodied, year-round option from the menu. Dessert is a winner with this beer, too! Here are our suggestions:

Roasted Beet & Chevre Salad

Calamari with Fried Jalapenos & Lemon Wheels

Fish & Chips

Rhubarb Crisp

Marionberry Cobbler

We hope you get a chance to enjoy the Hefeweizen soon, before we drink it all to ourselves. We’re suckers for seasonals, and plan to enjoy lots of pints on the back patio. We’ll probably take some growlers on upcoming raft trips, road races and camping journeys, too, since nothing quite says “summer” like Hefeweizen outdoors.

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Latest Specialty Beer: Farmer Brown

There’s a new special beer in town, and its name is Farmer Brown. This returning seasonal brew boasts warm, nutty aromas and a slightly hoppy finish. We’re thinking fireside chats, warm boots, and leather-bound books. Or maybe this is the beer to drink after a hard day of work in the cold outdoors. Whatever your lifestyle, give the Farmer Brown a try, either here at the brewpub or at home with a growler bottle.

About the beer

Our newest seasonal sports a chestnut color and offers toasted aromas of graham cracker. This brown ale’s medium body and biscuit-like flavors are followed by a slightly dry and nutty finish, with mild bitterness. 4.7% abv 25 IBU

Maltbrown ale chalkboard

  • Great Western Organic Two Row
  • Briess Carabrown
  • Briess Organic Carapils
  • Briess Special Roast
  • Briess Organic Chocolate


  • Bittering: Organic Magnum
  • Flavor/Aroma: Organic Golding

Food Pairing Suggestions

This medium intensity beer matches well with foods in the same realm. To complement a pairing, look for items with toasted bread and nutty flavors. Roasted beef and pork work well with brown ales, as do nutty cheeses like Gruyere and Asiago. Here are our pairing suggestions from our menu:quinoa burger

  • Tempeh Stir Fry
  • Greek Salad
  • Quinoa Nut Burger
  • House Salad with Mixed Greens & Stout Glazed Walnuts
  • Bread Pudding with Whiskey Sauce

Next Tuesday, we’ll welcome Rogue Farm Corps as the recipient for our Pints for a Purpose benefit evening, and we’d say this beer feels pretty appropriate. Toast your Farmer Brown with local farming enthusiasts on Tuesday, February 2nd from 5-10pm, and give $2 for every pint sold to this organization. Come enjoy this seasonal brew while it lasts!

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Latest Specialty Beer: 2014 Barley Wine

Get ready to make merry with this annual specialty beer. The 2014 Barley Wine is flowing through the taps, and at 11% abv, its sure to warm your spirits this winter season. The rich, full-bodied brew is served in a 13 oz. Belgian glass for you to better enjoy the complex flavors and aromas: think strawberry jam, currants, raisins and toffee, to name a few.

At Standing Stone, we’ve brewed an annual Barley Wine every winter since 2005. We’ve aged them in whiskey and wine barrels, and each year has been dramatically different from the last. We brewed this year’s batch back in August, and aged two-thirds of the brew in oak barrels from Weisinger’s Winery in Ashland, previously used for red wines.  Three months later, the 2014 Barley Wine turned into flavor magic, and we’re especially thrilled with this year’s vintage.

About 2014 Barley Winebarley wine

Aged for three months in oak barrels from Weisinger’s Winery in Ashland, this year’s batch has aromas of dried fruit, wood, and vanilla. Along with the full body, you’ll taste flavors of toffee and currants. 11.0% abv, 55 IBU (estimate)



  • Crisp Organic Pale (English)
  • Briess Aromatic
  • Briess Organic Chocolate



  • Bittering: Organic Magnum
  • Flavor/Aroma: Organic Sterling, Organic Hallertau


Food Pairing Suggestions

teriyaki ribsWe love, love, love this beer with blue cheese. So much so, we’re pairing it with a 2011 Reserve Rogue River Blue from Rogue Creamery at our 2015 Winter Beer Dinner in January. We would also pair this beer with rich, hearty and deeply satisfying food. The big body and bold flavors will stand up to some of the richest dishes. Here are some suggestions from our menu:

Fig & Bacon Pizza

Black & Blue Burger

Chardonnay & Goat Cheese Fondue

Grilled Reuben

Charbroiled Teriyaki Ribs with Sweet Potato Fries

Come check out the 2014 Barely Wine (and some hearty comfort food, if you feel so inclined) and let us know if you love it as much as we do!

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Latest Specialty Beer: Brimstone Lager

Lager-lovers, rejoice! We’ve just tapped our latest specialty beer and we’re overjoyed with the tasty brew. Our new Brimstone Lager was crafted with the same lager yeast we used for our popular Oktoberfest. This light, slightly toasty and nutty Helles-style beer is perfect for refreshing after an active day in the chilly-autumn outdoors. Whether you enjoy hiking, skiing, running, biking, or just playing in the leaves, this new lager is ready to reward you for your efforts.

In German, “helles” simply indicates a pale or light colored beer. Traditionally, these beers have low hop bitterness and sweet maltiness, with an abv in the 5% range. Popularity of this beer style has grown in the U.S. and, we have to say, breweries have come up with some pretty fantastic names. Here are some of our top favorites:lager

Helles Yeah from Leinenkugel’s, Wisconsin

Helles Belles from Ninkasi Brewing, Oregon

Lucky as Helles from Breakside Brewing, Oregon

Heavenly Helles from Church Street Brewing, Illinois

About the Beer

This Munich-style Helles Lager is light gold with a slightly toasted aroma. The mouthfeel is bright and crisp with sweet maltiness and very low bitterness. 5.3% abv, 18 IBU


  • Weyermann Organic Pilsner
  • Briess Ashburne Mild
  • Briess Victory


  • Organic Hallertau


Food Pairing Suggestionsquinoa burger

This crisp lager refreshes the palate between bites without being too overbearing. The light toastiness makes it a great pairing with light herbs, fish and chicken. We’re thinking it could even hold it’s own alongside curry and pork chops. Can you tell we’re fans of this beer? Here are our suggestions from the menu:

Three Cheese & Mushroom Pizza

Clams in Jalapeno Beer Broth (daily special)


Quinoa Nut Burger

Goat Cheese Fondue

Turkey Reuben

Carrot Cake (daily special)

You’ll want your pint glass brimming with this helles lager soon! Maybe we’re being optimistic, but we’re hoping this new beer will be around as our local ski resort, Mt. Ashland, opens for the season. We can’t think of anything we’d like more than a growler of Brimstone Lager at the fireside after a day of skiing or snowboarding and fresh air. Fire and Brimstone, anyone?

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Latest Specialty Beer: Oktoberfest

This time of year we like to take a moment to appreciate all the things the Germans have given us – bratwurst, pretzels, Volkswagens, kindergarten, strudels, and (one of our favorites) Oktoberfest! This annual specialty lager is now on tap and ready for a robust “Prost!” with friends at Standing Stone.

About the Bier

Our Marzen-style Oktoberfest is orange-amber in color with a bready aroma. The medium mouthfeel and rich, light-toasted maltiness is followed by minimal bitterness. This versatile beer is great with a wide variety of foods, and delicious on its own. 5.1% abv, 25 IBU



  • Briess Goldpils Vienna
  • Briess Bonlander
  • Organic Crystal 60
  • Acidulated



  • Bittering: Organic Magnum
  • Flavor/Aroma: Organic Hallertau


Food Pairings

For a festive feast, pair with your favorite German foods. Schnitzel, sauerkraut, bratwurst and pretzels all make great flavor matches with this malty brew. For a fun twist, we also like to pair its sweetness with spicy Latin foods, like tacos or chilaquiles. This robust beer will taste great with most foods that are grilled or roasted, bringing out caramelized, toasty qualities. Here are a few pairing suggestions from our menu:


Grilled Corned Beef Reuben with Sauerkraut

Greek Salad with Grilled Pork Souvlaki

Steak Tacos with Stout Glaze

Pepperjack Quesadilla with Chorizo



If you’re planning your own seasonal celebration, check out our previous post with tips for hosting a fabulous Oktoberfest. You’ll find our seasonal brew on tap at the brewpub, Brews and Boogie at ScienceWorks on Saturday, October 4th, and Pumpkins and Pints on Our Pasture on October 19th. There are so many reasons to toast great craft beer this month – we wish you all a happy Oktoberfest!



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Latest Specialty Beer: Freestone Sour

Looking to mix up your usual craft beer roster? Pucker up and look no further than Standing Stone’s first ever sour beer: Freestone Sour! This Berliner Wiess is brewed with fresh peaches from Rolling Hills Farm in Talent, OR, imparting a slight peach aroma to this delightfully light and tart ale. Not sure how you feel about a sour beer? Think beer lemonade, or a light bodied beer with a squeeze of lemon.

Sour beers are coming on scene in a big way – L.A. Magazine recently did an article on the biggest and best sours in California, and NPR featured a blog post titled “Pucker Up, America” last year. For Freestone Sour, our brewer added a lactic acid bacteria called lactobacillus (similar to the kind used to make yogurt) to sour the wort prior to fermentation, and then added peach puree in the fermenting tanks. The result is a pale, hazy brew with a light look and feisty attitude.

Sour beer

(photo: M. Pecoraro)

Freestone Sour

Style: Berliner Weiss influence

Color: Hazy White

Aroma: Essence if peach and wheat cracker

Flavor: Tart and refreshing, with citrus

Glass: Belgian style, 12 oz.

3.5% abv, 5 IBU


  • Organic Pilsner
  • Organic Wheat
  • Acidulated

fish tacosHops

  • Organic Magnum


  • 130 lbs. fresh peach puree from Rolling Hills Farm in Talent

Food Pairings

The delicate, sour mouthfeel of this beer makes it a great pairing with light, citrusy food. At home, try with a simple fruit salad, or with lemon bars for dessert. If you can include peaches, even better. As if you needed an excuse to drink beer and eat peach cobbler. Here are our suggestions from our menu:

Calamari with Fried Lemon Wheels

House Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette

Marionberry Cobbler

Fish Tacos with Fresh Lime


Go ahead, let your curiosity get the best of you. Dive into a Freestone Sour and join the movement of sour beer love.

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Top 5 Favorite Beers from BBC 2014

In case you missed it, our lucky social media team attended the Beer Blogger’s Conference in San Diego last weekend.  The conference was filled with loads of sessions, ranging from photography techniques to beer blog writing etiquette.  With the days loaded from 9:30am to 10pm, there was never a dull moment.

One of our favorite parts of day two (and the conference as a whole) was the “Live Beer Blogging.”  Spanning over the course of roughly an hour, 10 breweries rotated from table to table pouring their brews (which was usually a seasonal, and at times not yet released). Allan Wright, founder of Zephyr Adventures and conference director, was partial to calling it “beer blogging speed dating;” quick, rapid-fire tastings where bloggers learn a lot of information in a small amount of time.

To avoid uploading the entirety of our notes (although it is tempting), we’ve compiled a list of our top five favorite beer products from the conference:

Photo courtesy of Firestone Walker Brewing Co.

Number Five: Pivo Hoppy Pils by Firestone Walker Brewing Co. 5.3% abv
A Czech style beer that is the current reigning gold medalist at the Great American Beer Festival.  This Pilsner has a crisp flavor and gold color.  That, however, is where it leaves all other Pilsners behind.  Clocking in at 40 IBU gives this pils a mildly bitter front and slightly spicy flavor.  Finally, it has a lemongrass finish that’s both crisp and clean.  It’s an incredibly diverse pilsner that leaves your palate wanting for more.

Number Four: Sonoma Farmhouse Sour by Lagunitas 6.8% abv
This tart, sweet, acidic, medium bodied sour was one of two sours shared at the tasting.  The beer is blended with a barrel aged saison to balance out the tart flavor created by the sour.  The Sonoma Farmhouse is a unique experience, and letting the beer change in temperature only enhanced and changed the beer further.  It’s just plain fun.   

Number Three: Marionberry Braggot by Rogue Farms 11.5% abv

Photo Courtesy of Rogue Farms

A beer named after a berry (and not a mayor) and style of ale in which malt and honey are both used in the brewing process.  The marionberry and honey give this beer a  fruity flavor and a heavy body.  Its robust, stone fruit flavors pair well with anything sweet and big, like cheesecake, cobbler or pie (you know, the healthy stuff). Beers in the Rogue Farms series are made with fresh ingredients from Rogue’s farm, including fresh hops and honey harvested from over a dozen hives.  We don’t have quite that many hives on our farm, but it’s great to hear of other Oregon breweries with similar interests!

Photo Courtesy of Stone Brewing Co.

Number Two: Xocoveza Mocha Stout by Chris Banker, Stone and Insurgente 8.1% abv
The name isn’t the only thing complex about this stout.  With flavors ranging from Mexican chocolate to cinnamon and mild peppers, this collaboration beer is far from you typical stout.  The only thing that could make this beer better – a healthy portion of vanilla ice cream.  Xocoveza will hit stores sometime in mid-September, so make sure to grab one to try for yourself!

Number One: Beer Bread Mix by Boardwalk Food Company 0.0% abv
Beer and bread.  Together.  Could there be a more perfect match?  We’re huge fans of pairing food and beer so naturally this Beer Bread Mix was one of our favorites.  Boasting four different flavors (Cornbread, Lemon Poppy, Rosemary Sea Salt, and Original), the mix only needs one ingredient: beer. Just add 12oz of your favorite beer, mix and bake.  Want a zesty, spicy bread?  Try Mt. Shasta Brewing Co.’s Jalapeno Lager into the cornbread.  Something a little more savory?  We’re told the Lemon Poppy Seed mixed with milk or chocolate stout will blow our socks off.  The combinations seem limitless; a beautiful love child of both beer and food. Luckily, we’ll get to try more soon as they sent us home with our own mixes for personal chemistry experiments.


And that’s just the tip of the iceberg of what we tried!  Samuel Adams had an out-of-this-world sour called Kosmic Mother Funk. Green Flash shared an incredibly refreshing Citra Session IPA, perfect for hot days and lawn mowing.  Goose Island Beer Co. poured a collaboration beer, mixed with Intelligentsia Coffee Co.’s brew and aged in bourbon barrels. There was so much to try and taste!  So stop by your local store, pick up one of these beers for yourself, and tell us what you think!

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Latest Specialty Beer: Whittle Wheat Hefeweizen

hefe patioI say, “Hefe,” you say “Weizen!”

“Hefe-Weizen! Hefe-Weizen!”

That’s right, summer is officially here – happy solstice, everyone! There may be no better way to kick off summer than with a seasonal hefeweizen (pronounced HEH-feh-vite-zehn). Come get yours and cheer to patio dinners, pleasant bike rides, sunshiny days and sweatshirt nights.

This year we’re giving our annual specialty beer a fresh new name: Whittle Wheat, named after the builder of our historic brewery site. Floyd Whittle constructed our concrete, one-story building in 1925 for a total cost of $6,000 (a tad less than our half-million dollar brewery renovation in 1996). 101 Oak Street has been home to Morris’s Oak Street Garage, Pioneer Glass and Cabinet, and, eventually, Standing Stone Brewing Company. We love our brewpub’s open spaces, exposed concrete and brick, downtown location and back-patio mountain views. Thank you Floyd Whittle, and cheers to you!

About the Beer

This German style wheat beer is hazy yellow with mild banana and spice aroma, light mouthfeel, and a clean, clove flavor. 4.9% abv, 18 IBU


101 Oak Street before Standing Stone Brewing Co.

•        Organic Wheat
•        Organic Pilsner
•        Acidulated

•        Bittering:  Organic Magnum
•        Flavor/Aroma:  Organic Hallertau

•        Southern German Munich Wheat


Food Pairing Suggestions

Belly up to the bar with a pint of Whittle Wheat and fresh, local fare to match. We love this beer with flavors of the season: strawberries, goat cheese, fresh greens and seafood. Hefeweizen is versatile; it’s light enough to enjoy with salads, but the full mouthfeel helps it stand up to heartier fare. The yeasty fruit and slight spice complement a wide range of flavors. Here are our suggestions from our menu:

Beet & Goat Cheese Salad
Marionberry Cobbler
Pea Shoot Pizza
Thai Mussels (daily special)
Calamari with Fried Lemons

Come imbibe this summertime favorite while it lasts, and order with a wedge of lemon or orange for a fruity twist. Savor your beer outside on the back patio, or inside the brewery with views of Floyd Whittle’s historic garage.