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Latest Specialty Beer: Whittle Wheat Hefeweizen

hefe patioI say, “Hefe,” you say “Weizen!”

“Hefe-Weizen! Hefe-Weizen!”

That’s right, summer is officially here – happy solstice, everyone! There may be no better way to kick off summer than with a seasonal hefeweizen (pronounced HEH-feh-vite-zehn). Come get yours and cheer to patio dinners, pleasant bike rides, sunshiny days and sweatshirt nights.

This year we’re giving our annual specialty beer a fresh new name: Whittle Wheat, named after the builder of our historic brewery site. Floyd Whittle constructed our concrete, one-story building in 1925 for a total cost of $6,000 (a tad less than our half-million dollar brewery renovation in 1996). 101 Oak Street has been home to Morris’s Oak Street Garage, Pioneer Glass and Cabinet, and, eventually, Standing Stone Brewing Company. We love our brewpub’s open spaces, exposed concrete and brick, downtown location and back-patio mountain views. Thank you Floyd Whittle, and cheers to you!

About the Beer

This German style wheat beer is hazy yellow with mild banana and spice aroma, light mouthfeel, and a clean, clove flavor. 4.9% abv, 18 IBU


101 Oak Street before Standing Stone Brewing Co.

•        Organic Wheat
•        Organic Pilsner
•        Acidulated

•        Bittering:  Organic Magnum
•        Flavor/Aroma:  Organic Hallertau

•        Southern German Munich Wheat


Food Pairing Suggestions

Belly up to the bar with a pint of Whittle Wheat and fresh, local fare to match. We love this beer with flavors of the season: strawberries, goat cheese, fresh greens and seafood. Hefeweizen is versatile; it’s light enough to enjoy with salads, but the full mouthfeel helps it stand up to heartier fare. The yeasty fruit and slight spice complement a wide range of flavors. Here are our suggestions from our menu:

Beet & Goat Cheese Salad
Marionberry Cobbler
Pea Shoot Pizza
Thai Mussels (daily special)
Calamari with Fried Lemons

Come imbibe this summertime favorite while it lasts, and order with a wedge of lemon or orange for a fruity twist. Savor your beer outside on the back patio, or inside the brewery with views of Floyd Whittle’s historic garage.

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