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Latest Specialty Beer: Brimstone Lager

Lager-lovers, rejoice! We’ve just tapped our latest specialty beer and we’re overjoyed with the tasty brew. Our new Brimstone Lager was crafted with the same lager yeast we used for our popular Oktoberfest. This light, slightly toasty and nutty Helles-style beer is perfect for refreshing after an active day in the chilly-autumn outdoors. Whether you enjoy hiking, skiing, running, biking, or just playing in the leaves, this new lager is ready to reward you for your efforts.

In German, “helles” simply indicates a pale or light colored beer. Traditionally, these beers have low hop bitterness and sweet maltiness, with an abv in the 5% range. Popularity of this beer style has grown in the U.S. and, we have to say, breweries have come up with some pretty fantastic names. Here are some of our top favorites:lager

Helles Yeah from Leinenkugel’s, Wisconsin

Helles Belles from Ninkasi Brewing, Oregon

Lucky as Helles from Breakside Brewing, Oregon

Heavenly Helles from Church Street Brewing, Illinois

About the Beer

This Munich-style Helles Lager is light gold with a slightly toasted aroma. The mouthfeel is bright and crisp with sweet maltiness and very low bitterness. 5.3% abv, 18 IBU


  • Weyermann Organic Pilsner
  • Briess Ashburne Mild
  • Briess Victory


  • Organic Hallertau


Food Pairing Suggestionsquinoa burger

This crisp lager refreshes the palate between bites without being too overbearing. The light toastiness makes it a great pairing with light herbs, fish and chicken. We’re thinking it could even hold it’s own alongside curry and pork chops. Can you tell we’re fans of this beer? Here are our suggestions from the menu:

Three Cheese & Mushroom Pizza

Clams in Jalapeno Beer Broth (daily special)


Quinoa Nut Burger

Goat Cheese Fondue

Turkey Reuben

Carrot Cake (daily special)

You’ll want your pint glass brimming with this helles lager soon! Maybe we’re being optimistic, but we’re hoping this new beer will be around as our local ski resort, Mt. Ashland, opens for the season. We can’t think of anything we’d like more than a growler of Brimstone Lager at the fireside after a day of skiing or snowboarding and fresh air. Fire and Brimstone, anyone?

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