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Collaboration Specialty Beer: Stone Swing Saison

stoneswingsaisonFor those of you excited about math, here’s a “beer equation” for your tastebuds:

2 Ashland, Oregon brewers + 3 types of malt + 2 kinds of peppercorns + fresh orange peel + 1 craft beer celebration

= Stone Swing Saison, A Collaborative Summer Ale

Okay, maybe it’s not perfect math, but it’s tasty math. In celebration of American Craft Beer Week (ACBW), May 12-18, our brewer teamed up with Brandon Overstreet of Swing Tree Brewing to create the Rogue Valley’s first collaboration beer, a Belgian style saison, or farmhouse ale. We tapped the pale yellow brew Tuesday night at Standing Stone during the ACBW mayoral proclamation. Swing Tree will start serving Stone Swing Saison tonight, May 15th, at their taphouse on Hersey Street.

About the beer

This pale saison has refreshing, bright citrus flavor and earthy notes. The mouthfeel is light and slightly dry, and spicy aroma comes from Szechuan and white peppercorns. 4.1% abv, 15 IBU

stone swing toast

(photo: Marina Spelletich-Pecoraro)


  • Organic Pilsner
  • Wheat
  • Rye


  • Organic Cane Sugar


  • Bittering:  Organic Sterling
  • Flavor/Aroma:  Organic Hallertau, Organic Sterling


  • Fresh Orange Peel, White Pepper, Schezuan Pepper


Food Pairings

This beer’s smooth, dry finish and fruity character make it a great pairing with seasonal summer fare. The malt profile also makes it a good choice to pair with spicy foods if you’re looking to tame heat. For a classic pairing at home, try this saison with a fruit and cheese plate, and consider a soft-rind goat cheese. Here are our suggestions from the brewpub:

Beet & Chevre Salad

Margherita Pizza

Spicy Red Thai Curry

House Greens with Balsamic Vinaigrette

Marrionberry Cobbler

Fish & Chips

During American Craft Beer Week the craft beer community unites to share collective ideas, passions, talents and enthusiasm, and this beer reflects these ideals. We are thrilled to partner with Swing Tree Brewing to present this never-before-brewed summertime saison. Just as the beer was brewed among friends, we suggest you enjoy it among friends. And if beer math isn’t your thing, you’ll still appreciate the sum of it parts.

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Latest Specialty Beer: Dear Abbey

Dear Abbey,

I’m a craft beer lover with a craving for Belgian-style ales. I love the fruity Belgian yeast, smooth malt profile and a little spiciness. I enjoy locally brewed beer and I want one right now. Can you help me?


Everyone, Everywhere”

barleyOur newest specialty beer, Dear Abbey, is a reflection of traditional Belgian styles. Here’s a bit of history: Trappist ales were traditionally brewed only under direct supervision of monks at breweries on monastery grounds. Abbey beers are similar in style, but have the freedom to be brewed by those not connected to a monastery or abbey (Fun fact: our brewer once attended seminary school and chose to be a brewer instead!). While these styles were brewed in ancient times, modern abbey styles have grown popular in the U.S. – think New Belgium and Blue Moon breweries.

About Dear Abbey

This Belgian Trappist-style ale is reddish-brown in color and has an enticing bubblegum aroma. A mildly dry finish follows the light mouthfeel and up-front fruitiness. 6.3% abv, 15 IBU


• Organic Pilsner

• Belgian Dark Rock Candi Sugar

• Cara Aroma

• Acidulated


• Flavor/Aroma: Organic Hallertau, Organic Sterling

teriyaki ribsFood pairings

This dynamic ale will pair well with a wide range of hearty foods. Though the body is light, the big flavor and aroma play well with meats, cheeses and desserts. Try any of these suggestions from our menu:

  • 5-Spice Teriyaki Ribs
  • Sweet Potato Fries with Harissa Aioli
  • Beet and Chevre Salad
  • Stir Crazy Chocolate Cake
  • Noble Stout Crème Brulee

Just for fun, we’re serving Dear Abbey in a Belgian-style glass for optimal aroma and tasting. Come try a 13oz glass for $4.

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Latest Specialty Beer: Brake Time Ale

goldenHit your brakes and take a pause from your day to sit back with our latest specialty beer…Brake Time Ale. This springtime seasonal is a golden-style ale, making it the perfect beer to enjoy on a sunny day – once all your chores are finished, of course.

We tap this new specialty brew just in time for May, a big month for both beer and biking at Standing Stone. American Craft Beer Week kicks off May 12th, and breweries all over the country are celebrating with special brews, food & beer pairings, classes, beer dinners and more. We’re still finalizing all our American Craft Beer Week plans (but we can tell you some fun things are in the works), so stay tuned to learn about our upcoming happenings. That same week is national Bike to Work Week, organized by the League of American Bicyclists. We encourage you to use your two-wheeled transportation that week, and hit the brakes when you get to Standing Stone to enjoy this new beer!

About the Beer

This springtime golden ale has aroma of fresh-cut hay and a light body. A mild bitter finish follows flavors of breadiness and slight spice. 5.1% abv, 20 IBU

Maltbikes in front

  • Organic Pilsner
  • Rice Malt
  • Briess Victory


  • Organic Hallertau
  • Organic Sterling

Food Pairings

Chicken and seafood make great flavor matches with this golden ale, as will lightly toasted or fried foods. Here are our suggestions for pairing from our menu:

• Fried Calamari

• Panko Crusted Fish & Chips

• Pepperjack Quesadilla with Roasted Chicken

• Cobb Salad with Grilled Chicken

• Margherita Pizza

Don’t miss the chance to try this current seasonal, and mark your calendars for American Craft Beer Week and Bike to Work Week next month, starting May 12th. We’re certainly not lacking in good reasons to enjoy craft beer and biking, but why not add another few to the list?

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Latest (Returning) Specialty Beer: Milk & Honey Ale

Welcome to the land of Milk & Honey! Our rotating seasonal ale is high on the list of customer favorites at Standing Stone. Its once-yearly appearance on our menu makes fans giddy with craft beer joy. Come see what the fanfare is about and treat yourself to a pint of malty goodness.

About the Beermilk and honey ale chalkboard

This ale presents a polished copper color, silky smooth medium body and delicate nuances of honey from a proprietary honey malt. Lactose is added to provide body and a slight residual sweetness. 6.5% abv 25 IBU


• Organic Pilsner

• Honey Malt

• Acidulated


• Bittering: Organic Centennial

• Aroma/Flavor: Willamette

In the spirit of honoring this rotating favorite, we asked a handful of our employees what they love about this brew. Here’s what they had to say:

“I like it with Fish Tacos. It clears your palate nicely between bites of the three salsas.” ~ Michael

“It goes well with lots of dishes on the menu. It paired great with the Fish Tacos I had the other night, and I’ve had it before with a simple Grilled Cheese and it was perfect.” ~ Rachel

“It’s unique and refreshing – like how a glass of orange juice can be really refreshing.” ~ Nick

“It has a mild sweetness and smooth, non-bitter finish.” ~ Andy

Food Pairing

We suggest pairing this medium-bodied beer with lightly toasted and seasoned foods. You can also use the malty character to cut heat in spicy dishes between bites. Here are our suggestions from our menu:

Bread Pudding with Whiskey Sauce

Spicy Thai Curry

Beet & Goat Cheese Salad

Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Rogue Creamery Stout Cheddar

Come in and claim your pint of Milk & Honey Ale! Take a break from your day and let this beer take you to the land of…well, you know.

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New Specialty Beer: Hop Night is Back!

casmapA brewpub favorite, Hop Night is back offering the best of two worlds to the craft beer lover: big hop flavors found in an IPA combined with the malty notes of a stout or porter. Relatively new to the beer world, this style is known as Cascadian Dark Ale.

Cascadian Dark Ale gets is name from its dark-as-night color and the big hop flavors favored in many Northwest ales. Our Hop Night balances the piney, citrus like characteristics of an IPA without overpowering the smooth, roasted malts used in the brewing process. You will notice prominent hop-forward notes with a creamy smooth body and a medium mouthfeel.

Hop Night is a big beer, which will pair well with foods that can stand up to its bold flavors. Our Ginger Teriyaki Ribs, Standing Stone Cheese Burger, Italian Sausage Pizza, or Black Bean Chili are perfect matches. But don’t be afraid of the Night, and try experimenting with anything you think might complement its dark side, such as the caramel flavors of Deep Fried Brussels Sprouts or Stir-Crazy Chocolate Cake.

About the beer:

blackandblue burger

Style:  Cascadian Dark Ale/Black IPA

Color:  Opaque Black
Aroma:  Pine and Citrus
Mouthfeel:  Medium to Full
Flavor:  Resinous pine, black currant, lingering bitterness
Alcohol:  6.0%
IBU:  65


  • Organic Two Row
  • Organic Munich
    pilot rock
  • Briess Blackprinz
  • Organic C-60


  • Bittering:  Simcoe
  • Flavor/Aroma:  Golding, Cascade, Simcoe
  • Dry Hops:  Cascade, Simcoe
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Prost to Oktoberfest!

It’s time to bring out your schnitzels, sausages and sauerkraut because Oktoberfest beer is officially here! This traditional Marzen style beer makes an annual appearance at Standing Stone Brewing Co every October and this year’s batch is one for the record books. To those of you who make a special trip to the brewery just for this beer, you won’t want to miss out on the 2013 edition of our Oktoberfest brau.

A bit about Oktoberfest: This traditional German festival has been celebrated in Munich for over 200 years. With millions of attendees visiting just for the event, this party boasts the title of the World’s Largest Festival. No wonder, it’s all about beer and food! Our traditional German style lager fits right in with customs and pairs great with German fare.

About the Beer

Oktoberfest is a light, orange-amber lager with bready aroma and a medium mouthfeel. The sweet and light-toasted maltiness is accompanied by minimal bitterness. 5.7% abv, 25 IBU


• Briess Goldpils Vienna

• Briess Bonlander

• Organic Crystal 60

• Acidulated


• Bittering: Organic Magnum

• Flavor/Aroma: Organic Hallertau

Food Pairing Suggestions

Vinegars and fermented foods pair great with the maltiness in this brew. At home, you can also try with a spice cake for a fun, fall-time meal. Hearty sausages and meats are on our radar to try with the beer, which makes it a good candidate to pair with the rich, flavorful slow-cooker recipe you’ve been waiting to make. Here are our suggestions from the menu for when you’re in the brewpub:pumpkins pints bbq

• Corned Beef or Turkey Reuben with Sauerkraut

• Italian Sausage Pizza

• Penne Marinara with Sausage

• Special Steak

• Arbol Chili and Chorizo Pizza

• Housemade Kimchi

• Bread Pudding

Happy Oktoberfest to all! We’ll have this latest specialty beer on tap all month long (if it doesn’t fly out of the beer tanks too fast). We’ll also be sure to bring some along to the 5th Annual Pumpkins and Pints celebration, October 20th, on our farm on Eagle Mile Road in Ashland, OR. Check back in for more about this family-friendly pumpkin-carving party coming soon. Until then, save the date and stop by for a pint, half-pint or pitcher of Oktoberfest to tap into the fall-time spirit.

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Latest Specialty Beer: Commuters Gold Ale

We’re rolling out a new specialty beer this Labor Day weekend to celebrate the last weeks of summer and all the great cycling events happening this month: Commuters Gold Ale. This beer keeps the flavor of summer alive with its light body, palate-refreshing finish and mild hoppiness – great for a post-bicycle jaunt to the brewpub.commuters gold

This new brew is similar to another specialty beer we debuted last spring, the Hardtail Ale. Our brewer, Larry (who bikes to work almost everyday!), took what he liked about the Hardtail recipe and substituted some organic hops for flavor and aroma. We think Commuters Gold has the same great character as Hardtail, with the added benefit of using more even organic ingredients.

This September the Bicycle Transportation Alliance’s annual Bike Commute Challenge inspires us to hop in the (bike) saddle. We’re in our fourth year competing in this friendly, statewide competition to log as many bike-to-work miles as we can for the entire month. We’re also adding seven new Standing Stone commuter bikes to our existing fleet, bringing the total number of employees who have benefitted from our RPM Bike Program to 57! And at the end of the month we’ll leap into the Siskiyou Challenge Relay Race (9/28) with several Standing Stone Brewing teams pedaling through three biking legs on the multi-sport course. Stay tuned for even more info on September biking news coming soon…

About the Beer

This late-summer specialty is a golden ale with citrus and tropical fruit aroma. The light mouthfeel and cracker-like flavor are followed by a delayed, lingering and mild bitterness from Citra and Galaxy hops. 5.1% abv, 20 IBU


• Organic Pilsner

• Ashburne Mild

• Acidulated


• Bittering: None, bitter character comes from late kettle flavor/aroma hops

• Flavor/Aroma: Citra, Galaxy

Beer and Food Pairing

The mildly astringent finish of Commuters Gold Ale makes it a great partner for light-bodied food with a bit of oil and richness – think fresh produce cooked lightly with olive oil, or flash fried to maintain flavor and crispness. Here are our suggestions from the brewpub menu:

  • Deep Fried Zucchini
  • Calamari with Lemon Wheels
  • Chicken Flauta Salad
  • Sautéed Seasonal Vegetables
  • Quinoa Nut Burger

Come give Commuters Gold a spin, and enjoy Southern Oregon’s great September weather by commuting by bike all month long, too!

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Latest Specialty Beer: Hefeweizen

Summertime beer lovers, rejoice! Our German Style Hefeweizen is back on tap as our latest summer seasonal, and this batch is getting rave reviews. Since winning a gold medal in 2010 at the Lallemands Yeast Brain of Brewers competition, this house beer has made an annual return with a strong following.hefe

A bit about traditional Hefeweizens: European Hefeweizen is thought to date back to the 11th century and is a popular favorite in Southern Germany. German Hefeweizens differ greatly from their American Hefeweizen counterparts, however, in that the traditional strain of yeast offers fruit and spice flavor and aroma. Also, lemons were not typically added to Hefeweizens until American breweries began producing them. Our opinion: do what you like! If you enjoy a lemon on your beer, we’re happy to add one, and we think it stands great on its own as well.

Also, this year we’ve upped the percentage of wheat malt from 40% to 60%, giving the beer a strong cracker-like flavor and hazy, unfiltered character. With its strong carbonation as well, this brew is refreshing and palate cleansing on a hot day.

About the Beer

This German style wheat beer has a hazy yellow color and very mild banana and spice aroma. The light mouhtfeel is accompanied by clean clove and cracker flavor. 5.8% abv, 18 IBU


• Organic Wheat

• Organic Pilsner

• Acidulated


• Bittering: Organic Magnum

• Flavor/Aroma: Organic Sterling


• Southern German Munich Wheat

Beer and Food Pairing Suggestions

This summertime beer goes great with summertime foods, especially those available at your local farmers market right now. Our brewer suggests spreading Mama Terra Goat Cheese on a cracker with fresh lemon basil, a great appetizer for home. The creamy mouthfeel and lemon zest flavor pair great with the body and flavors in the Hefeweizen. Remember, we have liter and half-gallon size bottles for our beer to go, so take some with you for your own backyard pairing party. Here are a few pairing suggestions from our menu as well:

Blackberry Goat Cheese Cheesecake (seasonal special)

Calamari with Fried Lemon Wheelsquinoa burger

Quinoa Nut Burger

Goat Cheese Fondue with Apples and Crackerbread

Wood-Fired Wild Alaskan Salmon

Kick off August with a pint in hand, and let us know what you think about this year’s batch! We love hearing feedback and bringing back favorites for our regular customers. Happy Summer everyone.

Latest Specialty Beer: 76 Hands Blackberry Ale

One of our favorite features at One Mile Farm, our Standing Stone farmland just down the road, is the abundance of blackberries in the late summer and early fall. Last year, we threw a harvest party and brought out employees to pick bucket-loads of berries for the brewpub. _DSC4224_edited-1We’re using 61 lbs of this 2012 harvest in our latest specialty beer: 76 Hands Blackberry Ale.

The beer name stems from the 38 employees who spent three mornings in September picking blackberries last year. Their collective 76 hands brought in enough sweet fruit for dessert specials, Blackberry BBQ Sauce and this newest summer beer. We want to thank all our employees who came back with purple-stained fingers and clothing, and buckets of berries, and raise a glass to their harvest!

About the Beer

This wheat-style beer has a light pink, grapefruit color with a hint of purple. The fruity aroma and slightly sweet and tart flavor are accompanied by a light body and mouthfeel. This is a refreshing summertime ale, and a never-before-made creation for Standing Stone. 4.1% abv, 7 IBU


• Organic Pilsner

One of our young volunteer helpers

One of our young volunteer helpers

• Organic Wheat

• Acidulated


• Bittering: Organic Magnum


• 61 lbs blackberries picked from the Standing Stone’s One Mile Farm

Food Pairing Suggestions

The light body and fruity character of this beer make it a great pairing with fruit-forward desserts. We also like it with light-intensity entrees, like fish or salad. If you take some to-go, try garnishing your glass with some fresh berries for a seasonal and colorful twist. Here are a few suggestions from our menu:

• Marionberry Cobblermarioncobbler

• Blueberry Shortcake (seasonal special)

• House Greens with Walnuts and Balsamic Vinaigrette

• Calamari

• Fish and Chips

Come toast a pint to the onset of summer, and ask your server or bartender if they helped pick the berries in your beer! And let us know what you think, as we’ll be sure to try new, berry-licious recipes with our harvest in 2013.

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Beer of the Day: I Heart Oregon Ale

All week long, in honor of American Craft Beer Week, we’re highlighting a Standing Stonebeer at alpha beta hops beer everyday. Today we pay tribute to I Heart Oregon Ale, a menu staple that made its appearance a few years ago when we were looking to create a replacement for our long-time IPA. This Pale Ale boasts a pleasant bitter finish with a lighter color and body, giving us a brew for hop heads and pale-beer lovers alike.

The I Heart Oregon Ale is named for the origin of all its ingredients! We’re fortunate to live in the Pacific Northwest where fresh hops are abundant, and Oregon specifically is home to lots of quality hop farms that focus on sustainable and organic growing practices. The hops in this beer come from both Alpha Beta Hop Farm right here in Ashland, Oregon, and Goschie Farms in Silverton. Goschie in particular was one of the first hop farms in the nation to be certified Salmon Safe, and we’re thrilled to source our ingredients from an operation with truly high standards for land management and harvesting.

About the Beer

Oregon-grown barley lends a golden color to this beer. Cascade hops from both Willamette and Rogue Valleys provide distinct citrus and floral aromas. Medium bitterness finishes with hints of lemon and grapefruit. 6.0% abv, 45 IBU


  • Oregon Select Two-Rowalpha beta hop farm


  • Bittering = Nugget
  • Aroma = Cascade
  • Dry = Cascade

Food Pairing Suggestions

This light bodied, slightly bitter ale pairs great with spicy foods. Anything with lemon will help highlight the finish of I Heart Oregon Ale. For a fun experiment, you can also try spiced desserts, like Carrot Cake or Spice Cake. Here are a few suggestions from our menu:

  • Fish Tacos
  • Red Thai Curry
  • Calamari
  • Tortilla Chicken Salad
  • Spicy BBQ Chicken Pizza

Finally, we think this beer pairs great with an afternoon on our patio. If you’re looking for hoppy flavor and aroma from a beer, but want a lighter body than a traditional IPA, I Heart Oregon Ale is your ticket to an enjoyable pint outdoors.

Tomorrow’s Beer of the Day: Amber Ale