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Pints for A Purpose Kick-Off with Riverkeeper Ale 1/21

We’re pleased to announce our first 2013 Pints for a Purpose recipient – Rogue Riverkeeper. Through our two-year-old beer sales donation program, this Southern Oregon nonprofit organization will receive a portion of sales from every pint of specialty beer sold for three weeks. The kick-off night for Pints for riverkeeper logoa Purpose, and debut of the celebratory Riverkeeper Ale, is slated for Monday, January 21st at 5pm.

Rogue Riverkeeper works to protect and restore the water quality and fish populations in the Rogue River Basin. Their focus includes field work, community action, advocacy and enforcement. Some of their specific projects involve collecting bacteria testing, organizing volunteers through their Riverwatch Program, and marking storm drains in the Ashland area with “No Dumping, Drains to Creek” markers. To learn more about this fantastic nonprofit or join the flow of local volunteers, visit their website and come to the brewpub Monday night to toast a specialty beer with members in-person.

About the Riverkeeper Ale

This light-brown brew offers toasted aromas of graham cracker and a light to medium body. Warm, biscuity flavors are followed by a slightly dry and nutty finish with mild bitterness. 4.0% abv. 25 IBU


• Great Western Organic Two Row

• Briess Carabrown

• Briess Organic Carpils

• Best Acidulated

• Briess Midnight Wheat


• Bittering: Willamette

• Flavor/Aroma: Golding

Food Pairing

This medium intensity beer matches well with menu items in the same realm. To complement flavors, look for foods with toasted bread or nut-flavored attributes. Beef and pork, especially when roasted, work well with the brown ale style, as do nutty cheeses like Gruyere and Asiago. From our menu we suggest:

  • Wood Fired Pretzelhouse salad
  • Hummus Plate
  • House Greens with Blue Cheese Crumbles and Candied Walnuts
  • Pesto Pizza
  • Three Meat Pizza
  • Standing Stone Cheeseburger

We hope to see you this Monday evening at 5pm as we toast this round of benefiting beer! For the kick-off party, 50 cents of every pint of Riverkeeper Ale sold will go to the organization. If over 50 pints are sold, we’ll bump up the contribution to $1 per pint, so come down and help this active and passionate local nonprofit with a pint to benefit the cause!

Pints for a Purpose: Call for 2012-2013 Applications

We’ve just completed the final round for our first year of Pints for a Purpose, our brewery’s latest version of our long-standing beer sales donation program. Now, we’re getting geared up for our next round spanning Fall 2012- Spring 2013, and accepting applications now through August 31st.

We’re happy to announce we’ve raised $1500 for local non-profits since the program began! Through this endeavor, we’ve donated a portion of specialty beer sales to five organizations in the Rogue Valley:

  • Mt. Ashland Give a Kid a Lift – seeking to give the opportunity for all kids to learn to ski or snowboard regardless of economic or physical challenges.
  • Ashland Independent Film Festival – focusing on presenting and growing independent film through an annual film festival, as well as cultural and educational events held throughout the year.
  • Rogue Valley Farm to School – educating children about our food system through hands-on farm and garden programs, and by increasing local foods in school meals.
  • Peace House – promoting non violence, public advocacy and civil action.
  • Bee Girl – preserving honeybees, beekeepers, and food resources by providing outreach, education, support, and mentorship for beekeepers and communities.     

This year we hope to welcome many more non-profits in Southern Oregon to be a part of Pints for a Purpose at Standing Stone. To qualify, we look for organizations with missions that align with our own, including enhancing environmental sustainability, supporting local food, providing education and involving our community. 

To apply, non-profit groups should fill out our form online on our Donations page.  Guidelines for recipients are as follows:

  • Recipients must be a registered 501c3 nonprofit
  • The nonprofit’s work must align with our mission to enhance environmental sustainability, local food, education and/or community.
  • Recipients must be locally based and benefit our community
  • We will not choose the same organization two years in a row to ensure we can benefit a wider range of relevant, worthy causes. Please apply only if you haven’t received funding from this program in the past year.
  • Recipients must be able and willing to promote the program and attend the kickoff to support their fundraising success.

With Pints for a Purpose, chosen nonprofits get 25 cents for every pint sold for three weeks. We also hold kickoff parties at our restaurant and brewery where we offer the opportunity for the organization to receive up to $1 per pint if over 50 pints are sold.

Here’s a little background on how it all began: All of our donation recipients applied last summer after we unveiled this refreshed twist on our previous donation program. After the applications were in, our staff of over 60 employees voted from the list for each round’s benefitting organization.

Thank you to all our recipients so far who have shown the energy and enthusiasm to make this program a success in its first year! And thank you to all our guests who have supported Pints for a Purpose through enjoying a pint of our specialty brews. Keep an eye out for our next round of benefiting beer coming soon, and join us in celebrating the great efforts of community organizations in our area.

Pints for a Purpose Benefits Bee Girl – Kick Off 6/25

We’re thrilled to announce some buzz-worthy news: our next Pints for a Purpose recipient is Bee Girl. This non-profit’s mission is to preserve honeybee populations, beekeepers and food resources through outreach, education and mentorship.

Through Pints for a Purpose, Bee Girl will receive a portion of sales from every pint of specialty beer sold for three weeks, from June 25th through July 15th. This occasion, we’ve appropriately named the specialty beer Pints for a Purpose Ale. This brew will boast golden honey color, cracker-like aroma and a crisp, lightly hoppy finish. Its perfect for enjoying on a warm day outside with the plants our local bees help pollinate.

To sweeten the deal, we’re holding a kick-off party Monday, June 25th from 5-9pm. During that time, we’ll donate 50 cents per pint of specialty beer sold to Bee Girl, for up to 50 pints. If we sell more than 50 pints of the brew, we’ll donate $1.00 per beer to Bee Girl, doubling their donation for the evening. It’s a great opportunity to enjoy a seasonal craft beer while supporting an important local cause!

This employee-chosen organization to receive donations from Standing Stone couldn’t have been picked at a better time, as this week is National Pollinator Week. Across the country, communities are recognizing and celebrating the valuable ecosystem services provided by pollinating bees, as well as birds, butterflies, bats and other insects. We’re delighted to join the festivities by benefiting a local cause that works to spread the word about the positive impact to our environment and our taste buds honeybees provide.

More about Bee Girl: This organization offers community classes, private consultations and classroom visits to educate grown-ups and kids alike about the history, biology and culture of bees. Founder Sarah Red-Laird offers a helpful list of five things anyone can do to help your local bee population.

1. Buy honey and other bee products like pollen and propolis locally. Not only will you be supporting your local economy, you can meet your beekeepers and ask them about the honey.

2. Plant a pollinator garden. Dandelions are one plant in particular bees love in the springtime. And stay away from pesticides, as many may not have bee warnings on the labels.

3. Eat more organic food. By eating foods that are grown without the use of pesticides (that will harms bees), you are directly voting for good food production practices.

4. Write to your lawmakers and support public policy that supports our honey bees, and their pollinator cousins. Sign the petition for the Highways BEE Act.

5. KEEP BEES! You can make a home in your backyard, garden, farm or rooftop, and Bee Girl has lots of resources to get you started.

This round of Pints for a Purpose comes at a great time as we welcome our own bees to our Standing Stone Farm. We have four boxes full of buzzing pollinators happily making honey for our restaurant and pollinating plants on the land, created under the guidance of Bee Girl, of course. Stay tuned for news of our first batch of spun honey coming to the restaurant soon, sure to appear in dishes on our Specials Board. Right now, in recognition of Pollinator Week, we’re featuring Milk and Honey Ale Ice Cream with Wild Bee Honey and Lavendar Glaze and garnished with Zunni Farms Pollen and Blackberries – a sweet, locally inspired treat!

Be sure to stop in for this upcoming round of Pints for a Purpose to support Bee Girl! Southern Oregon’s honeybees will thank you.

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Pints for a Purpose, and Latest Specialty Beer: Peace Ale

(photo: Rachel Koning)

Our newest specialty beer is on tap – Peace Ale. This beer is part of our  Pints for a Purpose program, with portion of the sales benefitting the non-profit Peace House.

Peace Ale is expected to be on tap for about six weeks. The Pints for a Purpose program runs for three weeks, beginning with a kick-off party tonight, January 23rd, from 5-9 pm. During the kick-off, we’ll give 50 cents for every pint sold to the organization.  If supporters purchase more than 50 pints, we’ll up the donation to $1 per pint! For the remainder of the donation period, Standing Stone will give 25 cents per pint to Peace House. Come downtown and toast a pint to supporting this local non-profit!


Peace House is a local organization that promotes community and environmental sustainability, along with non-violence and social justice in Southern Oregon.  Their list of programs includes Uncle Food’s Diner, which provides free weekly community meals in Ashland for the homeless and economically disadvantaged.  We’re thrilled to support this local group and their mission.

About the beer

This beer shows off with a bright yellow color.  A mild, slightly spicy aroma is contributed by Willamette Valley hops grown in the Oregon.  A distinct, cracker-like malt flavor balances nicely with medium bitterness. With a lower fermentation temperature (62F) than our other ales, this beer has a crisp, dry finish, much like a classic pilsner.  5.3% abv


Organic Pilsner
Ashburne Mild
Organic Carapils


Bittering = Centennial
Flavor/Aroma = Willamette

Beer and Food Pairings

Complement the light body and flavor of this beer with lightly flavored food. The cracker-like, dry characteristics of this beer also make it an excellent choice with foods that exhibit a light sweetness. Here are some suggestions for pairings from our menu:

  • Sea Scallop and Spinach Salad
  • Tempeh Stir Fry
  • Fish Tacos
  • House Greens with Balsamic Vinaigrette
  • Sauteed Veggie Wrap
  • Black Bean Hummus

We invite you to help raise funds, and your glass, while satisfying your tastebuds with Peace Ale, January 23rd through February 12th. Support local non-profits and celebrate responsibly.

Top 11 Standing Stone Brewing Happenings for 2011

As the year draws to a close, we wanted to take a moment to look back and celebrate the great things we’ve been a part of, and the employees, vendors, customers and community that made it all happen. Here’s our top 11 for 2011 at Standing Stone Brewing Co.

11.We remodeled and got a new neighbor

After months of work by Alex and the remodeling team, Emz Blendz and Hanson Howard Gallery settled into refreshed, functional spaces that preserve the character of our historic building. Phase two – creating additional office and kitchen space – continues.

10. Our beer took the national stage at SAVOR

The Brewers Association selected us for SAVOR, an exclusive craft beer and fine food event in Washington, DC. Attendees enjoyed – and raved about – Milk and Honey and other selections.

9. We amped up our events

Our summer “Music and Brews” series featured an increased array of bands across an extended season that made for great afternoons on our patio through October. We held our annual Pumpkins and Pints event on our new farmland with our biggest turnout ever. Thanks to all who helped create fun and community!

8. Employees got fitter together

Our RPM bike commuting program rolled into its second year with 35 participating employees. We fielded two teams in the Siskiyou Challenge Relay and earned the best costume prize. Supported by Standing Stone, server David Conley qualified for the XTerra triathlon national championships and represented us proudly. Server and yoga instructor Lindsay Holy continued to lead employees through fabulous classes. A group of SSBC employees is training for half marathon in May 2012.

7. Our sustainability efforts gained traction and inspired others

Other businesses started employee bike commuting programs and installed bike racks, motivated by our efforts. Our efforts gained notice including Oregon Sustainable Business’ Innovation award, the Ashland Conservation Commission’s Conservation Hero award, BTA’s Alice Award and a Silver Bicycle Friendly Business designation. We’re touched, and geared up to do more.

6. The Ashland Growers & Crafters Market moved to our street

We welcomed our favorite local farmers and food producers to Oak St for the weekly market, and launched a Saturday brunch in their honor. The market and our brunch will be back in the spring of 2012!

5. Brewmaster Larry Chase crafted a slate of fabulous specialty beers

Larry delivered a diversity of well-received specialty and seasonal beers, including I Heart Oregon, Jefferson Common, Indie Pilsner, NPK Ale, Hop Night, Chocolate Stout, Madrone Red, Benefit Bock and more.

4. Customers enjoyed Pints for a Purpose

We revamped our giving program (where we donate a portion of specialty beer sales to nonprofits) to invite non-profits to apply, then voted for recipients and held kickoff events to build community involvement. Thanks to all who enjoyed specialty beers (over 2,000 pints) to help us donate more than $900 across Rogue Valley Farm to School, AIFF and Mt Ashland Give a Kid a Lift.

3. There’s a garden on our roof

Seeking to bring our food production in house, we put a container garden on our roof. Customers enjoyed greens, tomatoes, tomatilloes, herbs and more harvested just steps from our kitchen.

2. New babies joined our family

Standing Stone couples Alex and Danielle, Eric and Sophie, Rachel and Rob, and Ashley and Matt became the proud parents of beautiful babies. We can’t get enough of them!

1. We started a farm!

Realizing a long held goal to farm, we signed a lease for 260 acres of City land, which is home to our cattle, egg laying and poultry chickens, sheep and sheepdogs. Our community joined us there for our Pumpkins and Pints event, and we’re planning more ways to welcome folks.

Thanks for helping make 2011 so fantastic. We look forward to an even better 2012 together!

Latest Specialty Beer: NPK Ale

We’ve got a freshly harvested specialty beer on tap for you to enjoy: NPK Ale.

This craft brew is part of our Pints for a Purpose program wherein specialty beer sales benefit a nonprofit for three weeks. Rogue Valley Farm to School (RVF2S) is the beneficiary. You can learn more about this cause and program on a previous blog.  Join us for the kickoff on Monday, 11/7 from 5-9 pm, and enjoy a few pints from 11/7-11/26 to support this great cause.

About the name

NPK Ale is named after the NPK balance – nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium (K is its elemental symbol) that farmers seek to achieve in nourishing their soil. Soil amendments often list NPK proportions. These important nutrients help build productive, healthy plants with strong roots—analogous to what we’re doing by supporting RVF2S, and the work they’re doing to connect kids, schools and local farms to cultivate a resilient food system.

About the beer

NPK Ale has a soft amber hue and a light body. You’ll enjoy a toasted marshmallow aroma, a smooth mouthfeel, rounded sweet malt flavor and low bitterness.

Malt (2nd runnings from a mash with these malts*)

  • Organic 2-Row
  • Briess Extra Special
  • Acidulated


  • Bittering:  Organic Magnum
  • Flavor/Aroma:  Goldings, Cascade

* This beer was brewed from the second runnings of our upcoming barley wine.  So what’s that mean? During the later process of brewing, the sweet wort (sugar water) is separated from the malt and run to the kettle.  The initial wort sent to the kettle comprises the high content sugar water made up of the initial mash water added to the process.  More water is added to rinse the malt of remaining sugars through a process called sparging.  This next bit of wort is lower in sugar content and is called the second runnings.

We effectively made 2 different beers from the same mash:  a higher alcohol barley wine from the first runnings and a lower alcohol “small beer” from the second runnings. While they both have the same malt bill, albeit different sugar contents, the beers can be hopped differently in the kettle.  Our small beer was very low hopped to approximately 12 IBU, allowing the malt profile to shine through.  We also added a touch of lactose to add weight to its naturally light body.

Beer and Food Pairings

Schoolkids learning about seed saving (photo: RVF2S)

We suggest complementing NPK ale with lightly flavored foods so as not to overwhelm its delicate flavor.

  • Wood Fired Pretzel
  • Savory Chicken Soup
  • Caesar Salad
  • Sauteed Veggie Wrap
  • Local food menu specials – support local farms and reward yourself, too!

Enjoy responsibly – and help RVF2S cultivate healthful eating and strong family farms!

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Pints for a Purpose to Benefit Rogue Valley Farm to School – Kickoff 11/7!

We’re excited to announce the next round of Pints for a Purpose, benefitting Rogue Valley Farm to School (RVF2S)! They connect local farms with students, teachers and school cafeterias to cultivate health and family farms. Please join us to enjoy great craft beer for a fabulous cause!

To refresh your memory, in Pints for a Purpose, we dedicate a batch of specialty beer to a nonprofit focused on the environment, local food and farms, education or community. Nonprofits apply and employees vote to select recipients. For three weeks, that nonprofit gets 25 cents for each pint of that beer sold. The specialty beer will be NPK Ale…more details in a blog post coming soon.

On November 7 from 5-9 pm, we’ll hold a kickoff at our brewery to maximize awareness and our donations. That evening, we’ll contribute 50 cents per pint if we sell up to 50 pints of NPK Ale, and $1 per pint if we sell more than 50 pints. Thereafter, through 11/27, we’ll contribute 25 cents per pint of NPK Ale sold. Please join the fun, and remember to celebrate responsibly!

To inspire folks to support RVF2S, we asked Executive Director, Tracy Harding, to tell us about their work and why it matterss

What does RVF2S do?

Our programs include farm field trips, nutrition education, school garden support and farm summer camps. Our cafeteria program helps get food from local growers into school lunchrooms. RVF2S works with school food service staff to evaluate produce needs and then assist farmers in seasonal planning. We stay appraised of local and regional product availability to facilitate the purchase of fresh, local produce according for school cafeterias. We’re also engaged in local to national efforts to improve school food though policies that determine funding and nutrition guidelines.

Why is it important to connect kids, schools and local farms?

It’s crucial to influence healthy lifestyle choices and to keep farmers farming. On-farm experiences connect students to where their food comes from using hands-on experiences that create immediate outcomes. Children who may have declined a serving of vegetables in another setting are excited to eat what they’ve helped plant, nurture, harvest and prepare on the farm.

What are some of the highlights of your work?

Tracy (ED) and Melina (Education) of RVF2S (photo: RVF2S)

Establishing relationships between school food service managers, farmers and kids, and connecting eaters with the origins of their food. Working with Grants Pass School District Food & Nutrition Assistant Manager Lisa Fisher is a true highlight. She and her staff all have their agricultural roots intact, they grow their own food and want students to eat the best food they can serve. Lisa works with local farmers and ranchers, and has made Grants Pass one of just a few schools serving local meat.

How can people support farm to school programs and RVF2S, besides coming in and getting a pint of the NPK?

We welcome and depend on volunteers. If you’re interested in helping with farm events, summer camps, school garden activities, cafeteria programs or office needs, please contact Melina.

Donations are always appreciated and we’d especially like to grow our Recurring Gift program to generate regular income to cover monthly expenses. People can start at as little as $5.00 monthly. It’s an easy way to give that maximizes the dollars going directly to our programs by reducing donation processing time.

Thanks Tracy, and everyone involved with RVF2S, for your great work. Enjoy a Pint for a Purpose and help us support this fantastic cause!

Pints for a Purpose Donation Program: Call for Applications

Several years ago, we created a program where we donate a portion of sales from one of our specialty beers to a nonprofit selected by Standing Stone Brewing Co employees. It’s been well received and has benefited a lot of great causes.

To extend the benefits further, we’ve launched a freshly reformulated twist on this initiative, dubbed “Pints for A Purpose.” Instead of asking employees to nominate recipients, we’re inviting nonprofits whose work aligns with our mission – enhancing sustainability, local food, education and community – to apply.

Here’s how the program works: The nonprofit gets 25 cents for every pint sold for three weeks. We also hold a kickoff at our restaurant and brewery where we offer the opportunity for the organization to receive up to $1 per pint depending on the number of pints sold. Each recipient’s fundraising success depends on the their efforts to promote the program. We provide template promotional text and promote it though our blog, twitter, Facebook and at our restaurant. Of course, we emphasize responsible alcohol consumption in all communication, and require recipients to do the same.

Here are the guidelines:

  • Recipients must be a registered 501c3 nonprofit
  • The nonprofit’s work must align with our mission to enhance environmental sustainability, local food, education and/or community.
  • Recipients must be locally based and benefit our community
  • We are not able to fund individuals or sports teams
  • We will not choose the same organization two years in a row to ensure we can benefit a wider range of relevant, worthy causes. Please apply only if you haven’t received funding from this program in the past year.
  • Recipients must be able and willing to promote the program and attend the kickoff to support their fundraising success.

If your organization meets the program guidelines, we encourage you to apply by August 15th. You can find more details and an application online

A diverse employee team will review applications and we’ll let you know of our decision within eight weeks. We are unable to respond to calls or emails regarding your application status, but you’ll receive an email confirmation that your submission has been received.

Thanks for the work you do, and good luck!

Latest Specialty Beer: Indie Pilsner (Benefits AIFF)

The newest specialty beer to hit our taps is Indie Pilsner. Pilsner is a lager-style beer, named after the Czech town of Pilsen, where this beer originated. Pilsners use bottom-fermenting yeast and are generally pale in color, as they use lighter malts.

We named this microbrew in honor of the Ashland Independent Film Festival (AIFF), which receives a portion of sales from 3/30-4/20. This is the latest round of our Pints for a Purpose program. We’re holding a kickoff party at Standing Stone Brewing Company on 3/30 from 5-9 pm and encourage you to join us. The more pints we sell that night, the more we donate per pint!

Back to the beer….here are the details:

Indie Pilsner has a bright yellow color. You’ll savor a spicy-herbal hop aroma from the use of Czech Saaz hops. Enjoy the light to medium body and a bready, biscuit-like malt profile.  A finishing medium bitterness rounds out the tasting experience.  4.9% abv.

It’s made with 100% organic ingredients.


  • Pilsner
  • Carapils


  • Bittering = German Magnum
  • Flavor/Aroma = Czech Saaz

It pairs well with lighter food like chicken, salmon, salads and mild cheddar cheeses. We recommend trying it with these offerings from our restaurant menu:

  • Sea Scallop and Spinach Salad

    Photo: AIFF

  • Creamy Garlic Chicken Pizza
  • Lamb Pita
  • Sauteed Veggie Wrap
  • Penne Pasta

It’s also the perfect complement to the fabulous offerings at the Ashland Independent Film Festival. Check out AIFF’s lineup so you don’t miss out on the fun, and treat yourself to a pint of Indie Pilsner and some food before or after the films.

Enjoy a Pint for a Purpose: Indie Pilsner Sales Benefit AIFF 3/30-4/20

As excitement builds for the 10th Annual Ashland Independent Film Festival (AIFF), we wanted to sweeten the wait and let you know that AIFF will be the next beneficiary in our ‘Pints for a Purpose’ program.

Through this program, we dedicate a batch of specialty beer to a nonprofit that aligns with our mission to support the environment, local food, education and community, and make a donation for every pint sold.

AIFF focuses on presenting and growing independent film through an annual film festival, cultural and educational events held throughout the year, a student film competition and other venues.

(Photo: AIFF)

AIFF’s annual film festival is a much anticipated tradition that unites over 16,000 film lovers to enjoy more than 80 independent movies, from short to long, from features to documentaries. It brings numerous film industry luminaries to Ashland, OR, and several movies selected for AIFF have gone on to garner Academy Award nominations. Environmental and social issues are the focus of many offerings. This year’s festival is being held from April 7-11, and the full schedule is online.

Our specialty beer that will benefit AIFF is appropriately named the Indie Pilsner. We’ll share more details on this microbrew soon. True to the Pilsner beer style, you’ll enjoy a deep golden color with a spicy-herbal hop aroma and a finishing medium bitterness.

Here’s how Pints for a Purpose works: from 3/30 through 4/20, we’ll contribute 25 cents to AIFF for every pint of Indie Pilsner sold. Every time you lift a pint of this specialty beer, you’ll be toasting AIFF with a donation from Standing Stone Brewing Company.

Even better, we’re having a special kick-off fundraising party at our restaurant and brewery on March 30th from 5 to 9 pm. At this event, we’ll donate 50 cents per pint if we sell up to 50 pints of Indie Pilsner. If we sell at least 51 pints, we’ll double our contribution and donate $1 per pint. Please join us!

After the kickoff, through 4/20, we’ll contribute 25 cents for every pint of Indie Pilsner sold. We encourage you, your friends and family to savor a pint, or a pitcher, responsibly, and take in the big screen delights at the Ashland Independent Film Festival.

(photos by Rory Finney, courtesy of AIFF’s website)