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Enjoy a Pint for a Purpose: Indie Pilsner Sales Benefit AIFF 3/30-4/20

As excitement builds for the 10th Annual Ashland Independent Film Festival (AIFF), we wanted to sweeten the wait and let you know that AIFF will be the next beneficiary in our ‘Pints for a Purpose’ program.

Through this program, we dedicate a batch of specialty beer to a nonprofit that aligns with our mission to support the environment, local food, education and community, and make a donation for every pint sold.

AIFF focuses on presenting and growing independent film through an annual film festival, cultural and educational events held throughout the year, a student film competition and other venues.

(Photo: AIFF)

AIFF’s annual film festival is a much anticipated tradition that unites over 16,000 film lovers to enjoy more than 80 independent movies, from short to long, from features to documentaries. It brings numerous film industry luminaries to Ashland, OR, and several movies selected for AIFF have gone on to garner Academy Award nominations. Environmental and social issues are the focus of many offerings. This year’s festival is being held from April 7-11, and the full schedule is online.

Our specialty beer that will benefit AIFF is appropriately named the Indie Pilsner. We’ll share more details on this microbrew soon. True to the Pilsner beer style, you’ll enjoy a deep golden color with a spicy-herbal hop aroma and a finishing medium bitterness.

Here’s how Pints for a Purpose works: from 3/30 through 4/20, we’ll contribute 25 cents to AIFF for every pint of Indie Pilsner sold. Every time you lift a pint of this specialty beer, you’ll be toasting AIFF with a donation from Standing Stone Brewing Company.

Even better, we’re having a special kick-off fundraising party at our restaurant and brewery on March 30th from 5 to 9 pm. At this event, we’ll donate 50 cents per pint if we sell up to 50 pints of Indie Pilsner. If we sell at least 51 pints, we’ll double our contribution and donate $1 per pint. Please join us!

After the kickoff, through 4/20, we’ll contribute 25 cents for every pint of Indie Pilsner sold. We encourage you, your friends and family to savor a pint, or a pitcher, responsibly, and take in the big screen delights at the Ashland Independent Film Festival.

(photos by Rory Finney, courtesy of AIFF’s website)

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