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Pints for a Purpose Benefits Bee Girl – Kick Off 6/25

We’re thrilled to announce some buzz-worthy news: our next Pints for a Purpose recipient is Bee Girl. This non-profit’s mission is to preserve honeybee populations, beekeepers and food resources through outreach, education and mentorship.

Through Pints for a Purpose, Bee Girl will receive a portion of sales from every pint of specialty beer sold for three weeks, from June 25th through July 15th. This occasion, we’ve appropriately named the specialty beer Pints for a Purpose Ale. This brew will boast golden honey color, cracker-like aroma and a crisp, lightly hoppy finish. Its perfect for enjoying on a warm day outside with the plants our local bees help pollinate.

To sweeten the deal, we’re holding a kick-off party Monday, June 25th from 5-9pm. During that time, we’ll donate 50 cents per pint of specialty beer sold to Bee Girl, for up to 50 pints. If we sell more than 50 pints of the brew, we’ll donate $1.00 per beer to Bee Girl, doubling their donation for the evening. It’s a great opportunity to enjoy a seasonal craft beer while supporting an important local cause!

This employee-chosen organization to receive donations from Standing Stone couldn’t have been picked at a better time, as this week is National Pollinator Week. Across the country, communities are recognizing and celebrating the valuable ecosystem services provided by pollinating bees, as well as birds, butterflies, bats and other insects. We’re delighted to join the festivities by benefiting a local cause that works to spread the word about the positive impact to our environment and our taste buds honeybees provide.

More about Bee Girl: This organization offers community classes, private consultations and classroom visits to educate grown-ups and kids alike about the history, biology and culture of bees. Founder Sarah Red-Laird offers a helpful list of five things anyone can do to help your local bee population.

1. Buy honey and other bee products like pollen and propolis locally. Not only will you be supporting your local economy, you can meet your beekeepers and ask them about the honey.

2. Plant a pollinator garden. Dandelions are one plant in particular bees love in the springtime. And stay away from pesticides, as many may not have bee warnings on the labels.

3. Eat more organic food. By eating foods that are grown without the use of pesticides (that will harms bees), you are directly voting for good food production practices.

4. Write to your lawmakers and support public policy that supports our honey bees, and their pollinator cousins. Sign the petition for the Highways BEE Act.

5. KEEP BEES! You can make a home in your backyard, garden, farm or rooftop, and Bee Girl has lots of resources to get you started.

This round of Pints for a Purpose comes at a great time as we welcome our own bees to our Standing Stone Farm. We have four boxes full of buzzing pollinators happily making honey for our restaurant and pollinating plants on the land, created under the guidance of Bee Girl, of course. Stay tuned for news of our first batch of spun honey coming to the restaurant soon, sure to appear in dishes on our Specials Board. Right now, in recognition of Pollinator Week, we’re featuring Milk and Honey Ale Ice Cream with Wild Bee Honey and Lavendar Glaze and garnished with Zunni Farms Pollen and Blackberries – a sweet, locally inspired treat!

Be sure to stop in for this upcoming round of Pints for a Purpose to support Bee Girl! Southern Oregon’s honeybees will thank you.

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