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Brewing Up Organic

Our beer contains over 90% organic ingredients

We’re big fans of organic agriculture. To sum up our views, we’re sharing a thought from Ode Magazine:

“What do the terms “organic apples” and “social entrepreneurs” have in common? Both are pleonasms; they contain unnecessary repetition.”

Right on – food should be organic and business should be responsible, by default. Our operating philosophy is grounded in a commitment to have a positive environmental and social impact while succeeding in business. Of course, this is an ongoing journey and we’re in it for the long haul.

As part of this commitment, we seek to offer delicious, high-quality, sustainable produced food, beer and other beverages. We use over 90% Certified Organic ingredients in our beers, including locally-grown organic hops, and source locally-produced and organic foods for our menu as much as possible.

In case you’re curious how the certified organic process works, there are a several organic certifiers, which must all be approved by the United States Department of Agriculture, otherwise know as the USDA. The UDSA oversees the National Organic Program, including the USDA Organic labeling program. One certifier approved by this program, located in our home state, is Oregon Tilth. This ensures integrity across the system, delivering the best for you, farmers and the planet.

Organic purchasing is just aspect of our broader mission toward sustainability. In everything we do, we work to be mindful about our impact and do better. It’s an ongoing process and we always welcome your ideas!

We’re Honored: Oregon’s Best Green Companies to Work For

We’re excited and grateful that Oregon Business magazine recently named us among the Best Green Companies to Work for in Oregon. What an honor! We really strive to do the best for our people and the planet and hope to inspire others while continuing to learn what we can do better.

Here’s the link to the entire list of The Green List for 2010Oregon’s Best Green Companies To Work For. We’re humbled to be included among so many great companies!

Congratulations to everyone who’s listed. One of our wonderful colleagues and purveyors right down the road, Rogue Creamery, also garnered recognition for their great efforts.

It’s motivating and inspiring to know so many are dedicated to better ways of doing business. Let’s keep it up!

Outdoor Dining and Summer Jazz

One of our favorite things about warm weather season is the chance to enjoy our spacious patio. There’s a nice article by the Ashland Daily Tidings highlighting venues with al fresco dining, including Standing Stone Brewing.

Traveling here soon? Already living here? On holiday? Visiting friends, family or simply on a road trip? We’re always glad to welcome you ‘home’ to relax with a a good meal and beverage, inside or outside.

Our back patio has both sun and shade so you can find the spot that suits you best. You can see views of the mountains, look out over downtown Ashland or check out the hops plants we grow for a little shade.

We also enhance our live music offerings with a Summer Jazz series that runs through Labor Day. You can enjoy the diversity of the Valley’s best jazz acts on Sunday afternoons, as well as our regular Saturday evening solo guitar act, Tim Church, in the relaxing atmosphere of our patio.

Come visit soon and enjoy!

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Beer Styles

Have you ever wondered what’s behind all the different beer names you see on our brewpub menu, and elsewhere?

We’re always happy to answer questions, so ask away when you’re here. While you’re surfing the web, however, here’s a link to a new beer style guideline resource via the Brewers Association.

As a longstanding member of the BA (since we opened), Standing Stone strives for the high quality beer we promote and support. Here’s another resource. And another good resource.

Knowing something about beer styles can help you further your enjoyment of the beer you savor.

What’s your style?

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Eat Dessert First

“Yes, I’d like dessert now.”

How about dessert first?

We freshly prepare a selection of ‘classic’ desserts you can enjoy everyday, plus a variety of daily special desserts – the specials change for several reasons. Seasonal ingredients, new twists on old favorites or the creative whims of our bakers are all reason enough to add something new to our menu. 

For a true microbrewery experience, order dessert with a fresh beer.  Many of our desserts pair well with favorites like the Oatmeal Stout or Hefeweizen, and once in a while we’ll throw a dessert-ready seasonal beer in the mix as well, like the Butternut Brown Ale. And then, maybe an entrée.


You’ve heard the Eat Dessert First saying? Feel very free to act upon that impulse.

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American Craft Beer Week: Sunday Bike Ride

Grab your bikes and helmets – and come join us for a ride to wrap up American Craft Beer Week on Sunday!

Click here for the details.

As you may know, Standing Stone Brewing Co has an employee bike program. So it’s a perfect tie in as far as celebrating. Coincidentally Ashland just wrapped up its celebration of National Bike To Work Week, held along with American Craft Beer Week from May 17th – 21st!

Good exercise, good beer, good people. Community building, muscle using, freedom expressing activity.

Ride, Sally, ride…and Tom…and Beth…and….

Having Fun

(Photo: Ginger Johnson)

Fun. Everyone should have plenty of it.

It’s good for your health and well-being as well as peace of mind. Plus those around you benefit when you’re happy and energized.

Having fun usually means you’re in a good mood, want to share that mood and are soaking up the goodness of your surroundings. Whether it’s curled up on a couch with a good book, out on a bike ride or hike, enjoying time with family or friends, or relaxing at a favorite community spot.

We believe in having fun – lots of it, every day, even while we’re working hard in our brewery, restaurant and kitchen. Indeed, we relish the chance to spend time with coworkers and customers and deliver a little something exceptional every day!

To go with fun, we believe in great food, exceptional craft beer and fabulous people – and that means YOU. We hope to see you at Standing Stone Brewing Co having a fun time of your own soon.

American Craft Beer Week: Weekend Events

Guest Beer Lineup (Photo: Ginger Johnson)

You still have all of Friday, Saturday & Sunday to celebrate American Craft Beer Week – so get to it.

Here’s what Standing Stone Brewing Company has to offer:

  • Milk & Honey Ale – created and tapped expressly for ACBW. Enjoy it until it’s gone! (Got your growler ready? We’ve plenty to purchase for your beer to go needs)
  • Lucky 7 Beer & Food specials every day – both for kids and adults. We’ve paired our beverages – beers and lemonade & root beer – with great fresh foods to match.
  • Brewery Tours each day at 11:30 and 5:30 – just come on in and let us know you’re hear for the tour.
  • Root Beer Demo – Larry Chase, our brewer, will be putting on a demo on how we make our root beer.
  • Saturday night at 6 pm – Scott Saulsbury will come tap one of the SOB beers.
  • Sunday at 2 pm join several Standing Stone crew members in a bike ride to Alpha Beta Hops. Get some exercise and then return to SSBC to enjoy a fresh beer and tasty food.

Monday on – continue to support your local brewery. Over 100,000 jobs are in place because of America’s small brewers.

We all appreciate that kind of support – cheers!

Latest Specialty Beer: Midsummer Dream

Our latest limited edition specialty beer is Midsummer


It’s wonderful summer beer to enjoy in the afternoons and evenings alike.

Larry Chase, our brewer, shared some specs about the beer.

  • Session style, only 4.9% ABV (Alcohol By Volume) – lighter alcohol content. Session style means that it is designed for you to be able to responsibly enjoy a few in a session.  For instance, it’s perfect for enjoying while listening to our Sunday Summer Jazz out on the patio.
  • Crisp and refreshing – using some Mt Hood variety hops from the Indie Hops farm.
  • One of the malts (meaning malted barley) is a Gambrinus Organic Pilsner style malt which means that you get a gorgeous light golden color and plenty of flavor together.

Come on in to enjoy a pint or two. We’ve got lots of great foods to pair with it like our Marionberry Rocket Salad or fish tacos…and that’s just for starters.


American Craft Beer Week: Guest Beers

Tonight at 6 pm we’ll tap a Caldera Brewing Company brew in celebration of American Craft Beer Week.

Why a beer that’s not our own?

Because the brewing community – like all kinds of communities – survives and thrives better when we’re all in the boat. Together. Grabbing an oar, so to speak, helps all of us go forward.

Caldera is out neighbor in Ashland, recently garnered 2 – 2010 World Beer Cup awards as well.

Come join us – we still have more events to come – ACBW lasts through Sunday, May 23rd.

Brewery tours every day at 11:30 & 5:30, Root beer demo Saturday at 2 pm, Southern Oregon Brewing guest tap, Saturday at 6 pm, Bike ride to and from Alpha Beta Hops Sunday at 2 pm.