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Barley Wine is Here to Toast the Holidays!

Standing Stone Brewing Co regulars know the winter holidays bring a special gift from us – Barley Wine. We know our customers anticipate this every year and wanted to let you know…the wait is over! This annual favorite is now on tap for all to enjoy responsibly.

Barley Wine blends elements of beer and wine making, thus its name. It uses traditional beer ingredients but has a higher alcohol content (typically 9-12%) like wine, so we serve it in a wine glass as a half pint size.

About our 2011 Barley Wine

Our 2011 blend is reddish brown and full boded. It offers aromas of toffee swirl with vinous, prune and raisin-like flavors.  This beer will warm your heart, not to mention your soul, with its big malt flavors.  Best enjoyed at a cellar temperature of 50 F. 9.9% abv.


  • Organic Two-Row
  • Briess Extra Special
  • Acidulated


  • Bittering = Nugget
  • Flavoring = Cascade & Golding

Food & Beer Pairings

Barley Wine is a bold, rich beer so pair it with dishes with lots of flavor intensity or rich sweet desserts. We suggest these items from our restaurant menu:

  • Charbroiled 5-Spice Ginger Teriyaki Ribs
  • Our Own Valley View Beef Cut
  • Spicy BBQ Chicken Pizza

Also check our Specials Menu for the latest dessert.

Enjoy the holidays with a glass of Barley Wine. Like all our beers on tap, you can get this to go to liven up your celebrations at home and take to parties to be the most favored guest. To add even more fun for the beer lovers in your life these holidays, check out our gift selection, too.

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