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Latest Specialty Beer: Commuters Gold Ale

We’re rolling out a new specialty beer this Labor Day weekend to celebrate the last weeks of summer and all the great cycling events happening this month: Commuters Gold Ale. This beer keeps the flavor of summer alive with its light body, palate-refreshing finish and mild hoppiness – great for a post-bicycle jaunt to the brewpub.commuters gold

This new brew is similar to another specialty beer we debuted last spring, the Hardtail Ale. Our brewer, Larry (who bikes to work almost everyday!), took what he liked about the Hardtail recipe and substituted some organic hops for flavor and aroma. We think Commuters Gold has the same great character as Hardtail, with the added benefit of using more even organic ingredients.

This September the Bicycle Transportation Alliance’s annual Bike Commute Challenge inspires us to hop in the (bike) saddle. We’re in our fourth year competing in this friendly, statewide competition to log as many bike-to-work miles as we can for the entire month. We’re also adding seven new Standing Stone commuter bikes to our existing fleet, bringing the total number of employees who have benefitted from our RPM Bike Program to 57! And at the end of the month we’ll leap into the Siskiyou Challenge Relay Race (9/28) with several Standing Stone Brewing teams pedaling through three biking legs on the multi-sport course. Stay tuned for even more info on September biking news coming soon…

About the Beer

This late-summer specialty is a golden ale with citrus and tropical fruit aroma. The light mouthfeel and cracker-like flavor are followed by a delayed, lingering and mild bitterness from Citra and Galaxy hops. 5.1% abv, 20 IBU


• Organic Pilsner

• Ashburne Mild

• Acidulated


• Bittering: None, bitter character comes from late kettle flavor/aroma hops

• Flavor/Aroma: Citra, Galaxy

Beer and Food Pairing

The mildly astringent finish of Commuters Gold Ale makes it a great partner for light-bodied food with a bit of oil and richness – think fresh produce cooked lightly with olive oil, or flash fried to maintain flavor and crispness. Here are our suggestions from the brewpub menu:

  • Deep Fried Zucchini
  • Calamari with Lemon Wheels
  • Chicken Flauta Salad
  • Sautéed Seasonal Vegetables
  • Quinoa Nut Burger

Come give Commuters Gold a spin, and enjoy Southern Oregon’s great September weather by commuting by bike all month long, too!

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7 Warm Weather Beer & Food Pairing Ideas

The summer season hits us with full force in Southern Oregon, and after a few days of triple-digit weather last week we’ve got our minds on the coolest beer and food match-ups from our menu. Using our current line-up of specialty and year-round beers, here’s a list of our favorite Standing Stone brews and the summertime foods that complement them at alpha beta hop farm

Milk & Honey Ale with Marionberry Cobbler a la Mode – The smooth mouthfeel from the lactose in the beer pairs great with the ice cream on top of this dish. Sweet and slightly tart marionberries alternate perfectly with the flavor of honey malt.

76 Hands Blackberry Ale with House Salad & Balsamic Vinaigrette – Hot weather calls for lighter dishes. Our House Salad with mixed greens and walnuts pairs great with this wheat style beer, and the bodies of the two pairings match up great. Consider salads you enjoy with fruit in them. Pairing with blackberry ale is the same idea as throwing some of your favorite fruits on top a bed of greens.

I Heart Oregon Ale with Fish Tacos – The fresh salsas on this plate maketortilla chicken salad it a great summertime meal. The I Heart Oregon Ale refreshes the palate between each bite, letting you taste each individual salsa in the trio to decide which you like best. The light-medium body of the beer and slight bitterness make this a great replacement for an IPA on extra hot days.

Amber Ale with Blackened Chicken Tortilla Salad – This well-balanced ale pairs great with this fresh and spicy salad. The malt in the brew mellows the blackening spice on the chicken, and the Amber’s slight hoppiness is a great match with the Oregano Vinaigrette.

Twin Plunge Double IPA with Italian Sausage & Pepperoncini Pizzablackandblue burger – Nothing says summer like beer and pizza outside. Order this long-time favorite beer with a wood-fired pizza and enjoy the views from our patio. Both are a little bold, a little spicy and completely satisfying.

Steel-Cut Stout with Black and Blue Burger – What summer food pairing list is complete without a burger? Our Black & Blue Burger features bacon, blackening spice and Rogue Creamery Crater Lake Blue Cheese, all on top our farm-fresh, grass-fed beef patties. The big, roasted flavors of the Stout make this an all-around flavorful meal.

Noble Stout with Vanilla Ice Cream – Mix these two together in a pint glass for an adult version of a classic float, or alternate bites and sips side-by-side. A bowl of ice cream with a couple pints or half pints makes a great dessert option for two.

Come try our summer pairing ideas in the restaurant or at home, or experiment with your own. With seven housemade, rotating beers on tap and daily specials coming from our kitchen, there are always new, seasonal flavors abound. Wherever you live or vacation, do your best this summer to stay cool, savor fresh foods and brews, and enjoy responsibly!

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Beer of the Day: Noble Stout

Our final brew in the Beer of the Day series for American Craft Beer Week is Noble Stout. This dark, rich beer boasts the flavors and body of the Steel Cut Stout with a hearty dose of cold-brewed Mokha Java blend from Noble Coffee Roasting in Ashland, Oregon.noble pour

Noble Coffee is a local award-winning coffee roasting company just down the street from Standing Stone. All their coffees are organic and sourced through fair trade relationships, often meaning the owners travel directly to coffee-growing regions to see the coffee beans being picked first-hand. We admire Noble’s commitment to quality and social responsibility, and we’re proud to feature their delicious product in our brewery.

About the Beer

Noble Stout blends the silky smooth mouthfeel of Steel Cut Stout with rich Mokha Java coffee. You’ll enjoy roasted coffee aroma and delicate sweetness with balanced espresso, dry cherry and dark chocolate flavor, and a hint of spice. 5.1% abv


  • Organic Two-Row
  • Organic Munich
  • Organic Crystal 60

    Larry leading the nationwide toast for American Craft Beer Week

    Larry leading the nationwide toast for American Craft Beer Week

  • Organic Chocolate
  • Organic Carapils
  • Organic Roasted Barley
  • Oats


  • Bittering = Nugget
  • Aroma/Flavor = Crystal and Goldings


  • Cold-press Organic Mokha Java from Noble Coffee Roasting (origins: Ethiopia and Java)

Food Pairing Suggestions

This combination of beer and coffee makes a great all-day treat. Check out our brewer Larry Chase in the local news discussing the delicious reasons to pair Noble Stout with doughnuts in the morning. Or, try a pint with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for a fun and entertaining dessert. We also love this beer with a big, juicy burger, like the Black & Blue Burger from our menu.

Take advantage of this featured brew on Sunday and savor a pint with egg dishes or dessert for a brunch-time indulgence. Happy last day of American Craft Beer Week, and we invite you to celebrate with us again next May – Cheers!

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Latest Specialty Beer: Brewer’s Surprise Ale

Experimenting with new recipes, preparation methods and flavor combinations can be the best part of being a brewer or chef. When new ideas and ingredients brew into something delicious, we all enjoy the final reward! Hence, we’re proud to debut our latest specialty (never before brewed) beer at Standing Stone: Brewer’s Surprise Alelarrybrewery

This new beer stems from our brewer Larry Chase’s craving to use a few new Breiss Malt varieties in a specialty beer. He mixed Briess Goldpils® Vienna, Caracrystal Wheat and Bonlander for color and flavor contributions. Larry also used the “hopportunity” to feature a new organic hop variety we’ve never used before: Ahtanum. We dry hopped with 2lbs per BBL (31 gal.) in this new beer, compared with 1.4lbs per BBL for our Twin Plunge Double IPA, to create hoppy, herbal aroma. We welcome this proprietary hop as part of our mission to move toward all organic brewing ingredients.

About the Beer

This Hoppy Wheat Amber style ale features an orange-rust color, herbal aroma and medium mouthfeel. The mild bitterness and hop flavor are reminiscent of green tea and spicy herbs. 6.1% abv, 15 IBU


• Briess Goldpils® Vienna

• Briess Caracrystal Wheatbriess

• Briess Bonlander

• Briess Oat Flakes


• Bittering: Willamette

• Flavor/Aroma: Galaxy

• Dry Hops: Willamette and Ahtanum

Food Pairing Suggestions

This beer’s fresh, citrusy aroma and medium body pairs well with fried foods and spicy meats. We recommend hearty, though not creamy, dishes to let the mouthfeel shine through. Here are our suggestions from the menu:fishnchips

• Three Meat Pizza

• Calamari

• Fish & Chips

• Black Bean Nachos

• Tacos de Carne Asada

Come try Brewer’s Surprise and Chocolate Ale side by side while they last. They started out as the same batch, and then Larry separated them to add the final ingredients and fashion two new concoctions. Be sure to let us know what you think about the Ahtanum hops and the aroma and flavor this variety adds to our new beer.

Latest Specialty Beer, Dedicated to the Oregon Chocolate Festival 3/1-3/3: Chocolate Ale

The 9th Annual Oregon Chocolate Festival graces Ashland this weekend and we are more excited than ever to be a part of this decadent event! March 1st-3rd over 40 chocolate vendors from all over Oregon are serving unique chocolate creations, and we’re joining with a chocolate-themed beer we’ve brewed just for the event!

choc2012We’re also sending a handful of our beers along with Ginger Johnson of Women Enjoying Beer for a beer and chocolate pairing demonstration, and serving our new brew at the Chocolate Maker’s Dinner Friday night. We’re getting our hands gooey with chocolaty fun, and we love it!

About the Beer

The light, orange rust color is a visual surprise in this chocolate-flavored ale. With a backbone of caramel flavor, the delicate character of the Criollo variety cacao bean is apparent in fruity notes of red berries. You’ll enjoy the silky body and nuanced flavors. 6.1% abv 15 IBU


• Briess Goldpils® Viennaimages

• Briess Caracrystal Wheat

• Briess Bonlander

• Briess Oat Flakes


• Bittering: Willamette

• Flavor/Aroma: Galaxy


• Medium Roast Criollo Cacao Nibs from Peru—Nibs sourced directly from Peruvian farms and roasted by Lillie Belle Farms in Central Point, Oregon. The Perfect Illusion chocolate bar from Lillie Belle is made with this cacao variety.

Food Pairing Suggestions

This beer pairs best with…chocolate! The finishing bitterness of the brew is similar to the finish of dark chocolate, and we suggest you try them together to pick up the similar flavors. Fruity desserts, with strawberry, raspberry or cherry, will also match the red berry finish. For lunch or dinner, we think the medium-bodied ale goes well with Mexican-style dishes with beans or mole and mild peppers. Here are our suggestions from our menu:marioncobbler

  • Stir Crazy Dark Chocolate Cake
  • Bread Pudding
  • Marionberry Cobbler
  • Black Bean Nachos with Roasted Chicken

Or, this weekend’s special: Tres Tacos de Pollo, with Habanero Onions, Salsa Trio and Jalapeno Crème.

If you’re in Ashland, we encourage you to dive into the annual Oregon Chocolate Festival for the once-a-year chocolate-lover’s paradise. Be sure to stop by the many local restaurants and shops dedicating specials, sales and events to the sweet occasion. At Standing Stone, we’re serving Chocolate Ale and a Fudge Brownie dessert for the tasty affair!

Mark Your Calendars for Our 2013 Winter Beer Dinner

There’s not much we’d rather do than pair delicious craft beer with perfectly matched food. The thought of savoring every sip and bite is enough to make our mouths water and minds wander toward savory flavor matches. To celebrate the fantastic union that is craft beer and artisan food, we present our Annual Winter Beer Dinner, Thursday, January 10th 2013 at 6:30pm.

This five-course feast of fare is our way of featuring our beloved brews with fresh, innovative dishes that shine the spotlight on other local crafters and producers in our region. This year, we’re highlighting several Southern Oregon goods and businesses, and including many ingredients from our own Standing Stone Farm. You’ll delight in courses starring eggs, beef and honey from our pastures just a mile away.

Seats for the Winter Beer Dinner are $60 per person. Seating will be limited to 60 people, so be sure to make your reservation soon! We have tables of various sizes available and welcome you to reserve seats together with friends and family – please let us know when you make your reservations.

To book your seat, come visit us at the restaurant to fill out a reservation card, or call us at 541-261-0021. You can also email us at We printed our Beer Dinner menu on mail-ready postcards, so feel free to send one to friends who love to celebrate beer and food, too.

And if you’re looking for holiday gift ideas, we also have Winter Beer Dinner gift cards available.

Cheers to the flavors of the season and our region! We can’t wait to showcase these tempting beer-pairing courses, and we hope to see you at this year’s Winter Beer Dinner. In the meantime, whet your appetite with these photos from Beer Dinners of yesteryear.

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SAVORing Standing Stone in Washington, D.C.: Our Second Trip to the Beer and Food Extravaganza

Photo: Brewers Association

We’re proud to announce that for the second year in a row, we’ve been chosen to showcase our beer at SAVOR: An American Craft Beer and Food Experience. Organized by the Brewers Association, which describes the gathering as “the nation’s premier beer and food pairing event,” SAVOR will be held June 8-9 at the National Building Museum in Washington D.C.

A total of 160 craft brewers entered a lottery to participate in this year’s coveted affair, and Standing Stone is one of just 74 breweries chosen! Last year, we were joined by Caldera Brewery in representing Oregon on the national stage. This year, we’ll be joined by Oakshire Brewing and Ninkasi Brewing Company of Eugene, and Deschutes Brewery of Bend to showcase our state’s contribution to the craft beer world.

At SAVOR, guests will sample breweries’ prized ales and lagers paired with sweet and savory fare. Attendees will also have the opportunity to attend educational classes and private tasting salons, enhancing an in-depth learning and tasting experience.

Our own brewmaster, Larry Chase, will be pouring and speaking for the occasion. Here’s what he’ll be serving up:

Double IPA: This customer favorite boasts light copper color and a medium body. Unfiltered and dry hopped twice, this ale has an intense floral and fruity aroma, spicy flavor and bitterness. 7.7% abv. The hoppy and dry characteristics make this ale perfect for pairing with Asparagus and Mushroom Tart with Fontina.

Noble Stout: Brewed with 100 pounds of oats to provide a silky smooth mouthfeel, then hit with a healthy dose of Noble Coffee Roaster’s Mokha Java Blend, this is a rich, black beer with great local flavor. Its espresso and chocolate nuances complement the Butterscotch Cheesecake matched for its pairing.

We’re also sending our Beer and Food Pairing Team, Danielle Amarotico, Ashley Nunes, Melza Quinn and Meg Dias. They plan to bring back new and exciting pairing ideas to try here at the restaurant, so be on the lookout on our specials board for upcoming perfect matches.

Photo: Eddie Arrossi

This year, we have the additional honor of being hand-picked to serve brews for one of the event’s private tasting salons, where select ticket holders get the opportunity to meet and interact with brewmasters in a more intimate setting. Just for the occasion, we brewed a new specialty beer made entirely with ingredients from Oregon – Backyard Brew. Come in and check it out at the restaurant while it lasts, and see what folks across the country will be savoring! We’ll present at the salon along with Matt Van Wyk of Oakshire Brewing, and talk about beer flavor, ingredients, and how to create perfect pairings with cheeses from Rogue Creamery of Central Point, OR.

If you’re one of the lucky ticket holders to this sold-out event, we toast your good fortune and we hope to see you there! If you’re in Ashland, come in a savor a pairing of your own. We have all the brews we’re featuring across the country on tap here at the brewpub, and we recommend trying them with Rogue Creamery Blue Cheese and Stout Cheddar for a true SAVOR experience. Or ask your server or bartender for pairing suggestions with other menu items. We’ll make a call to the capital for guidance if we need to.

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Latest Specialty Beer: Pacific Crest Ale

Southern Oregon is known for teeming with beautiful hiking trails, including a portion of the famous Pacific Crest Trail (PCT). We’ve named our latest specialty beer in honor of this famed West coast feature that brings visitors to Ashland, OR all spring and summer long: Pacific Crest Ale.

About the trail

The 2,650 mile path runs from the Mexican to the Canadian border, traversing California, Oregon and Washington. Locally, the trail passes right by Pilot Rock, the natural landmark Standing Stone is named for. Hikers who complete the trail brave 60 major mountain passes, visit seven national parks and pass by more than 1,000 lakes along the way. Some choose to complete the entire trail in one long season, while others chip away at hiking portions of the trail over the course of a life-time. To find out more about the route, plan a hike, or learn about donating time or funds for trail upkeep, you can visit the Pacific Crest Trail Association website.

About the ale

The Pacific Crest Ale is perfect for those coming off the PCT or any of our fabulous local trails. This is our lightest beer on tap, in many respects, and just right for cooling down on a warm, sunny day. With a light golden color and medium-light body, this ale gives a biscuit aroma and bready taste with a clean, crisp finish. The hops are very light in this beer, which lets the malt shine through. 4.6% abv


  • Organic Pilsner
  • Briess Bonlander (a Munich-style malt)
  • Acidulated


  • Nugget = Bittering
  • Willamette = Aroma

Pairing suggestions

Because of this beer’s light body and flavor characteristics, we suggest pairing it with equally mild and refreshing foods, such as the Sea Scallop and Spinach Salad from our menu. The maltiness also complements bready foods, like grilled cheese sandwiches or crackers – a pairing that you can take with you on the trail. We like matching it with our house Pretzel with Marionberry Mustard at the restaurant. Finally, the lack of hop bitterness and presence of malt accents will help tame spicy dishes, if that’s what you’re looking for. Try an order of our Buffalo Wings, and sip this beer in between bites to cool the heat.

With all this sunny, spring weather we’re enjoying, we can’t think of a better brew to savor outside. Grab a pint and relax on our back patio, or take a liter or half-gallon to-go and reward yourself after long day of hiking.

Pilot Rock photo: M.A. Schweisguth

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Sample Fine Art, Wine and Food at A Taste of Ashland, 4/28-29

Springtime is upon us in Southern Oregon, and festivals and happenings are popping up all over our region. Every year we look forward to A Taste of Ashland, a weekend-long event celebrating local fine art and fare. This year, the festival will run from Noon-4pm on April 28th and 29th, with 17 galleries hosting art, food and wine.

This annual extravaganza benefits the Ashland Gallery Association, which works to support artists in our community. A Taste of Ashland also shines the spotlight on local restaurants, wineries, artisan food and breweries by inviting chefs, winemakers, fine food purveyors and craft brewers to create sensational pairings at each stop on the festival map. Here’s what you’ll savor:

17 Galleries
20 Wineries
23 Restaurants (including brewpubs like us) and artisan food purveyors

Participants stroll from gallery to gallery, all within walking distance in and around the downtown area (there’s also a free shuttle available for those who might need to kick up their feet throughout the day). Each gallery features fine artwork, wine tastings and culinary samples to create one great sensory experience! Tickets are available for either Saturday or Sunday, or all weekend long.

This year, Standing Stone is happy to serve up tasty fare right next door at Hanson Howard Gallery. The long-time Ashland gallery moved to our neighborhood last fall when we did a remodel on a historic building on our block. With the fresh renovation and new neighbors, we think the store front has never looked better, and we’re thrilled to have this great display of contemporary artists so close to our restaurant and brewery.

We’re also excited to be paired up with Weisingers of Ashland, which is another long-time local landmark. The winemakers offer regional varietals and innovative blends, and we’ll be pairing fare from our kitchen to match up with their pours. With past food samplings like Goat Cheese and Spinach Fondue and Lamb Kafta, we’re confident that our Chef Eric Bell will come up with more palate-pleasing goodies for this year’s celebration.

If you feel the need to stop and rest during the day, come in and enjoy a meal and pint to refresh before going back out and hitting the pavement. Tickets are available online and at several local studios. Visit the A Taste of Ashland website for more information and details about participating businesses and sponsors. Come out and treat yourself to a day (or weekend) of fun!

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Check Out the 8th Annual Oregon Cheese Festival 3/17 (and Cheese and Beer Pairing Ideas, Too)

We invite craft cheese and craft beer fans alike to check out the 8th Annual Oregon Cheese Festival this Saturday, March 17th from 10am-5pm at Rogue Creamery in Central Point, OR. Put on by the Oregon Cheese Guild, this delicious event will highlight cheese makers from across the state, and present classic wine and beer pairings to complete the tasting experience.

Like independently brewed craft beer, craft cheese is worth seeking out, and Oregon has some of the best. The multiple-award-winning Rogue Creamery has long been known for their Rogue River Blue, which has won national awards and international recognition. They’re also committed to sustainable farming and business to the core, which makes their products even better, we think.

We like to feature Goat Cheese from Mama Terra Micro Creamery and Pholia Farms, both from Southern Oregon, on our restaurant’s specials board in pizzas and grilled sandwiches. Our chef has even decided to join the fun, bringing cheese making in our own kitchen with crafting Queso Fresco.

Standing Stone is sending along a few ales to the festival to savor through a free class, “Tasty Beers and Fabulous Cheeses: Classic Flavor Partners,” lead by Ginger Johnson of Women Enjoying Beer. Regional wineries and other Southern Oregon breweries are lined up to participate, too, so you won’t want to miss out on this opportunity to try local, artisanal fare from some the best our state has to offer.


Several of beer’s key characteristics make it an excellent choice to pair with tasty, crafted cheeses. Hop bitterness, roasted flavors, and carbonation are all characteristics that can enhance a pairing experience. Bitterness and carbonation are helpful to cleanse and refresh the palate between savory bites of rich cheese. Toastiness that comes from roasted malt is also a classic beer attribute that complements cheese’s velvety mouthfeel (think grilled cheese sandwiches on toasted bread…mmm). As with other food and beer pairings, intensities are important to match, too. Heavier, stronger cheeses pair best with full-bodied, robust beers, and lighter flavors and mouthfeel should be matched up as well.

Inspired by the Cheese Festival’s pairing suggestions, we came up with a few yummy cheese and beer coupling ideas of our own, featuring our own Standing Stone brews and cheese varieties we typically feature on our menu and specials board.

Double IPA – Blue Cheese

Hefewiezen – Fresh Mozzarella

Oatmeal Stout – Sharp Cheddar

I Love Oregon Ale – Queso Fresco

Amber Ale – Chevre (Goat Cheese)

Dive in to these tasty partnerships at our restaurant or at home, with beer to go. And you’re sure to get more ideas at the Cheese Festival this Saturday. Savor the great craft beer and craft cheeses of our region, and invite others to do the same! Getting friends together over cheese and beer is our idea of a great weekend.