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Latest Specialty Beer: Pacific Crest Ale

Southern Oregon is known for teeming with beautiful hiking trails, including a portion of the famous Pacific Crest Trail (PCT). We’ve named our latest specialty beer in honor of this famed West coast feature that brings visitors to Ashland, OR all spring and summer long: Pacific Crest Ale.

About the trail

The 2,650 mile path runs from the Mexican to the Canadian border, traversing California, Oregon and Washington. Locally, the trail passes right by Pilot Rock, the natural landmark Standing Stone is named for. Hikers who complete the trail brave 60 major mountain passes, visit seven national parks and pass by more than 1,000 lakes along the way. Some choose to complete the entire trail in one long season, while others chip away at hiking portions of the trail over the course of a life-time. To find out more about the route, plan a hike, or learn about donating time or funds for trail upkeep, you can visit the Pacific Crest Trail Association website.

About the ale

The Pacific Crest Ale is perfect for those coming off the PCT or any of our fabulous local trails. This is our lightest beer on tap, in many respects, and just right for cooling down on a warm, sunny day. With a light golden color and medium-light body, this ale gives a biscuit aroma and bready taste with a clean, crisp finish. The hops are very light in this beer, which lets the malt shine through. 4.6% abv


  • Organic Pilsner
  • Briess Bonlander (a Munich-style malt)
  • Acidulated


  • Nugget = Bittering
  • Willamette = Aroma

Pairing suggestions

Because of this beer’s light body and flavor characteristics, we suggest pairing it with equally mild and refreshing foods, such as the Sea Scallop and Spinach Salad from our menu. The maltiness also complements bready foods, like grilled cheese sandwiches or crackers – a pairing that you can take with you on the trail. We like matching it with our house Pretzel with Marionberry Mustard at the restaurant. Finally, the lack of hop bitterness and presence of malt accents will help tame spicy dishes, if that’s what you’re looking for. Try an order of our Buffalo Wings, and sip this beer in between bites to cool the heat.

With all this sunny, spring weather we’re enjoying, we can’t think of a better brew to savor outside. Grab a pint and relax on our back patio, or take a liter or half-gallon to-go and reward yourself after long day of hiking.

Pilot Rock photo: M.A. Schweisguth

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