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Spotlight on our Standard Beers: Noble Stout

By popular demand, our Noble Stout is on tap. This marriage of our Oatmeal Stout and locally roasted Noble Coffee Roasting Mokha Java always goes quickly, so come by and enjoy it soon.

Noble Coffee Roasting is located a few blocks away from our brewery. They’ve received multiple awards for product quality and share our sustainable business values, so it was a natural to craft a specialty beer with their coffee. All coffees are organic and sourced through direct, fair trade relationships.

Noble Coffee’s owners visit coffee growing regions to connect with producers and support the establishment of projects that benefit farmers and their communities. They’re also a fellow member of the Ashland Green Business Program and seek to follow good environmental practices from sourcing through roasting and packaging.

Here’s a peek into the tanks:

Noble Stout blends the silky smooth mouthfeel of our oatmeal stout with the richness of Mokha Java coffee. You’ll enjoy a roasted coffee aroma and delicate sweetness with balanced espresso, dry cherry and dark chocolate flavors, and delicate undertones of spice. 5.1% abv.


  • Organic 2-Row
  • Organic Munich
  • Organic Crystal 60
  • Organic Chocolate
  • Organic Carapils
  • Organic Roasted Barley
  • Flaked Oats


  • Bittering: Nugget
  • Flavor/Aroma: Crystal and Goldings


  • Cold press Mokha Java, Noble Coffee Roasting (organic and fairly traded, origins: Ethiopia & Java)

Noble Stout pairs well with a diversity of foods that complement its boldness and sweetness. For dinner, try it with our Marionberry Rocket Salad, Sweet Potato Fries, Bison Burger or Valley View Beef Primal Cut. For dessert, we suggest our Stir Crazy Chocolate Cake, Mud Pie or Marionberry Cobbler.  If you’re enjoying lighter fare, pair it with our Wood Fired Pretzel with Spicy Ale-Marionberry Mustard.

Enjoy soon!

Talking Turkey: Tips for the Perfect Thanksgiving Feast

At Standing Stone Brewing Company, we’re all about welcoming our community for a delicious cuisine and beer in an enjoyable atmosphere. We hope our guests feel a little of the spirit of Thanksgiving on each visit, enjoying a great meal in the relaxed company of family and friends.

Our team is savvy about fabulous food and drinks, and how to prepare and present them in sustainable style. We thought we’d share our two cents to help you celebrate a terrific Thanksgiving full of savory seasonal fare and, of course, excellent craft beer. We’d love you to share your ideas, too, so please post a comment!

Jeff Hunt, Line Cook

What’s your favorite, foolproof way to cook a turkey?

To keep moisture around the turkey and add great flavor, try using a mirepiox in the bottom of the pan. The combination of celery, onions and carrots is the flavor base for lots of favorite soups and stocks, and the additional aroma is sure to offer guests a treat with the fragrance of the baking bird. Don’t forget salt and pepper either. These basic additions can make a world of difference.

Have you ever tried a “beer can chicken” recipe with turkey?

Beer can turkey unfortunately doesn’t turn out as well as its counterpart “beer can chicken.” Often a turkey is too big and takes too long to cook for this method. However, if you really want to give it a whirl, use a smaller turkey. Often, organic and heritage turkeys tend to be a bit smaller, so go for the smart choice.

What side dishes do you suggest, using seasonal, local ingredients?

Thanksgiving’s traditional dishes are inherently in season since the holiday is founded on appreciating the harvest. I suggest sticking with these traditions while adding a creative and new spin. Try sweet potato au gratin instead of the usual sweet casserole with marshmallows. We make a savory bread pudding at the restaurant and like to add all the seasonal vegetables we can get our hands on, like chanterelle mushrooms, onions, spinach, and garlic. This would be a nice twist on traditional stuffing. Sunflower seeds are in season now. Try adding some to your pie crust for an extra crunch and pleasant flavor. We especially love doing this for pumpkin cheesecake crust.

Larry Chase, Brewmaster

Which Standing Stone beers pair best with the Thanksgiving meal?

With turkey and stuffing try the Pilot Rock Pale Ale. We offer this and all of our beers to go in liters, half-gallon growlers and kegs. Its spicy nuances will match the spices traditional spices in stuffing, its palate cleansing hops will prepare you for the next bite and its upfront citrus flavor will add a new dimension to the turkey and stuffing.

Which Standing Stone beers go well with pumpkin pie and ice cream for a unique desert experience?

Try our Milk & Honey Ale, which has  sweetness to match the cinnamon and nutmeg of pumpkin pie. Our Oatmeal Stout stands on its own as a great after dinner beer with many dessert-like qualities, including nuances of roasted coffee and dark chocolate. has lots of food & beer pairing tips for more ideas.

That’s all for now. Check out part two of this post pairing for ideas on hosting an unforgettable and stress-free Thanksgiving, and doing it in sustainable style.

Latest Specialty Beer: Pilot Rock Pale Ale

This week, we debuted Pilot Rock Pale Ale, our latest specialty beer.

Our servers said numerous customers have requested a spin on this favorite style, and we’re dedicated to delivering what our guests want. So, I explored and experimented, and hope you enjoy this refined classic we’ve crafted just for you.

This pale ale uses different flavor, aroma, and dry hops than our  previous IPA and current Double IPA, creating a distinct flavor experience between the Pilot Rock Pale Ale and the Double IPA.

It’s named after Pilot Rock, the southern Oregon landmark that inspired our business name. We initially thought we’d call ourselves Pilot Rock Brewing but wanted to use something a bit more unique. We learned that the Takelma Native Americans called the landmark ‘tsin tsat tsaniptha’ which translates to ‘stone stands up’ and settled on Standing Stone Brewing Company.

Pilot Rock is part of the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument, and makes for a stunning day hike as its peak rises above 5,000 feet. Those who persevere to the top will be rewarded with gorgeous 360-degree views of the Cascades and Siskiyou mountains and the Rogue Valley. Of course, we suggest topping off your day with a pint and a meal at our restaurant-brewery in Ashland.

So, back to the beer…here are the details:


Delicate fruit-like aroma. Refreshingly crisp and easy drinking. Light spicy, cinnamon-like flavor. 5.5% abv


(Photo: M. Schweisguth)

  • Organic 2-Row
  • Organic Munich
  • Organic Crystal 60


  • Bittering: Nugget
  • Flavor/Aroma: Golding & Willamette
  • Dry Hop: Organic Cascade

Food Pairing Suggestions

Black Bean Nachos w/ Italian Sausage—both have similar intensities of flavor and the spicy character of the beer will match the spiciness of the sausage

Lamb Pita—the hop bitterness level is just right to cut through some of rich texture of the feta cheese and basil aioli allowing you to taste the ingredients of the dish more fully

Charbroiled Naturally Raised Oregon Pork Chops—pleasing flavor combinations arise between the sautéed apples in this dish and the cinnamon-like spice flavor in the beer

Please come by and enjoy it soon, and let us know what your favorite craft beers are.

Specialty Beer on Tap: Milk & Honey Ale

Our latest specialty beer is on tap: Milk & Honey Ale!

Regular Standing Stone Brewing guests may remember this beer from May when we tapped it for American Craft Beer Week. It was so well received we’ve decided to bring it back.

About Milk & Honey Ale

This ale presents a polished copper color, silky smooth medium body and nuances of honey. The honey flavor comes from a proprietary honey malt. We add lactose, an unfermentable sugar that comes from milk, to provide body and a slight residual sweetness.  5.5% abv.


  • Pilsner
  • Honey
  • Acidulated


  • Bittering = Centennial
  • Flavor/Aroma = Czech Saaz and UK Goldings


Milk and Honey Ale pairs well with our Chicken Marsala or Bread Pudding. Or, take some home and pair it with your own favorite holiday foods.

Stop by and enjoy it while it lasts!

Latest Specialty Beer: Oktoberfest is on Tap

It’s that time of year again – Oktoberfest is on tap!

We always enjoy brewing this beer style since it is one of the few lagers that we make.  It’s also fun to be a part of the history behind this annual favorite and the slate of celebrations that bear its name.

About our 2010 Oktoberfest

This seasonal lager is deep gold with a smooth medium body. It imparts hints of orange and a sweet malty flavor with balanced bitterness. 6.3% abv.


  • Organic Pilsner
  • Organic Carapils
  • Vienna
  • Briess Bonlander


  • Bittering = Centennial
  • Aroma = German Hersbrucker

Lagers are brewed with bottom-fermented yeast. The name of this beer style comes from the German word for storage, associated with storing beer at cool temperatures to keep it fresh.

Food Pairings

Oktoberfest pairs well with a variety of dishes on our menu. We suggest:

  • Wood Fired Pretzel with Spicy Ale-Marionberry Mustard
  • Three Meat Pizza
  • Standing Stone Italian Sausage Pizza
  • Charbroiled Naturally Raised Oregon Pork Chops

Oktoberfest Style Origins

If you’ve ever wondered how the Oktoberfest style came about, here’s a little history from Many years ago, the Germans used to brew a malty, amber-hued lager in March, which they’d store in caves (lagers) through the summer in the absence of refrigeration. This usually lasted through early fall, making it available during the Oktoberfest celebration. In honor of this tradition, German brewers began to produce a special autumn beer, inspired by the original German recipe. The style has evolved over the years, but generally consists of a malty, copper-colored lager, perhaps with nuances of spice and a dry finish. Some breweries make ales for Oktoberfest but we like to honor the tradition and stick with a lager.

You will want to come enjoy our Oktoberfest and the wonderful autumn season that heralds its annual arrival.

Specialty Beer on Tap: Butternut Brown Ale

We tapped a new specialty beer this week at Standing Stone Brewing Company.  In honor of the great flavor nuances of the fall harvest, we’re calling it Butternut Brown Ale.  We sampled it at a preview event on 9/20 with a terrific response and tapped it for customers on 9/21.

This ale is particularly special because it was brewed by Acacia Baldner, an exceptional intern we had this summer.

Acacia is a biochemistry major at Southern Oregon University and an experienced home brewer.  She’s entering her senior year at SOU and has already been accepted to the highly regarded and very competitive UC Davis Extension Brewing program for 2012, where she’ll continue her training to become a professional brewmaster.  If the Butternut Brown Ale is any indication of what’s brewing in her future, we know she’ll craft some amazing beers!

About Butternut Brown:

Based on the American Brown Ale style, this beer features a deep brown hue and a rich, medium body. This malty, flavorful microbrew exhibits notes of caramel, roasted nuts, and a crisp, dry walnut-shell finish with aromas of mild hop and biscuit. 6.1% abv


  • Organic Two-Row
  • Organic Crystal 60
  • Organic Chocolate
  • Carabrown from Briess Maltster’s Reserve Series


  • Bittering: Nugget
  • Aroma/Flavor: Crystal & Cascade

It pairs well with autumn fruits such as figs, apples and pears, and bold cheeses like Rogue Creamery’s award-winning cheddar.  You’ll find these in several items on our menu and specials.

As with all specialty beers, this is a limited edition small batch and these always go quickly.  Come savor it while it lasts! Please feel free to share your comments about this beer on this blog post and chat with the brewmaster when you stop by to enjoy it.

350 Ale is Back on Tap!

Standing Stone’s limited edition 350 Ale is once again available due to great reception after its original debut.

If you enjoyed a beer with us this past March you may remember the 350 Ale, our specialty offering at the time. We’re wrapping up the summer beer season by bringing 350 Ale back after many requests.

The beer is golden and medium bodied with a slightly sweet aroma. It pleases the palate, offering a tart and bready flavor with a balancing mild bitterness. Alcohol content is 6.5%.

It pairs well with fruit flavors such as our Marionberry Cobbler or Marionberry Rocket Salad. You’ll also find it’s a nice match with the delicious, house-made, candied nuts that top a few of our salads. It’ll soon be the end of strawberry season, and the 350 would be a great pairing with fresh fruit at home, too.

This beer has an interesting backstory: It came into being because I miscounted the number of malt bags slated for the original recipe. As a result, the batch contained 350 lbs of 2-row organic malt instead of the 250 lbs called for in the original recipe. And you, our customers, loved it. Ah, serendipity!

The 300-gallon batch was tapped August 18. Come and drink up, and get it before it’s gone!

Pairing Craft Beer & Food

Not only is it wise to enjoy food when you drink alcohol, it’s more social enjoyable, and healthful…and it’s hip and trendy!


Yes. The rise of craft beer has attracted folks who also love fine food, and we all know they’re better together. Indeed, America recently celebrated this in fine fashion at  Savor in Washington DC, a food and craft beer extravaganza.

Handcrafted microbrews go with so many different things. Some folks pair items according to similarity, like zesty foods and a beer with spicy notes. Others like contrasts, like a solid stout and a delicate fish or salad.

There are lots of ways to join the fun. You can educate yourself, go to events, ask others for ideas and tap into resources available to learn more. 

At Standing Stone Brewing Co we’ve got both fresh beer and fresh food made on site just for you. Come in and play with some pairing ideas and ask us for suggestions. We like savoring an Oatmeal Stout with Stir Crazy Chocolate Cake, or the Double IPA with a Valley View Beef Cheeseburger.

Come join us and share your favorite pairing discoveries. Enjoy the trend.