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7 Warm Weather Beer & Food Pairing Ideas

The summer season hits us with full force in Southern Oregon, and after a few days of triple-digit weather last week we’ve got our minds on the coolest beer and food match-ups from our menu. Using our current line-up of specialty and year-round beers, here’s a list of our favorite Standing Stone brews and the summertime foods that complement them at alpha beta hop farm

Milk & Honey Ale with Marionberry Cobbler a la Mode – The smooth mouthfeel from the lactose in the beer pairs great with the ice cream on top of this dish. Sweet and slightly tart marionberries alternate perfectly with the flavor of honey malt.

76 Hands Blackberry Ale with House Salad & Balsamic Vinaigrette – Hot weather calls for lighter dishes. Our House Salad with mixed greens and walnuts pairs great with this wheat style beer, and the bodies of the two pairings match up great. Consider salads you enjoy with fruit in them. Pairing with blackberry ale is the same idea as throwing some of your favorite fruits on top a bed of greens.

I Heart Oregon Ale with Fish Tacos – The fresh salsas on this plate maketortilla chicken salad it a great summertime meal. The I Heart Oregon Ale refreshes the palate between each bite, letting you taste each individual salsa in the trio to decide which you like best. The light-medium body of the beer and slight bitterness make this a great replacement for an IPA on extra hot days.

Amber Ale with Blackened Chicken Tortilla Salad – This well-balanced ale pairs great with this fresh and spicy salad. The malt in the brew mellows the blackening spice on the chicken, and the Amber’s slight hoppiness is a great match with the Oregano Vinaigrette.

Twin Plunge Double IPA with Italian Sausage & Pepperoncini Pizzablackandblue burger – Nothing says summer like beer and pizza outside. Order this long-time favorite beer with a wood-fired pizza and enjoy the views from our patio. Both are a little bold, a little spicy and completely satisfying.

Steel-Cut Stout with Black and Blue Burger – What summer food pairing list is complete without a burger? Our Black & Blue Burger features bacon, blackening spice and Rogue Creamery Crater Lake Blue Cheese, all on top our farm-fresh, grass-fed beef patties. The big, roasted flavors of the Stout make this an all-around flavorful meal.

Noble Stout with Vanilla Ice Cream – Mix these two together in a pint glass for an adult version of a classic float, or alternate bites and sips side-by-side. A bowl of ice cream with a couple pints or half pints makes a great dessert option for two.

Come try our summer pairing ideas in the restaurant or at home, or experiment with your own. With seven housemade, rotating beers on tap and daily specials coming from our kitchen, there are always new, seasonal flavors abound. Wherever you live or vacation, do your best this summer to stay cool, savor fresh foods and brews, and enjoy responsibly!

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