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Hello world!

“Sit down and feed and welcome to our table.” ~ William Shakespeare

Welcome to our blog, fresh news from Standing Stone Brewing Company in Ashland Oregon!

Please visit us often as we’ll be engaging you in conversation, talking about what makes us tick, and what makes us fresh. We look forward to sharing who we are, what we’re about, how we operate, and why we do what we do.

As we gear up for our blog, please visit our website for our menu, to learn about our efforts in sustainability, and to see a great photo gallery of our restaurant and brewpub.

Whether you visit us online or in person at our restaurant and brewpub, we’re glad to connect with you! Do stop by often.

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  1. Hey Standing Stone! I’m excited you’re doing a blog, it will be great to hear the scoop on what’s new at the brewery. You guys are great!

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