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We’re Here for You

Why do you go out to eat? Why do you go for a beer?

What is it about ‘going out’ that’s so special feeling?

At Standing Stone we want to make every experience a worthy and worthwhile one for you. A good value, nourishing and tasty, and fun. We know that we don’t always hit the mark straight on – and are always appreciative of those who say something about it. We can only fix it going forward if we know about it.

If we know about it in real-time, that’s even better. We can’t fix a poor meal after the fact – please – speak up! Tell your server if you have a suggestion for how we can do things better. We’re very grateful to be able to do so.

Our comment cards in the check presenters can also be helpful – the best experiences will flow better when you tell us what you loved, what you’d change and any suggestions in real-time.

So – when you choose to go out to Standing Stone, know we are appreciative of the opportunity to provide an excellent experience. Tell us how we can make it better.

Standing Stone. For fun, for beer, for food, for sure.

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