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Latest Specialty Beer: Jefferson Common

photo by Larry Chase

Our 2011 specialty beer series continues with Jefferson Common. Of course, it’s anything but a common beer! We crafted this microbrew since we felt the State of Jefferson, the home region of our Ashland, OR brewery, deserved its own version of a steam beer (aka California Common).

A little history…

Steam beer is an American original that was  born in the West. In the early to mid-1800’s, brewers in California were using the lager yeast that German brewers brought to the United States, a yeast generally used to ferment at lower temperatures (45-52 F). In those days, before mechanical refrigeration existed, California brewers didn’t have access to ice or colder weather to keep the beer chilled. Thus, fermented their beer at ale temperatures and yielded a hybrid style that has flavor characteristics of ales (fruit-like attributes) and lagers (crisp and dry).

Anchor Brewing Company of San Francisco was the originator of modern steam beer and trademarked the name steam beer in 1981. The modern style name is California Common.

About our Jefferson Common

This beer is deep gold in color and light to medium body. It offers a spicy aroma,, bready maltiness and a soft lingering bitterness. 4.2% abv


  • Organic Two-Row
  • Organic Crystal 15
  • Acidulated


  • Bittering = Centennial
  • Flavor/Aroma = Oregon grown Liberty


  • Bavarian Lager

Come by Standing Stone Brewing Co to enjoy our Jefferson Common – and celebrate one of the great traditions in American beer!

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