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Always Sunny Inside

How many of you have a skylight of some sort where you work or live?

Standing Stone has a l-o-n-g skylight that runs the entire length of the building. It provides incredible diffused light throughout a large portion of the building.

As soon as the sun begins peeking up, the glow of pending daylight permeates through, even if it is cloudy and rainy. Like being in a greenhouse, it feels promising and gives off a positive vibe.

In addition to providing illumination, our building-long skylight cuts down on energy use (fewer light bulbs). We leave it unobstructed in the winter to provide light and warmth, and filter the open panel with a cover in the summer months to keep our guests cool.  Besides all this, it’s also interesting to look at.

Functional and beautiful.

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350 Ale

350 Ale on the brain (photo: Ginger Jognson)

Our brewer, Larry, recently tapped our latest speciality beer – the 350 Ale.

He likes to let people know it’s a nice counterpoint to the Northwest hopped beers.  Nice big malty flavor, a little fruit aroma and flavor to it, and it’s at about 5.8% ABV (alcohol by volume).

Larry says it would be well paired with our tasty cheese quesadilla, the succulent lamb burger, and the yummy Marion berry cobbler.

Yes, beer AND dessert.

Come in soon – like many specialties – it’s on until it’s gone!


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We’re Here for You

Why do you go out to eat? Why do you go for a beer?

What is it about ‘going out’ that’s so special feeling?

At Standing Stone we want to make every experience a worthy and worthwhile one for you. A good value, nourishing and tasty, and fun. We know that we don’t always hit the mark straight on – and are always appreciative of those who say something about it. We can only fix it going forward if we know about it.

If we know about it in real-time, that’s even better. We can’t fix a poor meal after the fact – please – speak up! Tell your server if you have a suggestion for how we can do things better. We’re very grateful to be able to do so.

Our comment cards in the check presenters can also be helpful – the best experiences will flow better when you tell us what you loved, what you’d change and any suggestions in real-time.

So – when you choose to go out to Standing Stone, know we are appreciative of the opportunity to provide an excellent experience. Tell us how we can make it better.

Standing Stone. For fun, for beer, for food, for sure.

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Chilly Monday, Warm Kitchen

As the morning gets started, the kitchen has been hard at work for a few hours already by 8 am.

They’re prepping the foods we serve everyday – as well as our tasty specials – fresh and smelling great. Surely they’ll nourish AND satisfy our guests today.

The brewer is cleaning early so as not to spray guests below the brew house deck on the mezzanine. The beer, like the food, requires an attention to detail to ensure it’s of high quality.

Enjoy your first day of the week – come visit us soon. We’d love to see you!

Hello world!

“Sit down and feed and welcome to our table.” ~ William Shakespeare

Welcome to our blog, fresh news from Standing Stone Brewing Company in Ashland Oregon!

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