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350 Ale is Back on Tap!

Standing Stone’s limited edition 350 Ale is once again available due to great reception after its original debut.

If you enjoyed a beer with us this past March you may remember the 350 Ale, our specialty offering at the time. We’re wrapping up the summer beer season by bringing 350 Ale back after many requests.

The beer is golden and medium bodied with a slightly sweet aroma. It pleases the palate, offering a tart and bready flavor with a balancing mild bitterness. Alcohol content is 6.5%.

It pairs well with fruit flavors such as our Marionberry Cobbler or Marionberry Rocket Salad. You’ll also find it’s a nice match with the delicious, house-made, candied nuts that top a few of our salads. It’ll soon be the end of strawberry season, and the 350 would be a great pairing with fresh fruit at home, too.

This beer has an interesting backstory: It came into being because I miscounted the number of malt bags slated for the original recipe. As a result, the batch contained 350 lbs of 2-row organic malt instead of the 250 lbs called for in the original recipe. And you, our customers, loved it. Ah, serendipity!

The 300-gallon batch was tapped August 18. Come and drink up, and get it before it’s gone!

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