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Madrone Red Ale Specialty Beer on Tap

Madrone Red is our newest specialty beer, ideal to imbibe over lingering conversations and leisurely reading that we enjoy in the cozy indoors in winter.

It’s named in honor of the Madrone tree, a broad-leaf evergreen with reddish-orange bark that’s native to Oregon, just like the Oregon-grown hops this beer is made with. Madrone is fast-growing and thrives in unimproved soil and drought conditions. This makes it a more sustainable source of firewood,  which is why we use it in our wood-fired ovens at Standing Stone Brewing.

Madrone Red is a session style ale with a deep red color and a light to medium body. Session style beers have lower alcohol levels so you can savor the taste of multiple pints through a session of conversation. You’ll enjoy an up front malt sweetness, light caramel-flavor and medium bitterness intensity in the 25 IBU range. It offers a snappy, clean finish for the perfect ending. 4% abv.

Here’s the mash up:


  • Briess Ashburne
  • Organic Munich
  • Organic Crystal 60
  • Organic Chocolate


  • Bittering = Willamette Valley Goldings
  • Flavor/Aroma = Liberty & Goldings (both Willamette Valley)

Our chef suggests pairing Madrone Red with our wood-fired oven pizza (especially the Margherita Pizza) or Marionberry Rocket salad. The sweetness of the beer marries well with the sweet and savory blends in these dishes, and the madrone theme behind our pizzas. It also goes well with our Sauteed Veggie Wrap, Blue Corn Chips and Salsa and Italian Sausage Linguini. We also suggest creating your own pairings, as this beer is quite versatile and its light body and brightness makes it an ideal candidate to enjoy with lots of your favorite dishes.

We invite you to enjoy a few pints, perhaps after a hike through Ashland’s watershed to see the madrones in their seasonal beauty.

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