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Latest Specialty Beer: Oktoberfest

As autumn rolls in, it’s once again time to put Oktoberfest on tap! This lager style craft beer is a perennial favorite with customers. The official festivities, centered in Munich, Germany, run from September 17-October 3rd this year. Our 2011 Oktoberfest brew will be available through October to help extend this annual celebration of great beer in Ashland, OR.

If you’re wondering how Oktoberfest came to be and why it occurs in September, here’s a little history: It began on October 12, 1810 when Crown Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese got married and invited the residents of Munich to celebrate with them on a vast meadow named “Theresienwiese” in honor of the bride. A parade and horse races were highlights of the festivities. Citizens decided to hold these in subsequent years, making Oktoberfest an annual tradition. Beer stands appeared in 1818, along with amusement rides and a carnival, and scaled up to the characteristic beer tents in 1896. At some point, the fiesta was lengthened and moved up to the third weekend in September to take advantage of warmer weather.

About our Oktoberfest

This lager is deep golden with orange hues and a smooth medium body. It offers a hard candy aroma and a rich, intense malty flavor with a biscuit note, finishing with a slight alcohol warming. 6.8% abv.


  • Gambrinus Organic Pilsner
  • Briess Aromatic
  • Briess Vienna
  • Briess Organic Carapils


  • Bittering = Organic Magnum
  • Aroma/Flavor = Crystal


  • Lager strain from Weihenstephan in Germany

Food and Beer Pairings

Our Oktoberfest goes well with spicy, hearty foods. Here are some pairings from our restaurant menu.

  • Pepper Jack Quesadilla
  • Vegetarian Black Bean Chili (add chicken or sausage for an authentic Oktoberfest taste)
  • Three Meat Pizza or Italian Sausage Pizza
  • Grilled Reuben
  • Wood-fired Pretzel with Marionberry Mustard or house made Kim Chee – Pretzels and sauerkraut are Oktoberfest staples

Here are some suggestions for enjoying our Oktoberfest at home. Like all of our beers, it’s available at our brewery to go in liters, growlers and kegs.

  • Mexican or any hearty/spicy food including chicken, sausage, pork
  • Jalapeno Jack Cheese
  • Spice Cake for dessert

We encourage you to expand your enjoyment and your horizons by whipping up traditional Oktoberfest foods at home. Check out a recent blog with tips for menu items and hosting your own celebration to get started.

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