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6th Annual Pumpkins & Pints in Our Pasture


(photo: M. Pecoraro)

UPDATE: The weather looks great today, sunny and 70! We’ll see everyone at the farm (1469 Eagle Mill Rd. in Ashland), 12-5pm. To get there: follow Oak St. to the bottom, then turn right on Eagle Mill. The farm entrance is the first driveway on the left after going under the freeway overpass. Car parking is available along the roadside, and bikes are welcome on the pasture. See you this afternoon!

Standing Stone’s annual autumn-time party is just around the corner! Bring your friends, family and farm boots to the 6th Annual Pumpkins and Pints on Our Pasture, at our brewery’s One Mile Farm in Ashland. This all-ages event is Sunday, October 19th from Noon to 5pm. We’ll provide pumpkins, carving tools, and live music– you just show up for some fall-time fun!

One Mile Farm is home to our herds of livestock that provide fresh meat for our brewpub. We also keep bees and process compost on the land, reducing our restaurant’s waste and putting nutrients back into the soil. We’ll have farm staff on hand to answer any questions you have about our four year-old Farm Project, and introduce you to our friendly farm dogs, Stone and IPA. If you plan on stomping around our pasture a bit, we suggest boots to stay warm and dry.


Foxfire Trio

This year, we look forward to live music with Foxfire Trio (2:15-5pm). Bob Evoniuk, Jeff Jones and Glenn Freese will provide upbeat, progressive bluegrass for all to enjoy while sipping beer and snacking on fare from the grill. We’re looking forward to One Mile Farm burgers and hot dogs, as well as cookies to snack on for the kiddos.  OktoberfestI Heart Oregon Ale, and Apple Bandit Hard Cider will flow from the taps, as well as Cherry Lemonade for those wanting an all-ages drink. We’ll have a card-reader available for purchases, and One Mile Farm logo tees on hand in men, women and kid sizes.

To get to the farm, follow Oak Street from Standing Stone to the very bottom, where it meets Eagle Mill Road. Take a right, go under the overpass, and find the entrance to our farm immediately after the bridge on the left side of the road. Limited parking is available on the roadside, so we suggest biking to the event to take advantage of front-row, two-wheeled parking inside our pasture.

In case the weather turns sour (but we don’t think it will), we’ll hold the event at the brewery in downtown Ashland. You’ll find a cozy pumpkin-carving space either on our patio or in our dining room, with all beers on tap and a full menu available. We’ll be sure to keep everyone updated via our News on Tap blog, Facebook pageTwitter and website calendar. You can also call the brewpub on the day of Pumpkins and Pints to double-check on the location of the festivities: (541) 482-2448.

We hope to see you there with carving ideas and hearty appetites! We’ll set up a photo area (new this year) for you to snap shots with your Halloween-ready pumpkins. We’re excited to make 2014 the best Pumpkins and Pints yet!


(photo: M. Pecoraro)

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Prost to Oktoberfest!

It’s time to bring out your schnitzels, sausages and sauerkraut because Oktoberfest beer is officially here! This traditional Marzen style beer makes an annual appearance at Standing Stone Brewing Co every October and this year’s batch is one for the record books. To those of you who make a special trip to the brewery just for this beer, you won’t want to miss out on the 2013 edition of our Oktoberfest brau.

A bit about Oktoberfest: This traditional German festival has been celebrated in Munich for over 200 years. With millions of attendees visiting just for the event, this party boasts the title of the World’s Largest Festival. No wonder, it’s all about beer and food! Our traditional German style lager fits right in with customs and pairs great with German fare.

About the Beer

Oktoberfest is a light, orange-amber lager with bready aroma and a medium mouthfeel. The sweet and light-toasted maltiness is accompanied by minimal bitterness. 5.7% abv, 25 IBU


• Briess Goldpils Vienna

• Briess Bonlander

• Organic Crystal 60

• Acidulated


• Bittering: Organic Magnum

• Flavor/Aroma: Organic Hallertau

Food Pairing Suggestions

Vinegars and fermented foods pair great with the maltiness in this brew. At home, you can also try with a spice cake for a fun, fall-time meal. Hearty sausages and meats are on our radar to try with the beer, which makes it a good candidate to pair with the rich, flavorful slow-cooker recipe you’ve been waiting to make. Here are our suggestions from the menu for when you’re in the brewpub:pumpkins pints bbq

• Corned Beef or Turkey Reuben with Sauerkraut

• Italian Sausage Pizza

• Penne Marinara with Sausage

• Special Steak

• Arbol Chili and Chorizo Pizza

• Housemade Kimchi

• Bread Pudding

Happy Oktoberfest to all! We’ll have this latest specialty beer on tap all month long (if it doesn’t fly out of the beer tanks too fast). We’ll also be sure to bring some along to the 5th Annual Pumpkins and Pints celebration, October 20th, on our farm on Eagle Mile Road in Ashland, OR. Check back in for more about this family-friendly pumpkin-carving party coming soon. Until then, save the date and stop by for a pint, half-pint or pitcher of Oktoberfest to tap into the fall-time spirit.

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Latest Specialty Brau: Oktoberfest 2012


As we toast the arrival of the autumn season we welcome back one of our favorite annual specialty beers – Oktoberfest. This traditional German lager honors the centuries-old Oktoberfest celebration that countries rejoice in around the world. This year, the official Oktoberfest festival runs September 22nd-October 7th. At Standing Stone,we’ll keep the merriment alive with this seasonal beer on tap all month long.

Oktoberfest is a two-week holiday held each year in Munich, Germany during late September and early October.  It is attended by six million people each year, making it the world’s largest fair, and inspires similar events in Germany and around the world. In 2010, the festival rang in its 200 year anniversary! Of course, we’re happy to join in the age-old fun.

About Oktoberfest Beer

Take a vacation from hops with this traditional German lager. The biscuity aroma, toasty caramel flavor, and creamy mouthfeel make this rich orange beer a perfect pair with the Fall season. 5.8% abv


Briess Vienna
Briess Bonlander
Briess Ashburne Mild
Great Western Organic C-60
Best Acidulated


Bittering = Nugget
Aroma/Flavor = Organic Liberty


Wyeast Octoberfest Lager Blend

Food & Beer Pairings

This malty lager makes a great complement to hearty and spicy foods, as well as traditional German fare like meats and krauts. We suggest:

  • Italian Sausage Pizza
  • Pretzel with Marionberry Mustard
  • Spicy Kimchee
  • Black Bean Nachos
  • Reuben Sandwich with Saurkraut
  • Spicy Italian Sausage Linguini

As always, we also have the beer available to take with you in liter and half-gallon bottles. At home, try it as a brunch or dessert pairing with spice cake. Or, enjoy a pint while grilling some Wurst outside to catch that festive feeling of Oktoberfest and enjoy the weather. Prost!

Latest Specialty Beer: Oktoberfest

As autumn rolls in, it’s once again time to put Oktoberfest on tap! This lager style craft beer is a perennial favorite with customers. The official festivities, centered in Munich, Germany, run from September 17-October 3rd this year. Our 2011 Oktoberfest brew will be available through October to help extend this annual celebration of great beer in Ashland, OR.

If you’re wondering how Oktoberfest came to be and why it occurs in September, here’s a little history: It began on October 12, 1810 when Crown Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese got married and invited the residents of Munich to celebrate with them on a vast meadow named “Theresienwiese” in honor of the bride. A parade and horse races were highlights of the festivities. Citizens decided to hold these in subsequent years, making Oktoberfest an annual tradition. Beer stands appeared in 1818, along with amusement rides and a carnival, and scaled up to the characteristic beer tents in 1896. At some point, the fiesta was lengthened and moved up to the third weekend in September to take advantage of warmer weather.

About our Oktoberfest

This lager is deep golden with orange hues and a smooth medium body. It offers a hard candy aroma and a rich, intense malty flavor with a biscuit note, finishing with a slight alcohol warming. 6.8% abv.


  • Gambrinus Organic Pilsner
  • Briess Aromatic
  • Briess Vienna
  • Briess Organic Carapils


  • Bittering = Organic Magnum
  • Aroma/Flavor = Crystal


  • Lager strain from Weihenstephan in Germany

Food and Beer Pairings

Our Oktoberfest goes well with spicy, hearty foods. Here are some pairings from our restaurant menu.

  • Pepper Jack Quesadilla
  • Vegetarian Black Bean Chili (add chicken or sausage for an authentic Oktoberfest taste)
  • Three Meat Pizza or Italian Sausage Pizza
  • Grilled Reuben
  • Wood-fired Pretzel with Marionberry Mustard or house made Kim Chee – Pretzels and sauerkraut are Oktoberfest staples

Here are some suggestions for enjoying our Oktoberfest at home. Like all of our beers, it’s available at our brewery to go in liters, growlers and kegs.

  • Mexican or any hearty/spicy food including chicken, sausage, pork
  • Jalapeno Jack Cheese
  • Spice Cake for dessert

We encourage you to expand your enjoyment and your horizons by whipping up traditional Oktoberfest foods at home. Check out a recent blog with tips for menu items and hosting your own celebration to get started.

Tips for Hosting a Fabulous Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest is September 17th to October 3rd – let the fun begin! Our Oktoberfest lager will be on tap around September 29th, and available to-go for celebrations.

Last year, we shared a bit of history on the occasion. This year, we thought we’d help you prepare to host your own with insights from our friends Steve and Rebecca Pierce, of Alpha Beta Hops Farm. They lived in Germany for four years, enjoying many Oktoberfests. They host a fabulous party each year, keeping the tradition alive in Ashland, OR.

What aspects of German Oktoberfest celebrations stand out most?

Steve & Rebecca: The amazing “tents,” holding 4,000-6,000 people, the happy folks eating and singing, and, of course, the beer. People join strangers at the tables and, before you know it, food and beer arrive. Oktoberfest is like the Bavarian Biergartens—the friendly atmosphere, the hum, or roar, of good conversation, great beer, a rousting oompah band, and the sights and sounds of Bavaria.

The normal fare consisted of half a haehnchen (chicken), brotchen (pretzel) and a liter of beer. Food on the midway included pickled herring sandwiches, lebkuchen (gingerbread) heart cookies, steckerlfisch on a stick and cinnamon seasoned nuts. Since food was consumed in the tents or as you walked along, there were lots of finger foods like freshly cut fries with curry ketchup and hot dogs (no buns) that we dipped in ketchup or dark, sweet senf (German mustard).

What do you usually make for Oktoberfest?

Rebecca: We have 40 to 60 guests so our delicious dishes have to be easy to prepare and serve to a crowd. We always include traditional Munich dishes: sauerkraut, pork, sausage, kartoffelsalat (potato salad) and blaukraut (red cabbage). Radi (large white radish sliced paper thin and salted) is traditionally served. We use Daikon.

What foods do you recommend for aspiring hosts?

Rebecca: Try blaukraut and kartoffelsalat. There are lots of recipes online. Find ones that sound good and easy. For an authentic kartoffelsalat, avoid recipes with mayonnaise—it should be vinegary. Roasted or grilled chicken is authentic. Sausages and good crisp skin “hot dogs” are easily prepared. Serve them without a bun so they can be dipped in senf. Try to find large bread pretzels (also dipped in senf). And, of course, good beer and a few “eins, zwei g’suffa!” (one, two, down the hatch!). Add a couple of Bavarian oompah CDs for a great tasting, authentic celebration.

Tell us about the beer you’re brewing for Oktoberfest

Steve and Son/Farm Partner, Spencer with a homebrew (Photo: Steve Pierce)

We brewed a Lager with Two row, Munich Malt, Belgian Pilsner and Carapils. Of course, we use our organic Cascade hops – not very authentic. We should use Saaz, Tettnanger or Hallertauer. The secret with any lager is to use a good active yeast. I use Wyeast Oktoberfest and brew early enough so the beer can age and condition at about 40-45 degrees for months.

What’s Oktoberfest like at Alpha Beta Hops?

Steve and Rebecca: We celebrate with the folks who volunteered to pick hops with us. It’s a chance to repay them for their hard work and dedication, break out the Weis und Blau (white and blue – colors of Bavaria) decorations and relive the wonderful times we had in Munich and Bavaria. We grill, sample good bier and continue the conversation.

Thanks Steve and Rebecca! We hope this inspires great times with good friends, craft beer and tasty food.

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Join us for the 2nd Annual Pumpkins and Pints!

The season is changing, Oktoberfest is on the menu and Halloween is around the corner.  That must mean it’s time for Standing Stone Brewing’s second annual Pumpkins and Pints event!

Join us this Sunday, October 24th from 3-7 pm, on our back patio for pumpkin carving, fresh beer, warm specialty drinks and grilled bratwursts as we welcome the fall!  Bring the family and get ready for some good old-fashioned outdoor fun.

We’ll have live guitar music and a patio grill for made-to-order sausages with beer mustard.  For dessert, we’ll feature special apple cider doughnuts. Heaters will help keep us warm as the afternoon goes on, but remember a sweater for the fall breeze.

If weather drives us inside, we’ll carve pumpkins in our sunroom and celebrate by the warmth of our wood-fired oven.

Bring a pumpkin or carve one of ours!  We’ve got the carving tools, you’ve got the creativity.  See you there!

Latest Specialty Beer: Oktoberfest is on Tap

It’s that time of year again – Oktoberfest is on tap!

We always enjoy brewing this beer style since it is one of the few lagers that we make.  It’s also fun to be a part of the history behind this annual favorite and the slate of celebrations that bear its name.

About our 2010 Oktoberfest

This seasonal lager is deep gold with a smooth medium body. It imparts hints of orange and a sweet malty flavor with balanced bitterness. 6.3% abv.


  • Organic Pilsner
  • Organic Carapils
  • Vienna
  • Briess Bonlander


  • Bittering = Centennial
  • Aroma = German Hersbrucker

Lagers are brewed with bottom-fermented yeast. The name of this beer style comes from the German word for storage, associated with storing beer at cool temperatures to keep it fresh.

Food Pairings

Oktoberfest pairs well with a variety of dishes on our menu. We suggest:

  • Wood Fired Pretzel with Spicy Ale-Marionberry Mustard
  • Three Meat Pizza
  • Standing Stone Italian Sausage Pizza
  • Charbroiled Naturally Raised Oregon Pork Chops

Oktoberfest Style Origins

If you’ve ever wondered how the Oktoberfest style came about, here’s a little history from Many years ago, the Germans used to brew a malty, amber-hued lager in March, which they’d store in caves (lagers) through the summer in the absence of refrigeration. This usually lasted through early fall, making it available during the Oktoberfest celebration. In honor of this tradition, German brewers began to produce a special autumn beer, inspired by the original German recipe. The style has evolved over the years, but generally consists of a malty, copper-colored lager, perhaps with nuances of spice and a dry finish. Some breweries make ales for Oktoberfest but we like to honor the tradition and stick with a lager.

You will want to come enjoy our Oktoberfest and the wonderful autumn season that heralds its annual arrival.