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A Fish Story.


(photo: R. Koning)

The bite is on off the Oregon and Northern California coasts and we are getting in on the action with fresh fish specials and additions to our regular menu. And by using locally sourced, sustainably caught fish, we are helping turn the tide on practices which are harmful to ocean ecosystems while supporting the local economy.

Just-caught salmon and albacore —straight from the fisherman to your fork— is now available at Standing Stone Brewing Company. We purchase our fish right off the boat so we are not only getting the brightest, freshest seafood available on the market, but also are directly supporting local fishermen like Mark Newell of Newport who owns the Silver Quest pictured below.


(photo: Mark Newell)

You are also supporting sustainable fishing management when you eat our locally harvested fish. Our fishermen use methods which reduce by-catch, or catching unwanted fish, and are not harmful to seafloor structure. The chinook salmon and albacore tuna are troll-caught, one of the safest types of fishing when it comes to reducing by-catch. This environmentally conscious “hook and line” method is preferred to trawling or dredging, which are harmful to the seafloor.

And best of all, it’s delicious! Chinook salmon are one of Oregon’s most sought after fish, and when you sink your teeth into a filet you’ll understand why. Look for chinook salmon on our daily specials board.  Oregon’s albacore tuna are harvested younger and have a lower accumulation of mercury. They are also high in healthful oils and are known for their mild, distinct flavor. We are currently serving our Fish Tacos with fresh albacore, and they are becoming a staff and customer favorite!

We are proud to support the region’s hard-working fishermen, and are committed to sustainably sourced ingredients. We look forward to hooking our guests up with the best fish on the market! So follow us on Facebook and Twitter to see what’s coming in off the docks and making its way to your dinner plate!

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(photo: Mark Newell)

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2 comments on “A Fish Story.

  1. charles kochlacs

    Speaking of fish tacos, why do the fish tacos now have only a single tortilla instead of the old double tortilla?

    • You noticed! We’re now handmaking our corn and flour tortillas every day – our house expert, Louisa, does the whole process, mixing, pressing and heating them. We feel these are sturdier than the first tortillas we used for the original fish taco plate, so only one is needed. Thanks for asking!

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