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Wine on Tap Continues to Sparkle

By now, most of our frequent customers know about the kegged wine we offer in cooperation with Wooldridge Creek Winery in the Applegate Valley. After a year of pouring this great vintage we want to rave about it again and recap our success with this progressive program.

Last June we contracted our first order of Wooldridge Creek wine in 15.5 gallon kegs. We started with three varieties: Chardonnay, Cabernet, and Tempranillo. The goals of the using wines in kegs are to offer customers quality house wine at a lower cost, and reduce our natural resource use and carbon footprint by shrinking the materials used for packaging and the fuel consumed in distribution. The concept is catching on nationally as winemakers seek to save costs, eliminate waste and help the planet.

Customer feedback and our own taste testing assures us that quality is never compromised. Customer conversations are engaging and positive. More and more, we are pleasing guests by showing them bulk wine is good to the last drop.

We asked Wooldridge Creek winemaker, Greg Paneitz, to share some facts about the overall environmental impact that Standing Stone and Wooldridge Creek have made by serving kegged wines. Here’s what kindly he broke down for us:

We have delivered a total of 634 gallons of wine in kegs since we started about a year ago.

That is equal to:

267 cases

3210 bottles, corks, labels and foils

10,680 pounds of glass (Over 5 tons)

Just to give you an idea of what that looks like; 267 cases is 7 pallets of glass.

Wow, pretty cool reality check.

We know that glass is the largest contributor to a winery’s carbon footprint. Together, we are doing a nice job of mitigating that fact.

Wine deliveries have gone from once a week to once every four to six weeks. A single vehicle makes one 65 mile round trip, with enough space saved from eliminating bottles to fit everything securely inside one regular sized delivery car.

Recently, we have added a sparkling Brut to our taps for customers to enjoy. Following the same principles as the other wines on tap, the Brut stays sparkling and fresh pour after pour. How nice to enjoy a glass with dinner or dessert, or as a delicious palate cleanser between courses.

To learn more about Standing Stone and Wooldridge Creek’s cooperative relationship, follow this link to an article in the Ashland Daily Tidings. The trend is expanding to other local restaurants as well. Oregon Winepress featured a story on the winery’s growing distribution to 4 Daughter Irish Pub in Medford, Ore. and several other regional eateries.

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