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mash tun grainIf you’ve stopped by the brewpub during lunchtime on a weekday, you’ve most likely seen our brewers shoveling spent grain from the mash tun – the large stainless steel tank by the front door. If you’ve ever wondered what becomes of the loads of sweet, soaked malt once the beer-in-the-making passes on to the next phase, look no further than your plate.

At Standing Stone we send all our spent grain to our farm down the road, aptly named One Mile Farm. Here, it’s divided up among cows and chickens who love the tasty treat. In return, they give us loads of eggs (found in our desserts, breakfast dishes and salads), as well as meat protein for our menu.

That’s right, the burgers in our kitchen come from cows that live just a mile from the free range cowsbrewpub! Our Black Angus cattle graze on 265 acres of pasture and enjoy an extra malty meal from time to time. Once mature, we take the cows to Roseburg, OR to a USDA facility where they give the meat back to us in quarters. We then do all the butchering in-house. The steaks and beef for tacos and cheesesteak sandwiches are hand-cut, and the burger meat is freshly ground daily. We then serve our local, free-range beef on housemade bread, buns, or tortillas prepared fresh every morning.

Pair any of our beers on tap with eggs, beef or farm chicken on our menu, and you’re enjoying the zero-waste efforts of our brewing operations.

Do you have interesting and creative ideas for reusing spent grain? We know lots of breweries and farms that do exchanges of malt for eggs and other produce, and we love the concept of sharing rewards. You can also compost spent grain in your yard, or use it in spent grain recipes (like these from the Brooklyn Brewshop) for bread, crackers, desserts more.

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