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Earth Day

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Pints for a Purpose Benefits Rogue Valley Earth Day, 3/3

posterWe’re rallying-up for our final Pints for a Purpose benefit evening of the 2014/2015 season. From 5-10pm on Tuesday, March 3rd we’ll give $2 for every pint of beer sold at Standing Stone to a nonprofit near-and-dear to our hearts: Rogue Valley Earth Day.  This year, the Earth Day celebration lands on Saturday, April 25th at ScienceWorks Hands-On Museum in Ashland, Oregon. We’re raising some extra funds for this Rogue Valley tradition, and we’d love your help!

Rogue Valley Earth Day is an annual celebration for all ages to learn about environmental stewardship and build community in a fun and inspirational setting. Since 2001, the event has been a forum for nonprofits, businesses and governments to raise awareness; a venue for local musicians, artists and performers to share their talents, and an outlet for students to display their knowledge and creativity.

Visitors will enjoy dozens of exhibits about waste prevention, local food and farms, green products, building materials, clean energy options, transportation alternatives, wildlife preservation, and much more. Check out the live entertainment and hands-on activities, and experience a zero-waste event! Organizers encourage attendees to walk, bike, carpool, or ride the RVTD Route 10 to get to the festivities.

PrintYou’ll also find Standing Stone pouring beer at this year’s event! Stop by for a pint while browsing the vendors and exhibits, or settle in with a cold-one while watching some of the live entertainment. You can learn more about the event or sign up to volunteer at

Mark your calendar, write it on your hand, tie a string around your finger…whatever method you choose for remembering, don’t forget to join us on March 3rd for Pints for a Purpose. We’re going out with a bang for the 2014/2015 donation season, so let’s get some pint-drinking buds together to support Rogue Valley Earth Day!

Earth Day: Sharing Ideas for Daily Sustainability

Each year on Earth Day, April 22nd, the world unites to celebrate the environment and recommit ourselves to upping our efforts to protect and restore it. Of course, to make this happen we need to make environmental responsibility a daily habit. To get inspiration, we asked some Standing Stone Brewing Co employees, partners and fellow green businesses to share what they do at work, home and on-the-go to lighten their load on the planet. We’d love to hear your ideas, too, so post a comment to let us know how you honor Earth Day a little bit each day.

Rachel Koning, Events Manager & Social Media

  • Bring silverware and plates from home for food on-the-go. I use them for lunch to get my favorite tamales at the Ashland Growers and Crafters Market.
  • Reuse bags for bulk foods at the grocery store. I use the same animal cracker bag each time for my son’s favorite snack from the Ashland Co-Op.
  • Walk! Ashland is a beautiful walking town with lots to do and see, all within a few miles.

 Larry Chase, Brewmaster

  • When running water and waiting for it to turn hot, we collect shower water in a pitcher to fill our dog bowls and 5 gal buckets to flush the toilet, and put kitchen water into pitchers for drinking. About 1 gal flows at most faucets in our house before hot water arrives. So, we save at least 800 gal of potable water per year.  Because municipal water is ridiculously inexpensive, our conservation saves only $1.81 per year. Nonetheless, 800 gallons is a sizable amount of water not wasted, and that’s the important thing.

Ginger Johnson, Women Enjoying Beer (and Jackson County Master Recycler)

  • When we give a beer tasting session, we bring small glasses that we buy from thrift stores and put our logo sticker on, eliminating one-use plastic cups. Glass is also best for beer that has been carefully and lovingly made, and guests get a keepsake to use again. Sending the sustainability message reverberates successfully and makes everyone happy.
  • I’ve made small washable cloth napkins for our events, using fabric from thrift stores. Cutting and sewing the edges myself reuses already available goods. It’s also economical and is met with positive response.
  • If you sell retail goods, research and procure them wisely. I try to buy only sustainable choices – organic fabrics, low impact ink, minimal waste and sustainably-minded companies. While these may have a higher price, it invites a great conversation with consumers. You may not always make a sale, yet you can always make a difference.

Annie Hoy, Outreach Manager, Ashland Food Co-op (AFC)

  • Find out what you can recycle locally and look beyond curbside programs to maximize landfill diversion. AFC reduced landfill waste by more than 20% in 2011 by finding a local company to accept more of the plastic we generate.
  • Conserve and green your energy, then offset what you need to use. AFC is offsetting 100% of our electricity usage through RECs from Bonneville Environmental Foundation. Some may say that’s just buying our way out, but it’s better than nothing. (Note: AFC also has photovoltaic solar panels.)
  • Encourage and learn from others. One AFC’s sustainability goals is to “take sustainability out to the community.” To enact that goal, I’m chairing a Chamber of Commerce Green Committee make Greeters events, the 4th of July and Food and Wine event more sustainable, and recognize “Green” greeters.

Risa Buck, Waste Zero Specialist, Recology Ashland Sanitary Service

  • It’s only trash if that’s how you treat it!

And, with that succinct no-words-wasted mantra, we have the perfect ending. Thanks for the ideas and motivation! What do you do? How will you up the ante on sustainability in life and work this year? Let us know!

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Earth Day – Get Engaged Today and Every Day

What will you do to celebrate Earth Day today?

Taking positive action is the best way to observe the occasion, and it’s necessary to get all hands on deck to help our planet. There are lots of ways to do this, such as carrying out or helping with a volunteer project, making lifestyle changes, initiating better practices at work, learning, educating others….and more.

Need some ideas? Here’s a few to get you going.

  • Volunteer: There are tons of local and national organizations continually looking for volunteers to help them people events and stations to get the word out better. Google or grab your local yellow pages for groups to assist.
  • Start a compost: Standing Stone composts all pre-consumer food waste. It’s easy, simple, and no – it doesn’t stink when it’s done properly.
  • Refuse and reduce first: Cutting down on unnecessary things is the first step. The critical thinking about how we as consumers affect the upstream is the beginning.  Yes, still recycle – just remember it’s at the end of the equation, not the beginning.
  • Walk, bike, skateboard, inline skate or use a foot powered scooter to get to where you are going. Budget a bit more time and we all benefit – the least of which will be your body.
  • Look at what you eat: Purchase food and beverages responsibly. Ask where the stuffs come from. If the purveyor knows, have confidence. If they do not, ask more questions or shop where they know. Transparency is important.
  • Donate money to causes that are truly making strides towards an improved environment.

This just scratches the surface of what you can do. Every day.

Make Earth Day Every Day – we’ll celebrate with you.