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Shake It Up


Oregon Orange Oasis

In the thirty seconds between picking your favorite bar stool and the bartender noticing you, it’s a frantic scramble in your brain to come up with an exotic and fun cocktail. For those that want to try something fresh but aren’t sure where to start, we here at Standing Stone created several new specialties to delight your taste buds.

Our lineup begins with the Wild Roots Marion Drop, invented by the charismatic Jacob Nunes. One of the best qualities about this martini is its simplicity; Wild Roots Marionberry vodka, fresh lemon and pineapple juice, and garnished with a lemon for zest. The pineapple doesn’t overpower the marion berry and the tropical undertone sets the mood for a flirty and fun drink.

One of the concoctions that took me completely by surprise, was the Oregon Orange Oasis, also created by Jacob. More complicated than the Marion Drop, it’s a charming blend of Immortal Spirits State of Jefferson Rum, house made Orange Soda, Cointreau and a wheel of orange. The first taste is likened to a Creamsicle before transitioning to a smooth finish as the whisky rounds off the sweetness. Overall, the kid in you that yearns to hear the nostalgic jingle of the ice cream truck, will rejoice as the bar tender hands you the mature beverage masquerading as summertime bliss.

Craving the taste of Sangria? Put down the Carlo Rossi and sprite for a more elevated and sophisticated feel with our select wines on tap, fresh fruit and brandy. The brandy adds a solid backbone to the tangy wine, lifting our beverage beyond its vineyard origins.

If mint is your thing (and I’m sure you know where I’m going with this) never fear: the classic Mojito is now available created by the talented Gina. A blend of Four Spirits Spiced Rum, fresh lime juice, simple syrup and mint from our rooftop garden, the hit of this drink is the slight spice from the rum that packs a punch without taking away from the crisp flavor of the MIMGP9246_edited-2ojito.

Deviating away from our cocktails, I must pay tribute to the newcomer available on tap: the Summer Squeeze which derives from the ingenuity of our faithful brewer Larry. Tangy with a dash of sweetness, it’s the perfect refresher for a hot day when the AC breaks down and you’re feeling defeated by the sun’s rays. What makes this sour so unique is the amount of grapefruit involved: one pound of grapefruit is added to every gallon of the mixture.

Whether you fancy one of our exotic newcomers, or want to stick with our tried and true favorites, stop into Standing Stone this week to see what our mixologists can shake up for ya.

–Written by Katie Butler

Holiday Spirits: Mixing It Up

We love to mix things up and add spice to life around our restaurant and brewpub. While we’re best known for our handcrafted beer, our bartenders and beverage mavens are always crafting festive, flavorful concoctions. To satisfy the entire family, they specialize in both libations and non-alcoholic drinks.

This holiday season, we’ve got a few delights waiting. Come and enjoy them, and share your own favorites in the comments section.


Our wassail is a steamed blend of rum, spiced apple cider and Standing Stone Oatmeal Stout, melding tradition with one of our brewery favorites. Wassail refers to a drink, a festival and caroling. The custom originated in England as part of a celebration expressing gratitude for the apple harvest and toasting future growing seasons. Communities would go a wassailing, singing and drinking among the orchards to boost apple trees’ health and protect them from evil spirits. Traditional wassail drinks combined cider, mulling spices and toast, sometimes with ale or mead. It’s evolved into lots of recipes over time, and we hope you enjoy our take on it. It goes well with our Marionberry Cobbler, Cheescake or Bread Pudding, as well as many of our other special seasonal desserts.

Spiced Apple-tini

Apple cider is synonymous with autumn in Southern Oregon, where orchards dot the landscape and trees with ripe fruit can be found on almost any street. To add a little kick to this seasonal beverage, we created a martini by shaking organic cider, cinnamon schnapps and spiced rum. This will warm the palate and awaken your taste buds on winter’s cloudy cool days.  We think it pairs best with warm gingersnap cookies or our Oregon Raised Pork Chops with sauteed apples and spinach. You can try this at home, too. With such a hearty local bounty of apples, it’s easy to find an organic cider from an orchard in your area. We like Thompson Creek Organic from the Applegate Valley.  If you have a juicer, consider buying organic apples from your local coop, natural foods store, orchard or roadside fruit stand and prepare with your own spices.

Chai Toddy

Our house made Black Chai Tea is a customer and employee favorite year round, served either steamed and warm or shaken over ice. We brew the black tea and spices from scratch, offering a unique chai blend available only at Standing Stone. As much as we enjoy the alcohol-free version, which is always available, we thought we’d add a holiday twist to make this the perfect night cap. Our bartenders are happily preparing the new Hot Chai Toddy, served warm with spiced rum and Tuaca liquer. With a little bite and and sweetness, this wintertime drink satisfies through the last sip. We enjoy a glass with our Stir Crazy Cake,  served warm with cinnamon and topped with bourbon whipped cream.

Steamed Ginger Lemonade

Our housemade ginger lemonade is a staple on our menu. We like the zest of  fresh ginger as it plays with honey and freshly-squeezed lemon to create a refreshing and healthful beverage. Last year, one of our employees was feeling under the weather and our bartender steamed a mug and served it to her warm. A new drink was born!  Steamed ginger lemonade has steadily become a favorite among our local customers as the weather grows colder, and we suggest asking for it this way on your next visit.  We don’t have it listed on our menu, but our servers are happy to bring it steaming and warm upon request.