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Spotlight on Noble Coffee Roasting: Part 2 of 2

We love our local business partners in Ashland, Oregon. Noble Coffee Roasting is an award-winning craft coffee producer located just a few blocks away, and we proudly brew their coffee and espresso at Standing Stone. Last week we posted Part One of our interview with owner, Jared Rennie, all about responsible sourcing how the business started. Now, we continue with more about Noble Coffee Roasting, including how to brew and use great coffee at home.

What are some of the ways Noble Coffee has worked to benefit coffee producers and communities?

Describing how Noble Coffee has benefited our producer-partners would take many words to fully explain. To keep it simple, we develop relationships with producers, and then we fully support them. Here are some examples…

  • We have paid for the organic certification for two of our producer-partners.
  • We have operated fundraisers that have provided funds, computers, printers, and school supplies to producing communities.
  • We name our coffees after the producers and farms themselves, so as to give them credit for growing the fruit that they do.
  • We pay based on cupping scores. This means that a coffee that scores 88 out to 100 earns more money than a coffee scoring 86 points. This creates an incentive for producers to constantly be improving.
  • We provide feedback based on quality that allows producers to improve their crops which, in turn, helps them to demand higher prices for their product.

What’s the best way to store and prepare coffee at home?

  • Buy high-quality, certified organic coffee.
  • Buy coffee that offers a roast date.
  • Buy coffee that is freshly-roasted and brew it within two weeks from the roast date.
  • Grind your beans with a high-quality burr grinder (like Baratza) just before brewing.
  • Use filtered water (Brita is great).
  • Make sure to use the appropriate temperature, right around 200 degrees.
  • Use the appropriate quantity of coffee (around 2 grams of coffee per 1 ounce of water).
  • Know more about the chemistry of brewing coffee… Coffee is the most complex food that we consume in terms of flavonoids, and therefore antioxidants. If you’re interested in more hands on learning, please write us at for information on brewing classes.

What are some ways to use coffee in food recipes, too?

Coffee can be used for all kinds of great stuff! Finely ground coffee is great for a rub on meats, is a great addition to chocolate frosting, and mole sauces. Cold-brewed concentrates are amazing in cocktails, and these concentrates can also be diluted over ice for a great warm-weather treat.

Thanks again, Jared! You can find Noble Coffee on Fourth Street in Ashland, and also at their walk-up window downtown on the plaza (open April-October). Or, come in to Standing Stone for a handful of Noble-inspired drinks and treats. We brew Noble coffee and espresso, as well as our specialty Noble Stout – our Oatmeal Stout infused with Mokha Java blend cold-press coffee. Or, to satisfy your sweet tooth, try our Stir Crazy Cake, made with dark chocolate and Noble coffee. Whatever your choice, enjoy the opportunity to savor award-winning delights brewed up locally in Ashland.

All photos courtesy of Noble Coffee Roasting

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