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New Wine on Tap: Stuckagain Heights Pinot Noir

We love putting drinks on tap, as the tradition delivers both great quality and environmental benefits. In addition to our line of craft beers, we tap our housemade lemonades and root beer, Wandering Aengus Hard Cider and three local house wines from Wooldridge Creek Winery.

This winter, we’re building on this tradition with our newest wine on tap: Misty Oaks Stuckagain Heights 2009 Pinot Noir, which comes to us in kegs from the nearby Umpqua Valley.

Why do we love kegged wine so much? It’s simple to store, saves thousands of pounds of glass bottles and associated resources every year, and easy to transport. A full sized 15 gallon keg takes up little more than the backseat of a car. The same amount of wine in bottles would require six cases. We save a trip or two a month – and a lot of fuel and emissions – by purchasing in “bulk.”

The wine industry has fine tuned every aspect of the process to ensure you enjoy the same flavorful, fresh, high quality experience that you’d get from bottled wine. Positive customer response to our current lineup convinced us to expand. Indeed, several vintages of the Misty Oaks Stuckagain Heights Pinot Noir have garnered awards. The 2006 release won the Greatest of the Grapes’ only Platinum Award while the 2007 vintage received a Silver Medal from Oregon Wine Press. We’re proud to offer this well-received wine, merging quality with sustainability and serving the smartest product choices.

Misty Oaks

Misty Oaks Stuckagain Heights Pinot Noir rounds out our already popular assortment of wines on tap. Since June 2009 we’ve been tapping three selections from Wooldridge Creek Winery: Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Chardonnay. As our region is well known for producing fabulous Pinot Noir, we felt we needed to add this varietal to complete a missing link in our program.

Food & Wine Pairings

Misty Oaks’ flavor profile offers a light body and smooth velvety texture, so it matches well with some of the lighter fare on our menu. Try pairing a glass with the Chicken Marsala or Olive Trio. Or, play off its creamy vanilla and oak aroma and enjoy with a bowl of our sometimes-daily soup special, sweet potato and coconut milk. Its soft tannins and easy finish are palatable for most wine enthusiasts, and it serves as a great pre-meal wine to warm the appetite.

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