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Meet Our New Electric Motorcycle

Co-owner Alex Amarotico on Standing Stone's new Enertia (photo: R. Koning)

At Standing Stone, we’re big fans of cleaner transportation. Our brewpub proudly maintains a fleet of over 40 commuter bicycles that employees use to travel to and from work, and we have a bike parking hub right outside our front door. Over 50 percent of our employees use some form of environmentally preferable transportation to get around, including pedal-power, walking, public transit and carpooling.

Now, we’re happy to welcome another mode of transportation with a smaller eco-footprint to our business – an electric motorcycle from Ashland, OR-based Brammo.

Our new Brammo Enertia bike provides us with zero-emission transportation around town and back and forth to our Standing Stone Farm. We can easily carry small tools and cartons of farm eggs with this pint-sized vehicle – a task that has typically required use of a larger, motorized vehicle.


Brammo designs and develops battery-powered electric motorcycles. The Ashland business has won national and international awards and recognition for their electric-powered transportation. We feel fortunate to be neighbors with this progressive company right here in Southern Oregon!

A fleet of Brammo electric bikes turning onto Oak St. in Ashland (photo:

Brammo’s Enertia is one of the most popular electric motorbikes in the country. Its battery gives the bike a range of up to 40 miles on a single full charge. This is the equivalent of about 13 round trips to and from our farmland, 1.5 miles away from our restaurant and brewery. Recharging the battery takes approximately 4 hours, and is done by plugging the bike into a regular electrical outlet. With a maximum speed of 60 MPH, this is a perfect vehicle to get us all around the Rogue Valley on zero petroleum.

We’re always excited to find ways to increase the use of lower-eco-impact transit, and we encourage you to learn more and join us! Rogue Valley residents can get more information through websites like Go Rogue Valley, which promotes commuting options like biking, walking, jogging, and more, and organizes local events and resources. Rogue Valley Transportation District (RVTD) has routes all across the Valley, with evening and Saturday bus service beginning in April 2012, creating more public transportation opportunities. RVTD also offers biking tips, has bicycle racks on each bus, and offers ride sharing resources.

If you live elsewhere, look for local public transit, ride-share, bicycling and walking resources to get you going. There are lots of options wherever you are, so learn about and go with what works best for you!

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