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Latest Specialty Beer: Return of Hop Night

Back by popular demand (and the fervent requests of Standing Stone employees), Hop Night makes its return to our specialty beer menu! This Pacific Northwest style creation has been a staff favorite since its birth last year, and its big, rich flavor and body make it a great brew to bring back during the chilly winter months.

Also called Black IPA or India Black Ale, early pioneers of this beer style prefer the name Cascadian Dark Ale, as it features our region’s signature Cascade hop varietal. Characteristics typical of this brew include a piney, citrusy aroma from Cascadian hops, toasted malt flavors and a semi-dry finish. In recent years, the beer’s national popularity has grown, and The Brewers Association recognized it as a style for the first time at the 2010 Great American Beer Festival.

About Hop Night

This microbrew is as dark as night with a light tan head of foam. Before you imbibe, take in its savory aroma to prime your palate. You’ll enjoy a big, full mouthfeel, roasted malt flavor, and a strong finish of hop bitterness to top off the experience. 7.3% abv


• Organic Two-Row

• Organic Crystal 60

• Organic Carapils

• Blackprinz

• Midnight Wheat


• Bittering = Apollo

• Aroma/Flavor = Cascade, Goldings, Liberty

• Dry Hop = Centennial, from the Applegate Valley, OR

Food Pairings

Hop Night has a big, robust, strong character. Naturally, this beer pairs best with foods that can stand up to its hearty nature. During the winter months, we think rich, comfort food is the best pick for the job. Here are some menu items that can complement its qualities and leave your taste buds perfectly pleased:

  • Spicy Barbequed Chick Pizza
  • Black Bean Chilli
  • Standing Stone Cheese Burger
  • Charbroiled 5-Spiced Teriyaki Ribs
  • Italian Sausage Linguini

Stop by to enjoy a pint of Hop Night while it lasts! It’s a great way to savor and celebrate the Northwest’s passion around brewing, and our region’s contribution to the greater craft beer world.

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