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Latest Specialty Beer: Hop Night (Cascadian Dark Ale)

(Photo: Larry Chase)

As a Northwest-based brewpub, we try to honor our roots. In that spirit, our latest specialty beer is Hop Night, a Cascadian Dark Ale.

Also called Black IPA and India Black Ale, this beer style originated in the Pacific Northwest and features the region’s signature Cascade hop varietal. We chose a name for this microbrew that harkens its dark color and pronounced hoppiness. You can get more details on the style from and Lisa Morrison at Hop Press.

About Hop Night

This microbrew is as dark as night with a light tan head of foam. Before your imbibe, take in its spicy aroma to prime your palate. You’ll enjoy a big, full mouthfeel, and a roasted malt flavor with subtle nuances of mint. A lingering finish of hop bitterness tops off the experience. 7.2% abv


  • Two-Row
  • Carafa
  • Munich
  • Chocolate
  • Crystal 60
  • Acidualted
  • Oat Flakes
  • Wheat Flakes


  • Bittering = Apollo
  • Aroma/Flavor = Cascade, Goldings, Liberty
  • First Dry Hop = Golding
  • Second Dry Hop = Cascade (from Alpha Beta Hops Farm in Ashland, OR)

Food Pairings

To pair beer and food, one tried and true method is to match intensities. For example, a microbrew that offers a less intense flavor is the ideal pairing for food with a delicate disposition. Hop Night has a big, robust, strong character. Here are some menu items that can stand up to it and complement its qualities for an enhanced dining experience:

  • Black Bean Nachos

    (Photo: Larry Chase)

  • Black and Blue Burger (made with Rogue Creamery cheese)
  • Grilled Reuben
  • Daily Beef Primal Cut
  • Tempeh Stir Fry

Stop by to enjoy a pint of Hop Night any time. It’s a great way to savor and celebrate the Northwest’s passion around beer, and its influence on innovation and quality in the broader craft beer movement.

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