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Double Hoppiness: Barley Wine & Farmer Brown Ale specialty brews

Those who enjoy trying a twist on what’s typically on tap, rejoice! We’ve got two specialty brews for you: Oak-Aged Barley Wine and Farmer Brown Ale.

Oak-Aged Barley Wine

This much-anticipated, annual holiday favorite is back! It’s actually a beer, since it’s made with malt, but its higher alcohol content is the reason behind the English tradition of labeling the drink as a wine. It’s also aged, something associated more with wine, though varieties of many beverages, including beer and tea, are also given time to improve.

The barley wine style originated in England, with the first commercial items hitting the market in the early 1900’s. You may see it served in various glassware to enhance the experience of its rich aromas.

About Barley Wine:

This is a big, bold, unique tasting beer with a full mouthfeel. Our 2010 batch was brewed two years ago and aged in an oak barrel made by Seguin Moreau. You’ll enjoy vinous-like aromas and dried fruit flavors of raisin and plum. It’s sweet as it hits the palate, with a drier finish that will leave you anticipating the next sip. A pleasant wood character also permeates through the tasting experience. 11% abv.


  • 2-row
  • Crystal 60
  • Munich
  • Chocolate
  • Roasted


  • Bittering = Nugget
  • Flavor/Aroma= Cascade, UK Kent Golding

Original Gravity = 23.7 Degrees Plato

What’s original gravity? This scale measures the wort density as the percent sugar by weight. Most of our beers are in the 10.0-19.0 range. A higher original gravity generally means the beer will have a higher alcohol percentage since sugar is converted to alcohol by the yeast. We hope you enjoy our Barley Wine soon—our annual holiday gift for all who enjoy great, craft beer.

Farmer Brown Ale

Our latest specialty beer is an English-style Brown Ale. Employee Alison Blakeslee suggested the name “Farmer Brown” and we liked it, since it expresses our support for local producers everywhere. This is a complement to a previous, and very well received specialty beer, Butternut Brown, which was more of an American Brown Ale.

In general, American browns follow the American culture mantra of bigger is better. Whether “bigger is better” is debatable and differs across palates, but “bigger” is certainly different. While English browns have mild bitterness and toasty flavors, American browns have more hops, and thus higher bitterness, and the toasty flavor can tend toward more pronounced roasted characteristics with more caramel tones. English browns impart a lighter bodied mouthfeel and you’ll generally be able to enjoy more of them because of their lower alcohol content.

About Farmer Brown Ale:

This ale is copper to light brown in color. It offers a fruity and fresh-bread-yeast aroma, toasty and graham cracker flavors, and low hop bitterness. 5.0% abv


  • Organic 2-row
  • Organic Carapils
  • Vienna
  • Briess Brewers Reserve Carabrown


  • Bittering = Nugget
  • Flavor/Aroma = Golding (from the Willamette Valley)

Food Pairings

We enjoy this with our Black Bean Hummus Plate, Chicken Marsala and other pleasantly spicy foods, including desserts like bread pudding.

Cheers to farmers, and the diversity of brown ale! Hop in and try a pint before this limited specialty beer is gone!

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