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All of us at Standing Stone lovingly remember the chalkboards at the heads of our elementary school classrooms. Our teachers used them to give lessons, illustrate topics, stay organized and play. We took a learning from our early education and brought chalkboards to our brewery! We feature them in every area of the restaurant, with ever-changing info for our customers and coworkers.

These eco-friendly boards allow us to communicate a range of news, updates and offerings without using paper (and trees). And, they’re fun! They’ve also helped us discover hidden art talents among our staff and let employees express their creativity. Here’s  virtual tour of our gallery:

Since its unveiling two years ago, the Standing Stone Specials Board has become a favorite centerpiece for our customers. This three-tiered hanging chalkboard is colorfully bursting with daily food and drink specials, often boasting local ingredients from our Standing Stone Farm and neighboring farms.

If you’ve visited us during the past year, you’ve no doubt noticed the vibrant chalkboards on display in the front windows and dining room. These are “chalked-full” of information about upcoming events, specialty beers, and lots more. Our resident artist, Sienna Quinn, illustrates these, making them extra eye-catching. Check them out on your next visit, and see what’s happening around here.

To share the fun, we recently replaced our paper kids’ menus with reusable mini chalkboards! Now kids can create chalk art of their own at the table. It’s okay if adults want to try their hand and art and play. too.

We make all of our chalkboards and thought we’d share tips for those who want to try this at home.  We craft ours from repurposed wood, often using extra pieces from construction projects. We smear each board with two coats of chalkboard paint then rub the boards with chalk to prep them for use. Check out the chalkboard paint at your local hardware store and try making your own at home! They make great reusable message boards as an alternative to paper.

Keep an eye out for these fresh, new boards around the restaurant and brewery. And enjoy them while they last, because odds are, you won’t see the same one twice!

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