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Beer of the Day: Hop Night

_DSC3186_edited-2In celebration of American Craft Beer Week, May 13th-19th, we’re highlighting a different Beer of the Day all week long, and Tuesday we honor Hop Night.

Hop Night vies with another one of our rotating specialty beers (Milk & Honey Ale) for the most requested brew of Standing Stone employees and loyal customers. Its dark, rich body, hoppy aroma and spicy mouthfeel make this one of the “bigger” beers we brew, and beer aficionados all over the Northwest love the Cascadian Dark Ale variety this beer is modeled for.

To celebrate this favorite brew during American Craft Beer Week, we asked a few of our coworkers what they love so much about Hop Night and other Cascadian Dark Ales:

“I love that it combines the earthy, malty notes of Stout with a nice hoppy, tropical fruit finish.” ~ Mike

“I wait all year for Hop Night. Its seriously the ONLY IPA I drink.” ~ Chelsea

“I love that I can pour my coworker (and FRIEND!), Chelsea, a proper pint post-shift, rather than watch her mix Steel-Cut Stout with I Heart Oregon Ale in an effort to create this favorite. Welcome back Hop Night!” ~ Gina

“It’s amazing with a Reuben, but it stands great on its own, too. That’s why its good to have two – one with and one without food.” ~ Rachel

Come in and decide for yourself what you think about this Black IPA. And when we’ve tapped out of the batch and it’s gone ‘til next time, consider trying a “Wolfhound.” It’s a customer creation (thanks, Fred) mixing half Steel-Cut Stout and half Twin Plunge Double IPA, to make a rich, malty, hoppy combo.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s Beer of the Day: I Heart Oregon Ale.

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