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Video Cocktail Recipe: Cucumber Mint Julep

Happy Labor Day Weekend to all! This is the weekend to toast economic and social achievements of American workers, and who better to raise a glass with than your local craft brewer? Small, independent craft breweries employ over 6,500 people in Oregon, and the state’s beer industry contributes $2.83 billion to Oregon’s economy (thanks for the stats, Oregon Brewers Guild). Cheers to American craft breweries making American craft beer!

We’re also big fans of Oregon-made wine and spirits – you’ll see the evidence if you take a look behind our bar. We feature Wooldridge Creek wines on tap from the Applegate Valley, and use local vodka and whiskey (like the one from Ransom Spirits, below) in a handful of our specialty cocktails. We love supporting other crafters of quality fare, and salute the care and creativity in the Oregon beverage industry.

In the spirit of celebrating the long weekend, we bring you another video cocktail recipe from our bartender, Andy. You can still watch him shake up a Jalapeño Cuke Snapper from back in April, as both main ingredients are in peak season and likely available fresh from your local farmers market. This time he’s mixing up a Cucumber Mint Julep (vigorously, we might add), perfect for cooling off on hot afternoons.

Take it away, Andy!



Cucumber Mint Julep

2 slices cucumber

6-8 mint leaves

½ oz. simple syrup

1 ½ oz. Whipper Snapper Whiskey


Muddle cucumber and mint leaves in a pint glass. Add ice, then top with simple syrup and Whipper Snapper Whiskey and shake well. Strain over a bucket glass filled with ice, and garnish with a mint leaf. Viola!

Sit back, sip, and enjoy.  We wish you all a safe, happy and memorable Labor Day Weekend. If you’re in Southern Oregon, stop by the brewpub to enjoy fresh fare on our back patio – the weather forecasters tell us it’s going to be beautiful.


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