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We’ve Joined Wild Rivers, Wild Brews Coalition

Sustainability in the workplace comes in many forms.  It can mean employing sustainability programs throughout your business, supporting local growers and producers, or joining forces with like-minded companies to support conservation efforts. We try to take steps in every aspect of our business, beyond using high efficiency LED lights, low flow toilets and faucets, and high-power driers to cut down on paper waste.  Our farm also uses solar panels to power the fences, we have a rigorous recycling program to lower our landfill contributions, and our Pints for a Purpose evenings support great local causes.

We’re always excited to be part of programs that align with our sustainability mission  Earlier this year, we signed the Brewery Climate Declaration and added our name to dozens of other breweries around the United States that support sustainable operations and initiatives.  That number has since grown to 70, and we couldn’t be happier about it!

When we heard about Wild Rivers, Wild Brews, we knew we had to jump on it.  Wild Rivers, Wild Brews is a coalition seeking to spread the word about new nickel strip mining operations planned to come to our South West Oregon rivers.  As the name suggests, it’s a group of breweries getting together to voice their concerns over the proposed nickel mines.  The coalition is headed by Arch Rock Brewing Company, located on Hunter Creek just south of Gold Beach, OR.  Their creek is one of many that would threatened by the strip mines’ construction.


Proposed Mine Locations

The proposed operation would construct mines near major rivers and creeks, such as North Fork Smith River, Bald Face Creek, Hunter Creek and North Fork Pistol River.  Thousands of acres of botanically rich National Forest and BLM lands in Southern Oregon would be put at risk for contamination.

These nickel strip mines would be put on public lands and would impede on southern Oregon’s extraordinary salmon streams.   The coalition believes the strip mines would have a drastic and persistent impact.  Most importantly, it’d be irreversible.

We believe that Southern Oregon is, quite frankly, downright gorgeous.  The last thing we’d want are nickel strip mines tarnishing its beauty and destroying the natural habitat of our region.  So we’ve signed onto the Coalition.  We’ve added our names to the list in a letter to our state congressmen.  Senators Merkley and Wyden and Representative DeFazio have already introduced legislation to protect these wild rivers from the threat of strip mining.  BLM has also taken action by temporarily segregating the threatened lands to give Congress time to act.

It’s important to preserve what habitat we have left, especially habitat in our back yard.  We feel very strongly about the subject and will work with the Wild Rivers, Wild Brews coalition to see this through.  If you feel the same way we do, please take some time to contact your state Congressmen, as well as the governor: your voice will make the cause that much stronger!


Rivers at risk