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Photo Recap: Siskiyou Challenge 2014

startWe came, we saw, we…okay, so maybe we didn’t conquer, but we had a great time at the Siskiyou Challenge! This multi-sport relay took place last Saturday, September 20th at ScienceWorks Hands-On Museum, and over 300 racers showed up to bike, run and paddle around Ashland. For our part, Standing Stone contributed 18 racers on three teams, as well as beer and tacos at the finish line for all participants.

Here were the Standing Stone racing teams for 2014, along with their overall finishing times:

captain planetCaptain Planet and the Planeteers (total time: 4 hours, 45 minutes)

stones of anarchy




Stones of Anarchy (total time: 4 hours, 46 minutes)

fast and flabbiest




Fast and the Flubbiest (total time: 5 hours, 10 minutes)

Congrats to the first place team, Whyte Nynshas, with a total time of 3 hours, 26 minutes. And job well-done to the Lesser Roadrunners, the winners of this year’s costume contest! We’re a little sad none of our teams were chosen, but we’re more motivated than ever for next year. Maybe we’ll have costumes we can actually race in? No promises.

A big thank you to the organizers, Rogue Valley Farm to School, and all the enthusiastic volunteers. This was a zero-waste event, with compost and recycle stations, as well as reusable glassware for beverages. We’re grateful for the participants returning pint glasses and using appropriate waste bins for leftover food and napkins. When we all pitch in our efforts, we can make sure great events like these don’t generate excess trash – a win-win for all!

Check out the Siskiyou Challenge website for a complete list of race results, and our Facebook page for an entire race photo album. We hope to see even more racers at the event next September!beer pourbraclet transfer

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Racing Toward the 5th Annual Siskiyou Challenge, 9/20

mark and gina

Standing Stone kayakers sprint to tag the next leg in the 2013 Siskiyou Challenge

We’re just days away from Southern Oregon’s favorite multi-sport relay, The Siskiyou Challenge! Athletes will run, bike and kayak their way around 46 miles of Ashland this Saturday, September 20th. Standing Stone Brewing Co. has two employee teams participating this year, and we’ll serve beer and food at the finish line for all the racers.

The Siskiyou Challenge is now in its fifth year, and for good reason – it’s awesome! The event benefits Rogue Valley Farm to School, which is one of our favorite local organizations. The Ashland nonprofit offers farming and local food education to students in our area, and builds relationships to help get local produce into school cafeterias. They also find time in their busy schedules to organize this popular annual race, and for that we say a big Thank You!

Sisk Chall finish line

The finish line at ScienceWorks Museum

Here’s a bit about the course: The six-leg relay starts at ScienceWorks Hands-On Museum in Ashland. Road bikers take off first and head to Emigrant Lake, where the 3K kayakers wait for their leg. A 30K cycle follows, and then a mountain run above Lithia Park in downtown Ashland. Mountain bikers get technical in the fifth leg, and then a final runner sprints for a 6K to the finish line at ScienceWorks.

Once racers pass through the gate, they’ll be greeted by Standing Stone beer and food for their efforts! This year, we’re serving Local Pork Carnitas or Organic Tempeh Tacos. We’ll have three varieties of Standing Stone brews to choose from, as well as house-made Cherry Lemonade for the under-21 athletes.

event beer pour

Standing Stone beer, lemonade and tacos at the finish

Not a racer? You can still enjoy the 1-mile Fun Run and Harvest Fest at the finish line. The event will host music, activities, vendors and demonstrations for the whole family. The timing is perfect as we’re still in the heart of Southern Oregon’s Eat Local Week, September 12-21st. Celebrate local farming and community by eating local and supporting local programs. In fact, you can make a day of it by shopping at the Saturday Growers and Crafters Market in downtown Ashland in front of Standing Stone, and then biking the 1+ mile to the Siskiyou Challenge finish line and Harvest Fest. Have even more time to celebrate this weekend? Join us Sunday at 11am for our monthly tour of One Mile Farm, where we raise livestock for our brewpub’s menu.

Whichever activities you choose to join, you’ll have opportunities to don some great footwear this weekend! Slip on running/biking shoes for the Siskiyou Challenge, sandals for browsing the outdoor farmers market, or boots for stomping around our farm grounds. Have a great weekend celebrating local programs, community events, and delicious local fare.

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The Family Stone: Behind the Scenes Photos

At Standing Stone Brewing Company we have a lot of fun at work. Like, a lot of fun. Besides the beer and food, it’s one of the great perks of being a part of the “Family Stone,” as we like to call it. Throughout our adventures at the brewery, group races, relays and events we’ve collected a fair amount of photos that we have stored away in an online album, and it’s about time we share a few. Some of these silly, fun characters are now Standing Stone alumni, but most us are here planning new group activities and adventures all the time.

Here are some of our favorite group moments from the last year:

Mark and Gina race to the top of the boat ramp during the 2013 Siskiyou Challenge Relay Race. Standing Stone entered four teams with 24 total employees! These two are from teams “Sparkle Motion” and “Sun’s Out, Guns Out.”

mark and gina

Nick scored pink girl sunglasses somewhere for our bike ride in the 2014 4th of July parade. Co-owners Alex and Danielle Amarotico were chosen as this year’s Grand Marshals, and we cruised our Standing Stone commuter bikes along the route behind them. 

nick sunglasses

Get your workout on! With really good food and beer so readily available, a few of us decided a Standing Stone Bootcamp was in order. Check out those lean, mean muscles.


(photo: N. Blakeslee)


Yep, we work out in the wintertime, too.

workout group

(photo: N. Blakeslee)


We had a fantastic crew working the 2014 Winter Beer Dinner at Standing Stone. Six courses and three hours later, here we are taking a little break and showing each other some love at the end.FOH huddle

And here’s the kitchen crew that brought you all those amazing courses. Don’t let those crossed arms fool you – these folks get giddy about preparing a beautiful and thoughtful plate of food.BOH huddle

Whoa there, Easy Rider. Did you know Standing Stone has a Brammo electric motorcycle? If you haven’t heard, it’s because the hum of the battery-powered engine is so quiet. It’s perfect for quick trips to and from our One Mile Farm, and errands around Ashland.alex on bike

The “Family Stone” and others after our annual Turkey Day football game.  (For NFL scouts reading this blog, please show up at 7am sharp for some awe-inspiring football). 

Thanksgiving Day Football

(photo: N. Blakeslee)

Last month we entered a 12-person team in the Wild Rogue Relay Race, and poured Standing Stone brews at the end in Gold Beach for all the racers. Our team name: Slaughterhouse 12 (yes, those are lamb costumes).

wild rogue group

(photo: N. Blakeslee)

Here are a few more hooligans from the 2013 Siskiyou Challenge Relay Race…siskiyou challenge tanks…and a few more still.sisk challenge

And at the end of the day, what we like to do best is sit down with friends and enjoy craft beer. gina sienna

We may have left out some photos of mountain bike rides, group runs, volleyball, and frisbee golf, but we’ll continue to bring our cameras along when we can. Watch out for more Standing Stone shenanigans in the future, just for the fun of it.



Photo Recap: Siskiyou Challenge Relay 2013

One of our favorite Ashland events of the year has come and gone, but luckily we have plenty of photos to reminisce about thedavey chava 4th Annual Siskiyou Challenge. On a rare, non-rainy day Saturday we had 24 Standing Stone employees participate in the six-leg, multi-sport relay. We also manned the food and beverage station at the finish line, offering free lunch and beer to all the racers (and cherry lemonade for those not-quite-ready for an early afternoon brew).

Our house photographer, George Rubaloff, was on hand as usual capturing team group shots and some of our favorite moments of the day – and, believe us, there were lots. Here is a preliminary photo recap of the 2013 Siskiyou Challenge, and we’ll post even more pictures on our Facebook page in the coming week.

The 2013 Standing Stone Brewing Company teams were:

Sparkle Motion14th place Mixed Teamteam sparkle motion







The Bearded LadiesThe jury is still out on when they finished…team bearded ladies







Steel-Cut Sheriffs16th place Mixed Teamteam steel-cut







Sun’s Out, Guns Out12th place Mixed Teamteam suns out guns out






Anna Rose

A big CONGRATULATIONS to all the participants in Saturday’s event! It was a big group (300+ racers and fans) of enthusiastic and fun-loving athletes. We want to thank Rogue Valley Farm to School for putting on the relay and organizing the routes, volunteers, vendors, prizes and more. To learn more about this great Southern Oregon organization visit their website and see all they do in our serve

As promised, stay tuned for even more photos. And if you stop by the restaurant, ask your bartender or server if they ran, biked or kayaked in a leg of the race. You might hear a good story or two: Trent getting lost for a few miles, Carolyn passing bikers twice, Davey losing his breakfast, Josh and Elliot’s short shorts…

Upcoming Rogue Valley Races (with Beer at the Finish Line)

There was a recent article in Time Magazine called ‘Just Brew It‘ about the new trend of pairing craft beer with more than food – joining the love of beer with the love of the outdoors and activities like cycling, running and rafting (our friends at Southern Oregon Brewing in Medford, OR were mentioned in the article for a local rafting & beer tasting package). We couldn’t agree more, and we’re bottling up our enthusiasm for a few of our favorite upcoming athletic events in Southern Oregon. Here’s what’s on our radar for summer races that Standing Stone participates in and sponsors every year, and we encourage you to get involved, too!

Mt Ashland Hillclimb Run, August 10th: This 13.3-mile race climbs over 5,600 feet IMGP0312_edited-1in altitude, placing finishers at the summit of Mt. Ashland. We’re amazed with the athletes who complete this hot-weather feat, so much that we serve free beer at the top for all the racers! In fact, we engrave the names of each year’s male and female winners on a commemorative trophy keg to be served from at the finish line and then displayed at Standing Stone year-round. We also throw in $10 gift certificates so the runners can come in and relax with a brew and food when they return to Ashland’s 1,900’ altitude.

Registration is closed as this race is already completely sold out, but you can always join us in cheering on the racers (including three Standing Stone runners) at the lodge on Mt. Ashland, and motivate yourself to attempt this challenging race in 2014!

Siskiyou Challenge Relay Race, September 28th: This six-leg, multi-sport relay isteam 3 in its fourth year and we’ve been at the finish line serving food and beer at every one! We also have several Standing Stone employee teams participate each year, with last year marking a new personal record for us with four teams consisting of 24 total coworkers. We particularly love this race because it mixes exercise with tons of fun, and it supports one of our favorite local organizations, Rogue Valley Farm to School. Festivities start and end at ScienceWorks museum here in Ashland, and there will be vendors, live music, food and brews for all the finishers. Registration is now open, so gather your team of runners, bikers and kayakers today!

(By the way, we always have an in-house costume contest for our racers at the Siskiyou Challenge, and organizers encourage you to have fun with your team uniforms, too! You can see our blog post from last year with photos of all our teams for some fun inspiration.)

We hope to see you at both of these awesome Rogue Valley events, and encourage you to get involved with other athletic events in your area. We agree that ‘just brew it’ is a great theme for summertime fun – afterall, what better way to reward yourself after outdoor activities than with a cold beer?

A Beer Year in Review: Our Top 10 Highlights of 2012

Every December at Standing Stone Brewing Co we like to grab a pint, relax, and look back on all the events, beers and happenings that we feel characterized our year. We’re thrilled with our batch of news and brews for 2012, and we’re sharing our Top 10 with our beloved News on Tap blog readers. Thanks for staying in touch with us year-round, and we’re excited to keep you updated with beer news and highlights in 2013.

1. We brewed brand-new specialty beersgalaxy hops

Our brewer has a blast experimenting with new beer recipes and ideas, and this year we tasted some of our new favorites here at the brewpub. The list of never-before-brewed specialty beers includes: Pacific Crest Ale, Backyard Brew, Pints for a Purpose Ale, Galaxy Session, Wildcraft and 2012 Barley Wine. Which was your favorite? Let us know which specialty you’d love to taste from our menu again!

2. We were chosen the #3 Best Green Business to Work For in Oregon

Oregon Business Magazine bestows annual awards to the top 10 Green Businesses to Work For in Oregon, and this year we were one of the top three for the third year in a row! We’re honored that our employees voted to place us so high on the list – we think maybe it has something to do with the beer.

3. We rolled on more commuter bikes for our employee bike programnew bikes

We started our RPM bike program in 2009, getting brand new commuter bikes into the hands of our employees to cycle to and from work every day. Two and a half years later we’ve purchased 50 bikes total and the program continues to be a favorite benefit among our staff. Cheers to two-wheeling in 2013!

4. We started beekeeping

With our lush farmland down the road teeming with blackberries, we thought we’d better get some honeybees out there feeding on and pollinating the good stuff. We have four colorful bee boxes buzzing with honey-makers and we harvested our first batch (5 liters) of honey in October. We’ll debut our harvest in the first course of this year’s beer dinner, alongside local goat cheese and fig butter. We’re thrilled to see what year two of beekeeping brings!

5. Twenty four employees competed in the Siskiyou Challenge Relay Raceteam 1

In September 2012 we had a record number of Standing Stone athletes participate in our favorite relay race of the year, the Siskiyou Challenge! Participants biked, kayaked and ran all around Ashland in the six-leg, multi-sport course, and ended with food and beer from Standing Stone by Lithia Park. We also threw our own costume contest for the occasion, with team “Let’s Get Physical” winning growlers of beer for all their racers.

6. Our brewer, Larry Chase, was elected to the Brewer’s Association Board of Directors

We are ecstatic that our very own Standing Stone brewer has been chosen to serve on the board for the largest organization of craft brewers in the U.S.! Larry has been an active member of the BA for some time, serving on various committees and hosting seminars for the annual Craft Brewer’s Conference. Congratulations Larry!

7. Joel Salatin came to our farmjoel and melza

The owner of Polyface Farms and an agriculturalist featured in book The Omnivore’s Dillema, Joel Salatin is the front-runner of a national movement toward sustainable and traditional agriculture. In fact, he helped inspire our own multi-species rotational-grazing system on our farm, and he came to Ashland last March to visit in person! We shared a great day on our pasture and Valley View Beef’s pasture with Joel and 30 other farming enthusiasts from around the valley. We’re more excited than ever about farming in Ashland and look forward to bringing even more produce from our farm to the brewpub tables.

8. We got a Brammo electric motorcycle

We’re fortunate to have the internationally-known electric vehicle company, Brammo, just down the road in Ashland. In April, we purchased our very own Enertia bike from their warehouse to make quick trips to and from the farm and brewpub. We like that we can get 40 miles on a 4-hour charge (in our regular restaurant outlet), which is plenty to meet our brewery and farm needs. And, it’s really quiet so we can sneak up on people easily.

9. We paired delicious food and beer at our Annual Winter Beer Dinner

Every year we put our collective beer and food loving heads together and create a mouth-watering, multi-course pairing extravaganza. melza tractorOur annual beer dinner is always a festive gathering of like-minded culinary enthusiasts, and last January’s dinner was a hit! Six-courses featuring local fare and Standing Stone beer brought about three hours of fun, and this year’s dinner promises to be no different. With local farms and products taking center stage, how can we not love what’s brewing and cooking?

10. We won a tractor

Through the creativity and efforts of one of our employees, Standing Stone won a free five-year lease on a New Holland tractor to use on our farmland. The agriculture equipment company hosted a video contest last year asking entrants to describe how they would use a Boomer 30 model tractor, and our own Melza Quinn submitted a video on Standing Stone’s behalf. Now, we turn compost, move chicken housing and build trail on the farm with ease, and we’re so grateful for the helpful hand (or tractor claw).

We hope your 2012 was as monumental and enjoyable as ours was at Standing Stone! We wish you a great 2013 and may your season be flavorful and bright.

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Snapshot of Siskiyou Challenge 2012

September 22nd, 2012 marked one of our favorite outdoor events of the year – the Siskiyou Challenge Relay Race. This community event, benefiting Rogue Valley Farm to School, hosted over 50 teams that competed in a six-leg, multi-sport relay. Over 250 racers ran, biked and kayaked their way all around Ashland, OR to the finish line in downtown Lithia Park.

This year, Standing Stone entered four teams comprised of 24 employees – our record participation! We made sure to take team photos so we could look back on all the great uniforms.

Team 1 – Let’s Get Physical:

Nick Blakeslee, Server – 13K road bike
Carolyn Stone, Server – 3K kayak
Brandon Schilling, Sustainability Coordinator – 31K road bike
Jackie Case, Server – 10K run
Ace Harvey, Line Cook – 14K mountain bike
Lindsay Wiegel , Server – 5K run

Team 2 – Stone Villagers:

Ismael Garcia Nava Jr., Line Cook – 13K road bike
Roberto Ambriz, Line Cook – 3K kayak
Javier Cruz-Paso, Manager – 31K road bike
Salvador Cruz-Paso, Lead Prep Cook – 10K run
Miguel Garcia Orosco, Line Cook – 14K mountain bike
Alex Amarotico, Co-owner – 5K run

Team 3 – Half Pints:

Danielle Amarotico, Co-owner – 13K road bike
Marina Spelletich-Pecoraro, Server – 3K kayak
Melza Quinn, Manager – 31K road bike
Laura Pfister, Server – 10K run
Matt Nunes, Server – 14K mountain bike
Ashley Nunes, Graphic Designer – 5K run

Team 4 – Out of Towners:

David Conley, Server – 13K road bike
Michael Nelson, Server – 3K kayak
Josh Nielsen, Server – 31K road bike
David Kramer, Server – 10K run
Elliot Stone, Server – 14K mountain bike
Katie Rinaker, Server – 5K run

The entrance fees for this family-friendly race went to Rogue Valley Farm to School, a local organization that connects classrooms with farms through  hands-on farm visits and in-class lessons, as well as bringing local foods into school cafeterias. This is one of our favorite Southern Oregon nonprofits and we’re thrilled to be a part of this organization’s fun, athletic event!

We also had Standing Stone employees pouring cold beer and lemonade and serving sack lunches at the finish line for all the racers. This year, we sweetened our offerings with caramel apples for the finishers of the 1.4 mile Fun Run, too. Other food sponsors for the race included Rogue Valley Roasting Company, serving early morning coffee and treats, and the Ashland Food Co-op, making sure the racers were well-fed at the pre-race dinner at Emigrant Lake.

Be sure to let the coordinators know how much you enjoyed the event if you were there. We had a full day of great exercise, team work and good old-fashioned fun, and you’ll see us at the Siskiyou Challenge again next year!

Double Take on the Siskiyou Challenge 2011

The Second Annual Siskiyou Challenge race has come and gone, but our Standing Stone teams are still invigorated with team spirit after a day full of running, biking, kayaking and post-race festivities. Twelve Standing Stone Brewing Co employees competed on two teams with approximately 250 other athletes in this six-leg multi-sport relay race covering 44 miles around Ashland, OR. Our teams finished 7th and 8th in the mixed gender division. In addition, Standing Stone Team B won the prize for Best Costumes, earning the nickname “Team Blue Butts.”

Proceeds from this family fun outdoor event benefit Rogue Valley Farm to School (RVF2S), one of our favorite non-profits. This program builds relationships between local farms and schools by offering classroom education and hands-on farm visits, and increasing the availability of local foods in school meals. We proudly sponsored this event this year and last, and whipped up food and beverages for racers at the finish line in Lithia Park. Other food sponsors included Rogue Valley Roasting Co serving coffee and morning treats, Artik Creamery scooping up handmade ice cream in waffle cones for the 1.4-mile Fun Run racers, and the Ashland Food Co-op donating dinner for the pre-race BBQ at Emigrant Lake. View the full list of wonderful sponsors here.

Here was the lineup of Standing Stone Brewing Co. teams for the Siskiyou Challenge 2011:

Team A:
Meg Dias, server – 13K road bike
Elliot Stone, server – 3K kayak
Brandon Schilling, waste management coordinator – 31K road bike
Salvador Cruz-Paso, prep cook – 10K run
Gina Velando, bartender – 14K mountain bike
Shey Yearsley, server – 5K finishing run

Team B:
Lindsey Wilkens, server – 13K road bike
Carolyn Stone, server – 3K kayak
Alex Amarotico, co-owner – 31K road bike
Mike DuBois, bartender – 10K run
Andy Schow, bartender – 14K mountain bike
Alicia Walker, server – 5K finishing run

As usual, our fabulous photographer, George Rubaloff, was on hand snapping shots of the racers from beginning to end. From the starting line at Lithia Park, to Emigrant Lake, and along the way back to the park for the finish, George was enthusiastically snapping photos of our Standing Stone racers. Here, we’d like to share some of our favorite moments from throughout the day.

Thank you RVF2S for another fun race in 2011, and we promise to see you again next year!

Speeding From the Mt Ashland Hillclimb to the Siskiyou Challenge

Photo: Andy Atkinson

Southern Oregon’s great summer and early fall weather make these seasons perfect for racing – whether it’s biking, running or water sports. Two of our favorites are the Mt. Ashland Hillclimb Run and the Siskiyou Challenge.

The Mt. Ashland Hillclimb Run, which we’ve sponsored for years, took place in early August. This 13.3-mile race climbs more than a vertical mile, starting in Lithia Park at the center of Ashland, OR and ending at the peak of Mt. Ashland. Organizers added even more available spots to this ever-popular event, but it filled up in near record time nonetheless.

Photo: Andy Atkinson

Congratulations to everyone who participated, and a special hats off to male and female winners Erik Skaggs (of Ashland, OR, in the photo above) and returning champion Stephanie Howe (of Bend, OR). We offered gift certificates and post-race beer as usual, and hope everyone enjoyed that little reward for your efforts. See you next year!

We’re already looking toward the Siskiyou Challenge on September 24 with excitement. This six-leg multi-sport relay benefits Rogue Valley Farm to School, one of our favorite causes.

The race was a blast last year and promises to be even better its second time around. They’ve added another leg to last year’s five-leg relay and moved the start/finish area to Lithia Park increase the fun and community participation.

This year’s race course starts with a road bike ride to Emigrant Lake, followed by a kayak/surfboard paddle at Emigrant Lake, a road bike ride back to Lithia Park through farms and orchards, a 10k run climbing above Lithia Park, a mountain bike segment and a 5k run around Lithia Park.

Team Standing Stone, 2010 Siskiyou Challenge

Solo racers and teams of 2-6 are invited to step up for the challenge. Standing Stone is assembling a team again this year, and we’re looking to improve our placing while having even more fun!

Those looking for an easier taste of the action can participate in a Fun Run/Walk in Lithia Park, with registration starting at 9 AM and the run/walk starting at 9:30 AM.

The festivities extend well beyond the starting and finish line, and the community is welcome. There will be a pre-race BBQ at Emigrant Lake on Friday, September 23. After the race, participants and supporters can enjoy live music and a post race meal from Standing Stone, Artik Creamery and others featuring local food and beverages.

The Siskiyou Challenge offers lots of ways for local food advocates to support a great cause, from racing to volunteering and, of course, eating. Cruise over to the event website to register for the relay, sign up for the BBQ, learn about the fun run/walk, volunteer or make a donation. Stop by their Facebook page and check out a photo slide show by our very own photographer, George Rubaloff, to get even more connected  and inspired.  See you there!

Celebrating & Appreciating the Best of 2010

As 2011 settles in, we wanted to reflect on all the great things 2010 brought to Standing Stone Brewing, and appreciate everyone who helped make those things happen. Here’s our 2010 Top 10…


1. Larry Chase came on as master brewer and he’s taken our beer lineup to the next level. He’s tapped his creativity to craft a fabulous specialty beers, including Milk & Honey, Pilot Rock Pale Ale and Farmer Brown Ale, complementing our other excellent everyday offerings. This trend continues with Madrone Red kicking off 2011.

2. We launched “Brewer for the Day” (inspired by our experience with our first-rate intern, Acacia Baldner), which allows beer enthusiasts to work with Larry and brew a batch of beer. One participant wrote a blog and Larry caught two more in action. Check it out.

3. Lallemand awarded a Gold to our Hefeweizen and a Bronze to our Amber Ale in its “Brain of Brewers” contest, plus a cash prize that we invested in equipment to brew more amazing beer!


4. Ultra-local beef and eggs hit our menu thanks to a partnership with Valley View Farm. We purchase Valley View Beef and raise egg-laying chickens on the farm, just three miles away. Kudos to our kitchen team for mastering the art of butchering and to Melza for researching chicken breeds and rearing.

5. The City of Ashland approved our proposal to lease City land and start a farm to raise livestock, chickens and produce. Right now, we buy as much produce from local growers as we can, and thank them for their hard work and wonderful offerings.


6. We started an employee yoga program, inspired by employee and yoga instructor, Lindsey Holy, who developed the concept and teaches the sessions. Our employee bike commuting program turned one year old and keeps growing. Our team members make all the best things happen, and we keep looking for ways to appreciate them and give back.

7. Our well-received kegged wine program expanded with the debut of Misty Oaks Stuckagain Heights Pinot Noir. We enjoy looking for more wines to complement our lineup, delivering the best in quality and conservation.

Events & Community

8. We helped bring American Craft Beer Week to the Rogue Valley in May with events, tastings, a specialty beer, guest beers, food pairings and more. Look for events in 2011.

9. The first annual Siskiyou Challenge Relay was held, supporting Rogue Valley Farm to School, a favorite cause. Standing Stone was a lead sponsor and our team made a great showing. We also took part in annual favorites like the JPR Wine Tasting, Brews and Boogie, A Taste of Ashland, the Food & Wine Classic, the Mt Ashland Hillclimb Run and Car Free Day. We’ll be back!

10. We launched a blog and ramped up our facebook and twitter activity to engage more with our customers and community. Your support is the cornerstone of our success, and we want to make it easier to share news and get your feedback to keep doing better.

Thanks everyone! Here’s to another fabulous year!