Standing Stone Brewing Company


Sourcing Salmon-Safe Hops

In brewing, cooking and tending to our farm, we are always looking toward environmentally sustainable practices that benefit land, health and community. This year, in a move to source even more ingredients for our brews from farms that practice similar missions, we are welcoming Centennial and Cascade hop varieties from Goschie Farms in Silverton, Oregon.hops2

Goschie Farms grows over 500 acres of predominantly organic hops in the Willamette Valley, along with 600 more acres of grapes, corn and other crops. Their commitment to agricultural research together with Oregon State University means they are constantly moving to improve operations and help educate other growers and the craft brewing community.

One thing in particular about Goschie Farms that draws us to their delicious hops is their pioneering drive to become the first hop farm in the nation to be certified Salmon-Safe. Salmon-Safe certified farms use organic operations and biologically-based pest management to help protect water quality and local salmon logofish habitat. This program extends across the region with more than 60,000 acres of farm and urban land certified in the Pacific Northwest.

With a mission of saving the wild salmon population through transforming land management practices, Salmon-Safe works with farms, vineyards, college campuses, nurseries, parks, golf courses and more. We’re thrilled to source a portion of our hops from an Oregon farm involved in this beneficial and widely successful program! Other microbreweries in the state that source hops from Salmon-Safe certified farms include Full Sail in Hood River and Deschutes Brewing in Bend.

We know that Salmon-Safe is good for more than just the local salmon hops3population – healthy salmon represent a thriving environment and unsoiled waterways. In turn, we enjoy cleaner water for drinking and brewing craft beer. You can find Centennial and Cascade hops from Goschie Farms in our Amber Ale, I Heart Oregon Ale, Twin Plunge Double IPA and a handful of Seasonal Brews. Find out more about Salmon-Safe and where to find certified producers and growers on their website, and enjoy a Standing Stone brew to toast water wellbeing in the Pacific Northwest.