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Another Great Turnout for Pumpkins and Pints

This year’s Pumpkins and Pints was a smashing success down on One-Mile Farm! Hundreds of pumpkin-carving, music-loving friends and family came out to make this one of the best years ever. And thanks to the Turner Moore Band for providing the tunes to help make this, our 5th annual event, so much fun.

We are also happy to get a chance to share the Standing Stone Brewing Co. Farm Project with the community. This is where we source all our eggs, beef and poultry for the brewpub, keeping the food loop as close to home as we can. We also compost the all restaurant’s food waste there, keeping it out of landfills.

Thanks again to all for coming out! Here’s a look at some of the fun!

(*All photos by Marina Pecoraro)

*ImageIMG_9383-2 IMG_9276 IMG_9280 IMG_9299 IMG_9303 IMG_9305 IMG_9372 IMG_9379 IMG_9389 sign photo-81 IMG_9402 IMG_9393

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Beer of the Day: Twin Plunge Double IPA

As we continue with our Beer of the Day series for American Craft Beer Week, we land on Standing Stone’s Twin Plunge Double IPA. This long-time customer favorite outsells all our other house beers, and for good reason! This ale is dry hopped twice with Cascade, Centennial and whole-leaf Amarillo hops, giving it fresh, citrusy hop flavor and aroma. While most Double IPAs are also extremely bitter, this IPA balances well with sweet maltiness and a full-bodied mouthfeel.

We want to commemorate this brewery staple with photos of the Twin Plunge Double IPA being enjoyed over the years. And we want to send a big “thank you” to all our customers and employees who faithfully return for this beloved beer over and over again.

patio servelarry beer dinnerdouble ipa with hopsreading paper with pintpatio with pintguitar with double ipapatio with double ipacharles with double ipa

To Serve & Protect…Beer

We are happy to announce our Standing Stone’s brewmaster Larry Chase is the newest _GEO2546_edited-1board member for the Brewers Association! It’s a national organization that works to promote and protect small and independent brewers, their beers and the brewing community. Larry says he’s excited to be a part of such a vital resource for the industry and is looking forward to taking the responsibility of helping to lead the organization.

“Ever since I started brewing I have gotten so much from the Association” he says. “People already on the board are the rock-stars of the industry and I am thrilled to help and lead.”

The Brewers Association is made up of more than 15-hundred breweries and 34-thousand members, including the American Homebrewers Association community, wholesalers and other beer industry workers.

Larry is currently serving as vice-chair of the brewpub committee, and also sits on the _GEO9458_edited-4organization’s finance committee. Larry emphasizes he won’t only be leading – he’ll also be learning, and bringing new insight and ideas back to Southern Oregon.

“I am looking forward to helping guide the organization as the craft beer industry continues to grow. I will be sitting on the board with big names in the industry and expect to learn from other colleagues on the board.”

Larry will be heading to Boulder at the end of the month for the first quarterly board meeting of the year. Join us in lifting up a glass to congratulate Larry and to wish him success in his new beer role!

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Beer Name Debut: Twin Plunge Double IPA

_GEO8938_edited-1Good beer deserves a good name, and after 16 years of serving pints and pitchers of our most popular brew, we’re unveiling a fresh, new name for our long-beloved Standing Stone Double India Pale Ale: Twin Plunge Double IPA. We feel this special ale deserves its own label, and after much brainstorming we landed on a name that reflects our desire to plunge into a tasty pint.

Twin Plunges was the name of the spring-fed, side-by-side pools in Ashland, OR where the Ashland Food Co Op stands today. These pools opened in 1931 and the facility was a major attraction to locals and tourists alike until they closed in 1977 due to maintenance costs and vandalism. The dual pools served as a refreshing summer getaway in Southern Oregon, and we like to think our Double IPA is similar: an exciting break from conventional beer, with invigorating bitterness from a double dose of delicious dry hopping.


(photo: Rogue News Online)

About the Beer

This hoppy ale shows light copper color, medium body and refreshing bitterness. The ale is dry hopped twice, first with Cascade and Centennial hops for a citrus and fruity character, and then with whole leaf Amarillo in the serving tank to ramp up the floral aroma. 8.1% abv, 55 IBU


• Organic 2-row

• Organic Munich

• Dextrose

• Organic C-60

patio serve Hops

• Bittering = Apollo

• Kettle Flavor/Aroma = Cascade, Liberty

• 1st Dry Hop = Cascade, Centennial

• 2nd Dry Hop = Whole Leaf Amarillo

Food Pairing Suggestions

This big, hoppy beer pairs well with bold, full-flavored foods. The astringency of the hops will help cut richness between bites, refreshing the palate with each sip. The hoppiness will intensify spicy heat if you’re looking for an extra kick, so try with Buffalo wings or chili peppers to go the extra mile. Here are our food pairing suggestions from our menu:

  • Spicy Thai Curry


    (photo: Rogue News Online)

  • Italian Sausage Pizza with Pepperoncinis
  • Buffalo Wings
  • Guacamole Burger
  • Lamb Pita
  • Grilled Reuben Sandwich

Hop heads and India Pale Ale enthusiasts, come in and enjoy our much-loved Double IPA with its brand new name! It’s the same fresh and hoppy brew, just a splash more fun.

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12 Reasons Our Team Is Thankful In 2012

For this year’s festive front window display at the brewery we captured photos of (nearly) all our employees and asked them what they are most thankful for. We are so thrilled to work everyday with all these wonderful and talented people, and we loved reading what they wrote!

Now that it’s hanging for all passers-by to read and enjoy, we thought we’d better show off some of these fun photos online as well for all of those who may be outside Ashland, OR for the holidays. If you are in the area, stop by and browse over all of the other things our team had to say. Would you be surprised if we told you lots of them have to do with good beer?

We hope you all have lots of reasons to be thankful this year and every year, too! We think craft beer, tasty food, close friends, community and a healthy environment are at the top of our list. What’s at the top of yours?

Happy Holidays from all of us at Standing Stone Brewing Co! Cheers!


Andy ~ I am thankful for my incredible son, my wonderful woman, and all of my friends and “family” in this beautiful little town.

Mike Nelson

Mike ~ Thankful for my daughter, Steelhead and beer.


Sarah ~ I am thankful for the amazing people in my life… my family and friends. I am also thankful for this awesome town…you rock, Ashland!


Chrystal ~ I am thankful for a loving family, a job that cares about the world we live in and making a difference, and good health! Cheers and Merry Christmas.


Sam ~ I am thankful for my family, friends, beer! And my family at Standing Stone!


Chava ~ I am thankful for my life and the ability to live another year!


Cameron ~ I am thankful for my family, good food and water.

Dave and Katie

Katie & Dave ~ We are thankful to live in a place where the sun shines more days than it does not!


Nick ~ I am thankful for my friends and family! I’m thankful for good food and, of course, good beer. Life ain’t so bad.


Carlos ~ I am thankful for the holidays and being able to spend time with friends and family.


Carla ~ I am thankful to be able to take walks in beautiful Lithia Park & our watershed everyday.

Elliot and Carolyn

We are thankful for God’s faithfulness and love.