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All in favor of beer say “I”…

Two things you should never talk about at a bar: Religion and Politics.oak st2

Well, this isn’t a bar and we aren’t going to talk about religion. *Spoiler Alert* We are going to talk about politics.

In a time where the American political world seems like one big giant WWF matchup-it’s good to know that behind the scenes, Republicans and Democrats in the U.S House of Representatives can still agree on one thing- Beer.

The Craft Beverage Modernization and Tax Reform Act (H.R. 2903) is now officially supported by the house majority of U.S. Representatives.

The bill seeks to “reform burdensome laws regulating America’s brewers and beer importers and recalibrate the current federal excise tax structure for the nation’s brewers, fostering economic development and innovation in the industry (B.A).”

“Beer is as bipartisan as it gets,” said Bob Pease, president and CEO, Brewers Association. “Brewers large and small stand together in support of this critical legislation, Democrats and Republicans have shown the same unity. We’re grateful for the degree of support behind this bill, which will have a profound impact on the breweries in this country that are actively contributing to our culture and economy (B.A).”

Let’s talk about how exactly the American beer industry contributes to our economy.

1.75 million people employed

$79 billion in wages and benefits

$253 billion generated for the U.S. economy

Those are some pretty outstanding numbers. No really, nice work America!

We want to personally thank the Brewers Association and Beer Institute who are continuing to work to pass the bill into effect. Also, thank you to our Oregon Representatives who have signed in support:

Suzanne Bonamici- 1st District Oregon Rep.

Greg Walden- 2nd District Oregon Rep. (our local representative!)

Earl Blumenauer- 3rd District Oregon Rep.

Peter Defazio- 4th District Oregon Rep.

Kurt Shrader- 5th District Oregon Rep

And finally a big THANK YOU to Senator Wyden, who was a primary Senate sponsor of this bill.

This is just one of the many reasons that we love beer- it brings people together. Do you feel those warm fuzzies? We sure do.

Let’s raise a pint to our local Government, and to Representatives all around the country for supporting U.S. Craft Beer!

The Brewers Association (2016). The Majority of House Representatives support Beer Tax Reform. [Press Release

Brewers Association

To Serve & Protect…Beer

We are happy to announce our Standing Stone’s brewmaster Larry Chase is the newest _GEO2546_edited-1board member for the Brewers Association! It’s a national organization that works to promote and protect small and independent brewers, their beers and the brewing community. Larry says he’s excited to be a part of such a vital resource for the industry and is looking forward to taking the responsibility of helping to lead the organization.

“Ever since I started brewing I have gotten so much from the Association” he says. “People already on the board are the rock-stars of the industry and I am thrilled to help and lead.”

The Brewers Association is made up of more than 15-hundred breweries and 34-thousand members, including the American Homebrewers Association community, wholesalers and other beer industry workers.

Larry is currently serving as vice-chair of the brewpub committee, and also sits on the _GEO9458_edited-4organization’s finance committee. Larry emphasizes he won’t only be leading – he’ll also be learning, and bringing new insight and ideas back to Southern Oregon.

“I am looking forward to helping guide the organization as the craft beer industry continues to grow. I will be sitting on the board with big names in the industry and expect to learn from other colleagues on the board.”

Larry will be heading to Boulder at the end of the month for the first quarterly board meeting of the year. Join us in lifting up a glass to congratulate Larry and to wish him success in his new beer role!