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Standing Stone’s David Conley Races His Way to XTERRA World Championships

At Standing Stone, we’re enthusiastic about supporting employee health and wellness – healthy employees make happy employees! In the past year, we’ve shined the spotlight on some star participants in our healthy living incentive program, including Lindsey Holy, instructor of our employee yoga classes, and triathlete, David Conley, whom we’re sponsoring in his XTERRA World Championship quest. We’re also proud of our bike commuter program and several events we sponsor and participate in that support employee and community well-being, including the Bike to Work Week, the Bike Commuter Challenge, the Spring Thaw bike race, the Mt. Ashland Hillclimb Run and the Siskiyou Challenge.

David just met the standard for the XTERRA World Championships, and finished second place in his age group, at an XTERRA qualifying race in Whistler, BC, Canada. We’re really excited and proud that his training and dedication really paid off!

He’s now headed to the XTERRA Worlds in Maui, HI on October 23rd. This is the world’s premier off-road triathlon, with biking and running on rough terrain and swimming in the open ocean. David will compete against 550 other top amateurs and pros for the title of XTERRA World Champion. Congratulations, David!

We caught up with David and asked him to tell us a bit about how he’s feeling after his latest accomplishment and what keeps him moving toward his race in Hawaii.

How does it feel to qualify for the World Championships?

Awesome! It was a goal I had set in the beginning of the year and it feels great to have achieved it!

Can you share some highlights about the races you’ve done for your qualifying quest? 

Oh man, it’s been an interesting season. The first race of the year was great for me because I was able to finish a bit ahead of the top female pro, Melanie McQuiad. The race at Whistler for the Canadian Championships was by far the most epic. It was the best single track I’ve ever ridden, and we got to race on it!  Also, before that race I had been working a lot on my swim, and ended up having my fastest mile swim yet. Its been a great season.

You overcame a challenging injury this season. How did you heal and stay in shape?

I stayed positive and listened to the doctors. As soon as I was able to get back into training, I did. It absolutely threw a monkey wrench into the plans. It just makes going to Maui this year so much sweeter.

What has kept you motivated to reach your goal of qualifying?

Knowing that I’m really not the fastest guy in my age group. I want to be the fastest!

To stay tuned with David’s progress, training and results at the XTERRA Worlds in October, you can follow his blog. We’ll be sure to post more updates as well. Or, stop by the restaurant and cheer him on in person – we are!

~Photos courtesy of David Conley

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