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Saturday Open House: Learn About Employment Opportunities and Peek Behind the Scenes

We enjoy sharing stories with our guests about the things we love. Our greatest passions span craft brewing, quality and creative cuisine, environmental stewardship and our community, and we’re always striving to expand our knowledge and do more. For those who share our enthusiasm and want to learn more about our business, or who want to join our team as employees, we’re hosting an Open House every Saturday morning at 11 AM.

During Open House, our Hiring Team will lead a tour for interested community members and prospective employees through our building – from the restaurant, to the brewery, through the kitchen and outside to our waste management area. Our team will cover a range of topics, including our farm project, zero waste initiatives, job descriptions, bike program, employee benefits, the remodel of the historic building next door, our mission and more. The goal is to offer as much information about Standing Stone as we can, so attendees can get a bigger picture of our overall operations, and interested job applicants can determine if our brewpub is the perfect match with what they’re looking for.

For the last two years our hiring team has hosted an orientation for inquiring Standing Stone applicants on Saturday mornings. Through this face-to-face process, we’ve welcomed a number of great people to our staff who share our same passions. In fact, we’ve brought on several people who’ve created their own positions at Standing Stone because they have an area of expertise to offer and a desire to contribute new ideas. With the new Open House, we hope to continue to meet these fabulous additions to our team, while opening our doors to other folks interested in learning more about our operations at the same time.

If you’d simply enjoy taking a guided walk around the building and learning more about what we do and what drives us, please just stop on in! If you’re interested in applying for a position at Standing Stone, please bring a resume and fill out an application, available on-site or online.

We’re excited to meet new people, see long-standing friends and continue building our team at our weekly Open House. Come stop by and we’ll show you around!

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