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New Standing Stone Babies on Tap

Lucas and Wesley (photo: Rachel Koning)

Customers who visited us last year may remember a handful of women with large, round bellies happily moving about the restaurant. Though it may have looked like they had their stomachs full of yummy Standing Stone beer and food, they were cheerfully bearing babies-to-be.

From November 2010 to November 2011, five Standing Stone couples welcomed their new little ones to Ashland, OR.

All of the moms and dads in each of the couples are, or have been, employees of our restaurant and brewery, making these babies 100% products Standing Stone! We so glad to have these new additions in our extended family.

Since we gave you a taste of this baby news on our Top 11 of 2011 post, we’d like to offer up close and personal introductions to our new Standing Stone half pints and their proud parents:

Lucia and mom, Sophie

Baby Samuel, born to Magda and Jose in November 2010

Baby Wesley, born to Rachel and Rob in February 2011

Baby Lucas, born to Alex and Danielle in March 2011

Baby Lucia, born to Eric and Sophie in July 2011

Baby Cohen, born to Ashley and Matt in September 2011

A big congratulations to all the happy families! We also want to pass on warm wishes to our customers with new babies, too. We’re proud and excited to have all these beautiful beings around the restaurant.

Be sure to wave “hi” if you catch a glimpse of any of these pint-sized bundles on your next visit or around town. Some of them are just learning to wave “hi” back, and they have irresistible smiles.

On a related note, stay tuned for news of Standing Stone farm animal babies coming soon.

Cohen (photo: Ashley Nunes)

Though our pasture puppies are quickly turning into full-grown dogs, we’ll have baby lambs and chicks on the way before long.

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