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Behind the Scenes: George Rubaloff, Photographer & Musician

georgeIf you’ve perused our website and photo galleries, blog and Facebook page, you’ve certainly noticed the great images there. George Rubaloff who’s also played music here for several years and coordinates our music series, is the creative force behind the camera. We love working with him, and we love his work! In our ongoing series pointing the lens at the people behind the scenes at Standing Stone, we asked George to share his motivations and tips, and paired that with some our favorite shots.

What drew you to photography?gina

All my life experiences gave birth to my passion for photography. During my tours in Vietnam in the late ‘60’ I discovered that I felt compelled to compose things. I picked up a hand-crank film editor and started cutting and rearranging my movie film. Later, I spent a decade studying and practicing songwriting. I wrote compositions every day of my 30-year career in local government. I began shooting and editing video as a focused hobby in the 90’s and discovered I was shooting like a photographer. I also did some photo reporting during the later part of my first career. As I approached retirement, I thought seriously about how I wanted to transform my life experiences into something meaningful and creative. In 2007, I retired, bought camera gear and made it my focus.

How did you acquire your skills?hailey

I dug into every technical aspect of photography that I could and spent substantial time on the cyber-campus of the worldwide Digital Photography School.

I also read everything I could get my hands on and brought that knowledge into my personal laboratory for practice and experimentation.

What are your favorite subjects?

I truly enjoy making photos no matter what the subject. I like the challenge of new assignments and telling a story with images. My favorite work at Standing Stone is shooting the company’s progress and successes. There’s plenty of that happening every day.

As a guitarist, what styles do you play? Any favorites?marina

I’m a rhythm guitarist—sort of like a drummer with six strings to make harmony. For me, 30’s and 40’s swing and Latin Jazz is it. I do like other genres, particularly with ethnic flavorings.

What moments of your music career stand out?

The point when I decided to learn Gypsy Swing stands out for me. This genre opened up doors for me, as if I were stepping into music for the very first time. Other great moments include doing musical work with my wife, Gayle Wilson, who’s an amazing musician. She knows how to dig into musical work and is a great model for music

What’s your guidance for aspiring photographers?

Do it! Know in your heart that no one can do what you do as well as you (tricky if you say that fast). Study the technical aspects of what makes good exposures and good compositions. Practice like a monster and be conscious all the while of what gets you closer to making the photos that excite and resonate with you.

What’s your advice for developing musicians?tasters

Music is for everyone and transforms us…it changes our lives and it’s a gift. Practice, study, practice, study, practice; and learn to give the gift of live music.

Thanks for sharing your gifts and inspiring us, George! We hope you’re inspired to find and share your own talents, too.

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