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Back on Tap: Commuter Gold

saison“What do you have that’s light?” If you work in a brewery, restaurant or bar, you are very familiar with this question. I think it’s safe to say that it’s something we hear on a daily basis. In a time where brewing trends are seeing a high demand for beers that push the envelope in terms of bitterness and high alcohol percentages, a large portion of consumers still want to enjoy something that is simple, light and crisp. And we get that! Sometimes, even for us hop-heads, it’s nice to drink a beer that doesn’t make our tongues feel like they’re being lit on fire by a swarm of angry bees.

Light beer is reminiscent. It reminds us of long, hot summer days, barbecues and camping, beach trips and coolers, Grandpa on his lawn chair, football Sunday–the list goes on and on and on. America has created a lifestyle from drinking light beer. We believe that light beer doesn’t have to imply tasteless, corporate beer out of gimmicky cans that change colors when cold.

We brewed Commuter Gold for those that want to enjoy something a little lighter, and a little more simple. Named after our RPM Bike Program, this beer goes hand in hand with that outdoorsy lifestyle we hold dear here in Oregon.

So head on down to the brewpub and grab yourself a pint of this deliciously refreshing beer. Let’s raise a pint to simplicity and a long heritage of American craft brewing.

Photo by Russell Lee©

Photo by Russell Lee©

A little about the beer:

This bright golden ale gets its slightly spicy, herbal aroma from Sterling hops. The crisp, medium bitterness & lightly toasted finish are balanced with a refreshing mouth feel. 4.8% abv, 20 IBU


Organic Pilsner
Briess Ashburne Mild
Briess Victory


Bittering: Sterling
Flavor/Aroma: Sterling, Hallertau

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