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Siskiyou Challenge Multi-Sport Relay Sept. 25th – Join the Fun!

At Standing Stone, we’re big fans of delicious, sustainable, local foods and the farmers that provide them. We also love to enjoy our beautiful surroundings, through hiking, biking, running, swimming, rafting and other recreation.

So, when we heard about the Siskiyou Challenge, a multi-sport relay race held on September 25th here in Ashland, OR, we jumped in to support it and want to encourage others to get involved.

The race benefits Rogue Valley Farm to School, one of our favorite nonprofits. They connect schools and local farms to teach kids about sustainable farming and healthy eating, and get school lunch programs to use locally produced foods.

The route is scenic and challenging with 5 legs: 11K run, 3K kayak, 25-mile road bike, 9-mile mountain bike and 5K run. It begins and ends at ScienceWorks and passes through farms, orchards, mountains, parks and central Ashland, with the kayak leg at Emigrant Lake. Individual or teams up to five people can participate. There’s also a fun run/walk for those who prefer a more bite-sized course.

Beautiful Emigrant Lake

After the race, we’ll be serving a free meal to all racers, of course featuring local foods. Other sponsors are providing great prizes for a random drawing and awards for overall winners. Adding to the festivities, there will be a pre-race barbeque on September 24th in Lithia Park.

Join us in the fun and sign up to race or volunteer. You can get more information on the event website or contact the race director, Deborah Gordon, via email or phone: 541-944-4118.

Hats off to Deborah, co-organizer Tracy Harding of Rogue Valley Farm to School and the rest of the great sponsors! See you there!

Brewing Up Organic

Our beer contains over 90% organic ingredients

We’re big fans of organic agriculture. To sum up our views, we’re sharing a thought from Ode Magazine:

“What do the terms “organic apples” and “social entrepreneurs” have in common? Both are pleonasms; they contain unnecessary repetition.”

Right on – food should be organic and business should be responsible, by default. Our operating philosophy is grounded in a commitment to have a positive environmental and social impact while succeeding in business. Of course, this is an ongoing journey and we’re in it for the long haul.

As part of this commitment, we seek to offer delicious, high-quality, sustainable produced food, beer and other beverages. We use over 90% Certified Organic ingredients in our beers, including locally-grown organic hops, and source locally-produced and organic foods for our menu as much as possible.

In case you’re curious how the certified organic process works, there are a several organic certifiers, which must all be approved by the United States Department of Agriculture, otherwise know as the USDA. The UDSA oversees the National Organic Program, including the USDA Organic labeling program. One certifier approved by this program, located in our home state, is Oregon Tilth. This ensures integrity across the system, delivering the best for you, farmers and the planet.

Organic purchasing is just aspect of our broader mission toward sustainability. In everything we do, we work to be mindful about our impact and do better. It’s an ongoing process and we always welcome your ideas!